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Treatment for Dark Circles


Dark Circles is not just a cosmetic problem.It occurs due to stasis of blood around the eyes being reflected as dark blue/brown.It offen occues due to eye strain, lack of sleep,allergic rhinitis.

1.The most important step is to get a sound sleep of atleast 8 hrs every day.

2.If you are a computer user make sure you take a break in between if you are using computer for long hours.

3.Make sure your are wearing correct power glasses for near/distant vision.This will avoid eye strain.

4.Putting cotton pads soaked in cold water on ur eyes is a good way of refreshing the eyes.

5.Apply cucumber juice on the dark circles for 5 min regularly and wash off with water.

6.Refigerate round slices of cucumber and place them on your closed eyes for the cooling and relaxing effect.

7.Daily massage with oil(olive oil) can help improve the blood circulation around eyes and relieve dark circles.

8.Skn around the eyes is very sensitive.Try to avoid contact with scrubs , chemical peels or packs on the skin around eyes.

However the best is to treat them....for a quick cover up a good make up can help.Watch the tips on this video

Deficiency of Blood Sugar

> All body cells need them daily energy intake in order to work properly, regulating vital functions (such as heartbeat, digestion and breathing movements), control body temperature and keep the muscles active. This requirement is obtained by monitoring diet balanced in nutrients, which include protein, vitamins, fats and sugar, which is one of the main sources of energy. Also called glucose, and is an element belonging to the group of carbohydrates, which are composed of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, and were classified as simple and complex. The first is characterized by sweet, digested from coming into contact with saliva and absorbed quickly into the blood, therefore, provide energy immediately. In turn, are divided into polysaccharides (e.g. glucose, fructose, which is major sources of honey, fruit, milk and juices) and dis-saccharides (e.g. sucrose, maltose and lactose, found in table sugar, milk, beer and jams).

The complex calls are not sweet, take longer to digest and, therefore, their passage into the bloodstream is slow; among them are the oligosaccharides and polysaccharides, the latter are divided into starchy foods (starch and starch, for example, potatoes, sweet potatoes, cereals, pasta, bread and bananas) and fibrous (so called cellulose, lignin and pectin, rice, tortilla, wheat bran and oat apples and green vegetables, etc.).

Step through the body
When you eat some food passes along the digestive tract, where it starts chain of chemical transformations it nutrients and when you reach the small intestine, containing glucose into the blood. This fluid is responsible for transport to the liver (as a reserve), brain and body cells, where it is used as energy.

For this to be achieved requires insulin, a substance that serves as the key that unlocks the cell door, while brain and nerve tissue do not require the presence of this element, receiving stream directly from sugar blood.

However, once the glucose into the cells is degraded with the aid of oxygen, i.e., enters a state of combustion and as a result becomes water (remove or reuse) and carbon dioxide (which breathe through lungs.) In this way energy is released in our tissues, which allows us to think, study, remember, speak, walk, run, work, breathe, have sex and to rest.

When there is deficiency of blood sugar (hypoglycemia) the body, in an effort to get it, transforms the protein-carbohydrate to prevent irreversible damage to our health, because due to the lack of the "fuel" the body can not function properly which even reaches lead to death of neurons (brain cells).

Although this disease has no specific cause is said to be connected with certain risk factors, including:
Family history of disease.
Viral infections that can affect the pancreas.
Alterations of the body's defense system, which leads to self-destruction of its own insulin-producing cells.
Poor eating habits.
Little or no physical exercise.

It is very important to follow the treatment to the letter and keep glucose levels in check, because the people who are high for long periods may have injuries to eyes, kidneys and nerves, foot infections and heart attack.

Finally, consider that it is possible to keep under control the high and low blood glucose, only requires that the affected do your part and follow your meal plan, measure your blood sugar levels several times a day, practice exercise and take the appropriate dose and schedule your medications. In this way, it will be possible to continue normal life and prevent complications of hypoglycemia and diabetes impairs their health.

Consult your doctor.

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Sunscreen Protection

> According as our skin, we need protection more or less high. Thus, people with eyes the clear and white skin protection must be higher than people with darker skin.

To know what type of skin we have, can consult the following scheme:

Skin type and: Hair red hair and milky skin, with constant trend the sunburn (with 10 minutes of sun exposure it is sufficient to produce it) and will not ever get to tan. The sunscreen should be total.

Skin type 2: Hair skin and blond clear, consistent tendency to sunburn (with 15-20 minutes of exposure Solar is already producing) and can reach a bit tan. The protection to be used must be high.

Skin type 3: brown hair and between matt and clear skin with a tendency not frequent burning (you can occurred with 30 minutes of sun exposure) and reached progressively. The protection should be average.

Skin type 4: Matte skin and dark hair, with a rare trend burn and always tans well. Protection may be minimal.

Skin type 5: Hair dark skin very dark, with an exceptional tendency to burn. Hardly needs protection.

Skin Type 6: corresponds to black people, you can get burning in very exceptional. No need to reach, almost never protection.

Thus, follow Tips avoid skin burn-out:

Not having tan too fast for us. Log solar short exposures (e.g. 10 minutes) and go increasing slowly.

Avoid times of maximum exposure Sun.

Avoid product use cosmetics (Cologne, perfume, make-up) plots during exhibitions

Not believing mass of clouds, since radiation, we can get.

In the cases of children, pregnant or elderly should be increased protective measures.

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Diabetes Treatment with Black Tea

> While many like to drink tea as a beverage of choice that may not be aware of its therapeutic effects. Most of us have heard about the antioxidant benefits of green tea, however, when it comes to diabetes can not be a better source of insulin shots that your doctor gives you. According to research, black tea may help cure diabetes.

Diabetes is currently the 4th leading cause of death in the world and the death toll is rising daily. It affects the lives of an estimated 246 million people worldwide. Type II diabetes is one of the current health conditions more common. As the rate of obesity has increased in the country, also increased the incidence of diabetes.

A common treatment for diabetes is insulin; this method still leaves the User in a way of life of prescription pills and shots, and a lifetime of medical debt. For those who wish to leave treatment as is becoming increasingly important to understand not only how to prevent diabetes, but to find the best ways to holistically treat those already affected.

Regular exercise and proper diet are the two most important ways to prevent diabetes. However, if you have been diagnosed and are on insulin you should know that scientists have discovered that there may be a secret weapon in the fight against diabetes, and is safe and simple.

What is amazing this gun? If you are suffering from diabetes tea may be your answer. For many years we have known that green tea has beneficial antioxidant properties, but we're learning now that both green and black teas have been shown to help control blood sugar level. Ordinary tea, prepared just like humans normally consume, has been shown, in fact, to increase insulin activity in these cells in more than 15 times, a dramatic effect by any standard.

Interestingly, when milk was added to tea (whole or skim) for the beneficial effect of tea was almost wiped out, in fact, there was a reduction of more than 90% with 50 grams of milk in a cup tea. Soy milk and nondairy creamers several were also tested, and they also killed pretty much the effect. In contrast, the addition of lemon juice does not diminish the effect. When mice were given tea, their levels of blood sugar have stayed consistent and did not rise above normal levels.

For some pre-diabetics who are trying to ensure that their problems do not progress, adding tea to your diet can be an easy way to help get their levels of blood sugar back to normal. Of course, you will need to continue with your healthy diet and regular exercise, as well. And even for those who already have Type II diabetes, a regular regimen of tea may help you maintain your level of blood sugar regulated with less medication, when used in conjunction with proper diet and exercise.

Hypoglycemia Diet Plan

> The correct diet for a hypoglycemia patient that should be followed by all people, even if we have a health problem. Diabetes, therefore, is not a situation we should be frustrated and we exclude from our social life. By following a few rules of proper nutrition and, with proper training can regulate our blood sugar and participate in all our social events without fear.

What is different in a hypoglycemia patient's diet, are amounts that could be consumed in specific food categories, and certainly the amount and quality of freshwater. Specifically you should:

Eat a variety of foods. No food is bad or forbidden enough to be consumed in adequate quantity.

Do you regularly and organized meals. This means that you should ensure that you have three regular meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and 2-3 intermediate (brunch, afternoon, before sleep). It is important not stay hungry for long periods (more than three hours) to avoid sugar fluctuates sharply, and not to eat late at night.

Keep the weight to ideal levels. Obesity has a negative impact on prices of sugar and loss of even a few pounds in this case helps a lot in the configuration.

Choose foods rich in fiber. This will help to better regulate blood sugar. Such foods are: vegetables, fruits, cereals and pasta, whole grains, legumes.

Avoid sweets and sugar, and they increase sharply the prices of sugar. This does not mean that as we have to exclude completely from your diet.

Limit fat. Foods rich in fat will lead to increased weight and your cholesterol, which would negatively affect the regulation of blood sugar.

To consume alcohol in moderation. The large amount of alcohol affects blood sugar.

Remember: healthy eating can be fun. Many believe that they can follow a healthy diet because they feel healthy, tasty food. But things are not so. Learn to create in your kitchen with healthy foods and be amazed...

Hypoglycemia Diet Plan

Fruits: 2-3 small fruit a day

Vegetables: 6 cups 3 cups raw or cooked vegetables per day

Cereals: up to 6 day depending on the values of sugar. Choose whole meal bread and wholegrain, paddy rice, pasta and wholegrain cereals, oats

Milk: 2 cups milk or yoghurt, two bowls a day low fat

Pulses: 2 times a week

Fish and seafood: two times a week

Poultry: 2 times a week

Eggs: 2-3 per week if no problem coexisting with the values of cholesterol

Red meat: a once a week or more in 10 days

Water: at least 6-8 glasses per day

Cook everything with olive oil, which will add to food to last 10min

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Choosing Clinique Skin Care Product


If you plan to look nice for years to come it is crucial taking good care of yourself. It’s all about healthy dieting, physical fitness, and a good training regime. Well, and naturally there is the quality of the skin care products themselves. What is your favored skin care line? Are you into the cheap drugstore stuff, or do you give one’s best with the Lancome and Chanel? No matter of your treatment preferences, one detail is for sure; if they work well, you’ll for certain view effects as the years go past.

I am able to all of the time tell when people ignore their visual aspect. Suddenly they already look forty-five at the tender age of thirty-two. That’s all of the time a bummer. Let alone it’s pretty much pointless as we have plenty of excellent cosmetics available today. One example are clinique skin care products. They are superiority, however without the scary cost tag.

Did you ever give those clinique skin care products a shot? You are familiar with the line you should have. The clinique skin care product is well-renowned for its sensitivity. It will hold on your mug looking young and radiant, in contrary to wrinkly and aged. Isn’t that what we are all looking for in any case? That ever-popular youthfulness serum. The thing that is great about clinique skin care products is the systems.

No matter of your skin type, normal, oily, sensitive, or combination, you are able to easily get a clinique skin care product system that works for you. It all begins with a face soap. Right away with great care you know, these are as gentle as could be. They work good to get rid of all that irritating dirt, oil and make-up. At one time you have ended up cleanup, a toner is used to tighten up the pores and take away any excess residue. After all you’ll get the moisturizing lotion, which prevents early wrinkles, and holds your faces smooth daylong.

Naturally you are able to buy additional specialty products from the clinique skin care line if the occasion comes up. On top of that, this product line even provides a great selection of shaving and skin care for men. Get ready to look smart, guys. While several cosmetic lines charge an arm and a leg for their products, clinique skin care product prides itself on costing less and doing work the best. Head away to your local department store and find out all they’ve to provide now.

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Gaining Weight without Losing Shape

> What does a weight gainer for you?

Some people, especially those who do a lot of sports, may have difficulty eating enough high energy food (carbohydrates) to be fit and weight.

These carbohydrates are burned by your body to give you the energy to move. Do you get enough in; this can lead to underweight and little pep. You need your body burns off muscle and fat reserves to last it daily ends meet.

Fast Food helps you arrive with high quality, natural carbohydrate supply. You can have delicious shakes and smoothies of it. Do you eat plenty of carbs, and then your body has enough energy to directly consume. You will normally remain fat and muscle mass you will be spared.

Fast food is not a meal replacement that should satisfy your hunger, but an easy, fast and high-calorie snack that helps you just to eat more.

Sports intensively you, or you have a fast metabolism; you can use this supplement hard.
Fast food therefore contains two natural extracts that can stimulate your appetite slowly so that your daily foods to eat more normally.

This weight gain includes quality whey protein with high bioavailability. This ensures that your body after exercise, sufficient protein in order to support muscle recovery can support.

Fast food is out there (including non-athletes) are used during a recovery period or energy and / or promote weight gain.

Fast food snack as you drink, not at meals.

You can choose:
- Small shakes for energy with a sachet (25 grams) and 200 ml skimmed milk;
- Or bigger shakes for real weight gain with 2 sachets (50 grams powder) and 350 ml of milk.

Fast food you make with a blender or just with a Cup shake. Just mix and ready. Drink it!

You can add fruit or ice to your delicious smoothie making. Fast food is not overly sweet, so you taste to sugar, honey or drops can add flavor.

Do you drink two large weight gain shakes per day as a snack, and then you have 100 grams per day, or 3 pounds per month. Try a small package for the taste, then move on to a bargain bucket 5 kg pack. If you have enough for 100 shakes and you can easily arrive.

A healthy weight gain for someone with more than 10 kilograms underweight that exercise does is 1 to 2 kg per month.

Suitable for people of all ages. Suitable for vegetarians, not advised for diabetics. To our knowledge, this food product used in combination with drugs.

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Quick Tips to Lose Weight

> Eat at least 1000-1200 calories a day
When you consume less than 1000-1200 calories a day, your body develops a hunger response, which decreases metabolism. The 1000-1200 energy must be lower than even many women need to consume more to weaken.

Eat frequent, small, balanced meals during the day.
Eating frequent, small, balanced meals help your body is not hungry while you keep your blood sugar levels stable. Should not eat for some time a meal then the sensation of hunger is very strong so when it's time to eat, drink large quantities of food.

Increase metabolism by doing the following:
Drink green tea. Green tea contains caffeine and other ingredients that increase metabolism for up to 4 percentage points in the day. Just when you drink tea make sure not to put sugar or milk.

Exercise more than usual. Try hard workouts and pushing your muscles more than habit.

Eat healthy Omega 3 fats. These important fats found in fish like salmon, tuna, trout, etc. in the nuts Avoid if your metabolism will decrease.

Organize a day will drop out and eat something that will make you enjoy. This can help you psychologically to keep your nutritional program. Just need these days "wrongdoing" is not made often.

These were some tips to help speed weight loss. But be careful because there are some things that can sabotage your efforts. If you want to lose weight fast not to do the following:

Do not avoid strengthening exercises.
Many women avoid strength training because they fear losing pounds slowly and get volume. Nevertheless, the strength training is the best can make a woman to make a nice body. The aerobic exercise can reduce fat from the body but the strength training will develop the muscles

Do not follow programs and low in calories.
These programs are unhealthy and result when you stop to regain lost weight. The key to lose weight naturally is healthy and balanced diet.

Do not quit the diet and exercise program once it reaches the target date you wanted.
Many people follow a diet to lose weight and look good in a major event. A balanced diet and exercise should be part of your everyday life and not just a parenthesis. The well is an ongoing effort and should not stop a diet and exercise when you achieve your goal.

Maintain Liver Health

> Functions are bad liver can lead to obesity, cardiovascular disease, chronic fatigue, headaches, digestive problems, allergies and other sufferings. Even if the immune system protects our bodies from many dangers, the liver is one that protects and boost immune system.

The liver is responsible for excess weight but many people struggle throughout their lives with excess weight due to a slower metabolism. After years of severe diets they conclude that there is no cure for their disease. The often very wrong liver, which is the most important organ in metabolism, is a key to the whole problem. Overweight is a symptom of a disorder of the liver and has little to do with the number of calories gained.

The liver is the main organ of the body which is meant for burning fat. Following a diet of cleaning the liver metabolism will improve rapidly and the fat will be burned. Conversely, if you continue to eat alimented wrong, liver will produce more fat to be stored.

Burning fat can be no starvation, in a large measure this is not how we eat, but what eat is very important.

Following a cure for cleaning the liver, it can burn fat and it takes its role in metabolism. Then, the process of weight loss is natural, easy and to assume a particular effort on your part. You will not have to count calories and get hungry.

Symptoms of a liver suffering:
- Poor digestion, flatulence, nausea especially after fatty food is consumed, deposits of fat around the abdomen and constipation. If you wake up this morning with a bad taste in your mouth or coated tongue, it is clear that your liver needs help.
- Moodiness, depression, poor concentration and memory power. If the liver is lazy, a large amount of toxins find their way to the bloodstream and can affect the brain.
- Manifestations of an allergy: fever, hives, eczema and asthma.
- Migraine. Unfortunately headaches counter medicines can affect the liver, because it must process all medicines.
- High blood pressure and fluid retention. They can be quite difficult to control with drugs.
- Hypoglycemia or unstable levels of sugar in the blood. A sick liver can cause variations in blood sugar levels, leading thus to fatigue, dizziness and the need to eat sweets.
- Intolerance to fatty foods and gall bladder disease. If you fed more saturated fat, the liver will try to eliminate from the body through the ball and then through the small intestine. If the liver is not functioning properly it will produce more bile salts which, finally, can accumulate as stones.
- Chronic fatigue syndrome. The cause of this state can be sought in the high consumption of saturated fats and low in fruit and vegetable diet.
- Excessive heat of the body may be associated with sweating
- Intolerance to alcohol and certain medications, such as antibiotics.

Intestinal Flora

> Medical Science is making strides and that is why we now know that the so-called intestinal flora, consisting of large numbers of bacteria, plays a decisive role in obtaining the energy we need for food and defense against infections.

The intestinal flora that live in our digestive tract is a kind of ecosystem that serves, among other things, to be in good physical activity, create beneficial substances (vitamin K, for example), supplying foodstuffs and strengthen the immune system defenses. Additionally, a protective wall against harmful microorganisms and the potential harm of antibiotics.

In effect, there is great variety of bacteria within the intestinal flora, "Approximately 400 different types from the mouth to the anus", some of which are aerobic and anaerobic other (first need oxygen to live, the latter not).

Humans are born sterile, i.e. without any bacteria in our bodies; however, almost instantly passing through the birth canal, the newborn begins to fill with germs of all kinds. The first to reach the baby's body fluids are placed in the vagina, but roughly the same time enters the digestive tract a number of bacteria found in the environment. This process persists throughout life.

It is true that the foods we consume daily, as well as the environment in which we live are critical to maintain proper intestinal health. That is why doctors and nutritionists recommend that you follow diet that promotes bowel motility and proliferation of bacteria, "healthy" or "friendly."

People including children suffering some disturbance in body which prevents them from properly absorbing nutrients (mal-absorption) due to severe gastrointestinal illness or surgical removal of large portion of the small intestine (short gut syndrome). This situation, who has favored colonization of pathogenic bacteria and bacterial overgrowth, occurs. So common is a picture of malnutrition because there is considerable imbalance in fat absorption, vitamin B12, and carbohydrates. There will also be mal-absorption of proteins in general and frequent diarrhea.

Effective protection
Some of the studies that have caused more excitement in recent years are those related to the action of lactobacilli (bacteria that live in dairy products), the yogurt and milk, food that we know with certainty, produce better absorption by the intestine and are excellent allies in cases of diarrhea.

However, the easiest to care for our intestinal flora is a balanced diet, i.e. "consume plant foods and animal restraint dictated by logic, because in this way managed to colonize properly our body.

Contrary to what one might think, although you have to follow the maxim that any excess can harm us, there is a food that produces harmful effects on intestinal flora. Of course, It is a reality that the indiscriminate use of antibiotics (especially broad-spectrum, which are the most potent) causes a direct decline in the protective bacteria in the body and opens the door to opportunistic microorganisms very aggressive responsible for various diseases.

Fortunately, the intestinal flora is damaged as described above can repopulate quickly because to get back to eating a lot of bacteria.

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Anti-Dandruff Strategies

> Stop the white drizzle of your head with these tips from annoying hair dandruff

In the spring can no longer hide under hats shed

There are good against hair dandruff products, which have only one problem: You must use it absolutely consistent Therefore, hold you through. Then you can forget about dandruff and scalp problems.

If you also adhere to these rules, you get your dandruff problem quickly back under control:

Use special products in each case.

Before you wash your hair, brush it or comb it carefully, with a pleasant open-comb. This relaxes the small scales and they can then more easily wash out.

Massage and rub unnecessarily around on the head when you wash your hair. And rinse very thoroughly - the longer the better.

Use as few styling products and make sure that nothing gets on the scalp.

Do not forget to wash comb and brush more frequently and more carefully. At best, you do it with every hair wash with like. Then you can allow fungi and bacteria do not flare up and settle your problems with each use again. With normal shampoo or mild detergent that is fast and thorough.

If after six weeks of consistent and proper care, a visible success one, you can pause the intensive program for a while and once again use a normal hair shampoo and your usual styling products.

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How You Get True beauty

> True beauty comes from within! This often-used saying is true of something special: our skin. It is used in addition to its function as a protective sheath as an indicator of what is wrong in our body. Wrong, nutrient- poor and high-fat diet is reflected in the generally negative return on our largest sense organ. Who is not willing to refrain from regular food sins will certainly have to abandon one: Nice skin!

Care from the inside

Our skin is a very sensitive organ which can be miss - or malnutrition at an early stage. Thus, for example Intolerances to certain foods or other products displayed in the first place by eruptions of the skin. A sensible diet is important not only for performance and fitness, but also for skin beauty care.

It does not take nutrition scientists to conjure up a healthy and tasty food, which will affect positively the way to a beautiful complexion, on the table. Whole- grain cereal products such as bread, cereal, rice, pasta and potatoes form the base. Two servings of fruit a day and three vegetables should always be a fixed component of the diet. On meat and sausage may be quiet for once waived. Try replacing the fish, turkey or chicken. Always pay attention to diversity and balance.

Water, the elixir of life

Thirsty skin looks limp, brittle or even flaky, so the regular intake of fluid especially important. 1.5 to 2 liters a day Liquid adults should eat, heat or physical activity even more. Missing from the body of water, less water is especially the depot in the skin cells. Drink plenty of fluids is therefore an absolute beauty tip! Mineral water, herbal or fruit teas are best suited for this purpose. Coffee, black and green tea are stimulants and do not serve the fluid intake.

Vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals are essential for skin and hair. Particularly noteworthy, the two vitamins A and E. Vitamin A is the most important agent for the continuous regeneration of the skin. The cell walls are stabilized - the result is a fresh, smooth skin. Egg yolk, mackerel and salmon are good sources of vitamin A. Fruits and vegetables provide beta- carotene, which is converted by the body into vitamin A. Above all, intensive colored fruits and vegetables, such as Carrots, peppers, apricots, broccoli, etc. contains much beta - carotene.

Vitamin E serves to strengthen the connective tissue and reduces dehydration of the skin. Vitamin E is mainly in grains and nuts that are found in whole grains and cold -pressed oils. Vitamin B5 makes skin and hair smooth and gives elasticity and shine. Because pantothenic acid is present in almost all foods, our supplies are covered sufficiently with this vitamin.

In minerals, magnesium, iron and zinc particularly important for the skin. A deficiency of these substances leads to rough skin, brittle hair, or poorly healing wounds. Magnesium is found mainly in whole grains and legumes. The best iron and Zinc is meat.

Think also in future not only to your own performance but also to your beauty. Only with a healthy and balanced diet, your skin may be seen at their best.

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Get rid of kidney stones naturally

> Kidney stones is a solid crystalline formations formed by the solids dissolved in the urine. When their concentration is increased by excessive secretion, or low water content (e.g. dehydration) and the possibility of form agglomerates and eventually stones.

The stones or sand can be composed of calcium oxalate acid by uric acid, phosphate or a combination of the amino acid cytosine. Knowing the composition of the stones, we can apply the appropriate diet to address the problem. However, since in most cases the composition of stones is unknown should follow a few general guiding lines. In these cases, our diet should contain little acid. For this reason, avoid foods that contain oxalic acid as well as spinach. Contrast, not dodge the water which is necessary and in larger quantities to clean our body. Should drink at least three liters of water a day which preferably is low in salts. If you sweat a lot, you should replenish the water they lose by sweating.

If a small stone in the urethra and get stuck there, can obstruct the flow of preventing the urine and cause kidney colic. It is an unpleasant condition accompanied by severe pain.

These, kidney stones are actually the remnants that have accumulated in the kidneys. The kidney stones are displayed in different sizes grapefruit can put you at increased risk for kidney stones and cranberry juice helps to fight urinary tract infections
Herbs can be very useful in addressing problems caused by the formation of the deposits in kidney stones or sand. A natural way of prevention is eating a proper diet to ensure vitamins, proteins and minerals that help to dissolve stones or frequent urination is also useful is a natural treatment for kidney stones should also avoid alcohol and smoking
Other natural remedies.
1. ½ cup fresh lemon juice daily may increase levels of citrate in the urine that can protect kidneys from stones
2. Blackcurrant juice
3. If your body is predisposed to create sand or stones in the kidneys, try the infusion of Hair of corn i.e. stamens that are on top of each cone of corn, you'll find shops that sell herbs. If you boil 20g, Stamens corn for 15 minutes in 1 liter of water and drink 1 cup every 4 hours, diuretic tea that act as
4. Cranberry juice helps to fight urinary tract infections
5. Lack magnesium and vitamin B6 are also associated with kidney stones, and grapefruit can put you at increased risk for kidney stones.

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Eliminate Cold Sore

> Cold sores are always very uncomfortable and difficult to combat, need to see the causes and natural remedies to apply before the first symptoms. It is appropriate for cold sores, a diet deficient in arginine and takes a natural remedy.

Definition of Cold Sores:
Herpes labialis is an infection caused by a simple virus, type 1, which generally comes out mainly on the lips but can also go in the nose and even inside the mouth.

Symptoms and causes cold sores:
Initial symptoms range from tingling, itching or burning in the area. Symptoms usually appear 7 to 15 days after exposure or usually very common through a kiss then leave a vesiculitas or blisters, grouped, especially the first time they are very uncomfortable and may even cause fever. After a week begin to dry and form a crust that ends up falling while normally scar. Often become "dormant" and not give trouble even for years but suddenly can "activate" at times of high stress, trenches defenses (after a hectic process), or having much cold or too many hours in the sun.

Nutrition trend where Cold Sores:
For many years we have been studying the relationship of this virus with the amino acids lysine and arginine. It has been shown that foods rich in arginine (almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, peanut, nuts, coconut, sesame, hazelnut, wheat germ, chocolate and gelatin) promote growth or recurrence of the virus in some people (luckily not happen to most people) if having a cold sore can try to eliminate those foods if only momentarily.
Instead Lysine rich foods favor our cells more resistant to virus attack. Lysine-rich foods are mainly yeast, seaweed, soy, potatoes, eggs, fish and dairy products (yogurt, cheese, milk and kefir)

Some doctors recommend taking when we noticed the first symptoms or if it "came out" cold sores, 1 to 3 grams of Lysine a day. When the discomfort is taken away only half a gram (500 mg.) A day while the doctor sees fit. Lysine is sold in pharmacies and herbalists but as always will be our doctor or specialist who will tell if we need it, what dose and for how long.

Other cold sore remedies:
Externally we have several possibilities. All can soothe and everything depends on us to have more on hand:
* Apply a few drops of tea tree oil twice a day. It can also run the natural essence of lavender.
* Spread the pulp with cold sores (usually irritate skin) Aloe Vera (Aloe), several times a day.
* Wash cold sores with guava leaf tea. Boil in a quart of water for 5 minutes, with two handfuls of guava leaves clean. Wash the area several times a day.
* Some people say that they notice great improvement to apply a compress soaked in milk.

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Why You Lose your Hair?

> Every day we lose between fifty and a hundred hair this is normal! But beyond that, it becomes worrisome. There are many reasons an increased hair loss. Here are the most common, the idea being to identify the cause to stop any abnormal hair loss.

The role of hormones in hair loss
The hair is often the result of an overproduction of male hormone, testosterone. This hormone stimulates infiltration too much growth hair this has the effect of exhausting the capital hair. Gradually, the hair becoming thinner, they fall quickly and are less numerous. Women are often affected by hormonal changes, such as when pregnancy or menopause In case of trouble thyroid or the pituitary.

The share of inheritance
The genetic predisposition is common. Often, it is stripped from father to son. In the case of androgentic alopecia, genetic factors are linked to excess hormone testosterone. The cause of Hair Loss is the most common: more than 80% of cases.

Seasonal variations
The entrance to the fall is a season for the hair. However, Hair Loss is timely; it takes only a few weeks. The early spring is another window of opportunity to Hair Loss transient.

The diseases of the scalp, including alopecia, accompanied by a Hair loss important. It is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects follicles and evolves in spurts. Form plates together without hair.

Stress and emotional distress
Stress and emotional distress (death, divorce...) can lead to hair loss sudden large, sometimes delayed. Again, the origin is hormonal (adrenal hormones). Note that stress also acts by slowing bloodstream this result in a poorly drained scalp and therefore fall hair.

Trauma scalp
This category includes aggressive acts, such as tight braids, brushing too vigorously, ponytails too tight, etc...

The chemotherapy
The hair is a known side- effect of chemotherapy. But other drugs can also have this disadvantage. Note that the hair growth resumes upon discontinuation of treatment.

The diet
A dietary deficiency can cause hair loss. The blood vessels beneath the scalp hair follicles to provide the necessary nutrients: vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids.

In conclusion, any Hair loss abnormal should be alerted. If it persists and if the causes are not obvious, it is advisable to consult his doctor. It is easier to handle hair loss debutante, only to re-grow hair!

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Bikini Waxing Styles


Styles of bikini wax treatments are emerging in response to lifestyle and fashion trends. Waxing is probably the best way to remove unwanted hair from the bikini areas as it gives a smooth, clean surface and long-lasting results. Nowadays there are a few very popular pubic hair removal styles. No matter what is the reason you want to change your bikini “hairstyle“ you should be well informed and prepared before you visit the nearest beauty parlor.

Types Of Bikini Wax Styles:

Regular Bikini Wax
– this style is appropriate for “beginners“. The Bikini Style involves hair removal from the both sides of the bikini line. This pubic hair removal style is also known as “ the regular style“ and is used mainly by the older women. In other words the regular bikini wax removes hair just around the front of the bikini line.

French Wax – this style is similar to the bikini style. French style is also known as “modified bikini wax“`. It takes away some of the hair in the pubic region. The French style is appropriate for those women who love to wear bikinis and other skimpy outfits. In French Bikini Style a tiny, narrow strip of hair is left on the upper part.

Full Brazilian Style – also known as Hollywood Bikini Style, Bare Pubic Style, Sphynyx Style. The Full Brazilian is probably the most preferred pubic style. In it the pubic hair is completely removed, usually by waxing. In other words you are completely “bare“. The Full Brazilian wax involves a complete removal of hair from the buttocks, anus, vulva.

Brazilian Wax – also known as Playboy Style involves removal of hair from the anus, buttocks, vulva and only a very narrow strip is left. The Brazilian wax is among the most preferred bikini styles as it looks sexy and is easy to groom. Recent pulls has shown that the Brazilian style is the most preferred by the men.

Landing Strip – also very common bikini “hairstyle“. It basically leaves a bit of pubic hair in the front center. The strip usually narrows in about 1.25 inches more than the regular wax.

Other alternatives Nowadays more and more women opt for different, more interesting designs – butterfly, diamond, heart, lighting bolt, star, arrows. If you want something like this you should have it done by a professional because it will be very difficult for you to do it alone. Some women even choose to dye their pubic hair in different colors – red, green, blue, yellow with the aid of specially designed dye for pubic hair.

The pain To be absolutely honest with you I should tell you the truth – there is pain, a lot of pain especially in the Full Brazilian Wax. Fortunately you can take painkiller an hour prior to the procedure to alleviate the pain. Remember: always schedule the appointment after your menstrual cycle and have it done by a licensed esthetician.

What you should expect:As I said above the best way to remove unwanted pubic hair is waxing as the results can last up to 3/ 4 weeks. It’s normal to experience during and a few hours after the waxing procedure.

After the waxing procedure:After the hair removal your skin may become red and more sensitive but it’s something normal. There are some great products (powders, lotions, creams, moisturizers, gels) that contain chamomile extract, Aloe Vera to calm down the skin

Useful Beauty Tips:

-Make sure you know exactly how each method is performed because the terminology may vary
with different salons and Spas.
-Your hair should be at least ¼ of an inch to wax it.
-Avoid direct sun exposure or tanning beds a few days after waxing.
-Take a painkiller (like ibuprofen) an hour prior to the waxing treatment to alleviate the pain.
-You can apply a topical numbing cream before your service.
-Don’t wax your bikini line if you are diabetic, if you take Accutane, Retin or if you apply alpha hydroxy acids to the bikini area.
-Always have your bikini wax done by a professional, especially for the first time and then try to wax at home.
-After several times of waxing your bikini line it will hurt less and less.
-Always indicate whether you want a regular bikini wax or a Full Brazilian for example to avoid unwanted surprises.
-Wax at least a day before special event to give your skin enough time to calm down.
-Through moisturizing after waxing can help to avoid the problem of ingrown hair, which is when the hair grows back under the skin causing infection.

Depressed People Eat More Chocolate - A Survey at University of California

> Depression and chocolate
A survey at the University of California, USA, found that women and men with depression eat more chocolate as the symptoms of the problem increases.

They say the findings suggest an association between mood and food cocoa. The study was published in this journal Monday Archives of Internal Medicine.

People who feel under
"The study confirms an old suspicion that eating chocolate is something people do when they are feeling down," said Beatrice Golomb, an associate professor of medicine at the American university and an author of the research.

The researcher points out that the main goal was only to examine a possible association between psychological problem and the food and, for that reason, have not sought to see whether consumption reduces or intensifies the state.

Researchers have examined possible links between chocolate consumption and mood in a thousand adults who were not taking antidepressants and who had cardiovascular disease or diabetes problem.

Portions of chocolate
Participants were tested and evaluated according to the depression scale- ESC-D of the Center for Epidemiologic Studies of the United States.

The study authors noted that men and women who reported higher levels in the range consumed an average of 12 servings of chocolate per month, while those without depression drank less than five parts in the same period.

There was no difference between milk chocolate and cocoa over. The portion considered was about 30 grams. There was no difference in the period, consumption of other foods rich in antioxidants, such as fish, coffee, fruits and vegetables, among the participants.

Chocolate role in depression
"The results do not appear to be explained by a general increase in the consumption of caffeine, fat or carbohydrate, indicating that were specific to chocolate," said Beatrice.

The researchers said further studies are needed to try to determine the basis for the association and the role of chocolate in depression, be it positive or negative.

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Weight Loss - New Year's Resolutions

What new resolutions are you gonna do? Losing weight, being slimmer, not eating chocolate or joining a gym. Are these the same resolutions that you did in previous years? If the answer is yes - then stop and not make them this year. Allow this pressure must be removed, stop giving you a hard time and be loyal to yourself. I encourage you not to make any New Year's resolutions because generally they do not work. In fact, they probably only last a few weeks at most. How do you feel when the resolution did not last? Probably you failed and this feeling is one of the things that often drives us to overeat. So do not set up to fail.

Restrictive dieting sets you up to fail and invariably New resolutions do the same? So if you put the two together, the feeling of failure is intensified. When you want to loose weight, this will cause you to do much too quickly. The changes required are huge and are inevitably difficult to maintain. Be gentle and loving with you this year and not’t put through this. Instead of taking the decision to lose weight and get all the stops, approach losing weight as something to do a little at a time, but regularly. Treat it as something to continue. Do what feels right for you, it can and you feel ready to, for example, you may feel ready to stop the habit of putting sugar in your tea and coffee. Finding ways to be successful with your weight loss and to achieve their desires. Tune into what you really want to decide on some measures and actions beginning with those who feel well for you today.

You can commit to making healthy changes in your life. One change that I really healthy to encourage you to consider is to get some support. Find someone who is totally on your side and who will be there and encourage him at all times. This can be a friend, a coach or a group of like-minded people. I suggest choosing the people who are positive and will cheer you on, especially at times when you're finding it difficult to keep going. Ask for your support and be specific about what you need.

Make a list of what you need. Be specific and keep it positive, that is what you want, not what you do not want. You need not act alone. Having someone to support you makes a huge difference to the changes we need to do to achieve permanent weight loss.

Get more information on weight loss products clickweight loss medicine and divya medicine for weight loss.

How To Treat Acne Scars

>Due to a collection of genetic, hormonal and environmental factors, pimples develop because of abnormalities of the pores lining cells that result in a clogging of the pores. These clogged pores provide a dark, oil rich environment that allows the acne bacteria that causes acne to flourish. Unchecked this process can lead to flat red or dark marks where spots used to be. Called macules they are the last sign of the inflammation in the skin and can last for up to one year.

The acne scars can be divided into two basic categories: physical scars and pigmented scars. The physical acne scars tend to cause an indentation in the skins’ surface. The pigmented scars often leave behind inflamed red marks.

Fortunately there are skin treatments that can help acne scars look better and smoother. The most commonly used forms of scar treatments are:

Dermabrasion The dermabrasion is appropriate procedure for those with superficial scarring on the cheeks, chin and forehead. With dermabrasion a high-speed mini-sander is used to remove the top layer of the scarred skin. The new skin grows back without as much scarring.
The bad thing is that the dermabrasion poses the risk of your skin healing with light or dark spots.

Chemical peels With chemical peel an acid is used to peel off the top layer of the skin. The new skin heals without scars. Unfortunately it often leaves a local swelling, redness and sun sensitivity. The peel unblocks the pores, opens the blackheads and whiteheads and stimulates the formation of new skin cells.

Laser resurfacing The laser resurfacing is less damaging to the skin then dermabrasion , but still lead to post-inflammatory pigmentary changes.

Acne surgery The acne surgery consist of using a comedone extract which remove the contents if blackheads and whiteheads. The procedure also includes draining pustules and cysts through a small incision.

Recommended Products Treating Acne Scars:

Neutrogena On The Spot Treatment Vanishing Formula ($6) – contains benzoyl peroxide, clears up blemishes, provides maximum strength effectiveness in fighting acne, while being gently to the skin.

Neutrogena Advanced Solution Acne Mark Fading Peel with CelluZyme ($16) – reduces the appearance of post-acne marks, for clear, even-toned skin use 1/ 3 times weekly.

Clean&Clear Persa Gel 10, Maximum Strength ($5) – works immediately releasing deep into the pores where pimples begin.

Acnomel Adult Acne Medication ($10) – effective treatment of adult acne and blemishes. Doesn’t contain benzoyl peroxide, helps prevent new acne pimples from forming.

Proactive Solution ($40) – contains Renewing Cleanser, Revitalizing Toner, Repairing Lotion, helps skin heal blemishes fast, balance skin tone, helps prevent future blemishes.

Secret to long strong and thick hair

If you have tried every other hair product to get the perfect hair texture have come to the right place. I will give you a very simple routine to keep your hair beautiful. So lets get started !

1. Wash your hair twice a week.Do not use too much shampoo (just enough to clean your hair). Unlike what most shampoos claim, they are essentially detergents to clean the dirt off your hair. If you don't believe check out the label on your shampoo "detergent base".

2. Dry your hair naturally. Using artificial means for drying your hair leads to split ends.You can use a shampoo comb to untangle your hair but remember to be gentle.

3. Once your hair are dry you can use your regular comb.

4. If its a weekend and you can manage to stay indoor, its time to oil your hair after a hair wash. After washing and drying your hair use hair oil (almond or coconut). Do not use any synthetic hair oil. Partition your hair in between and pour about three spoons of oil directly on your scalp. Now work it into your hair roots by gently massaging. Use the pulp of your fingers to massage each and every part of your scalp.Now leave this oil overnight in your hair. This maintains the hydration and prevents your hair from drying, splitting and falling.

5. Wash your hair the next day.

Remember the trick is to apply oil to your hair after washing not before. applying oil before washing just makes them more greasy when your hair are already dirty.
Follow the steps mentioned above and you will definitely see a remarkable difference in your hair. Your hair will become smooth, shiny, thick and no split ends. Write to me about your experience with this magical method in the comments section.

Thyroid Gland Problem and Treatment

> The thyroid gland is part of the endocrine system. Located in the middle of the base of the neck in front and below the larynx. It consists of two lobes, right and left that are linked together by the isthmus. It weighs about 18 to 20 grams.
The endocrine system which is part of the thyroid gland produces hormones that regulate physiological functions of the body. Besides the thyroid, other glands of the endocrine system are the pituitary, adrenals, pancreas, parathyroid glands, testes and ovaries.

Thyroid gland produces three basic and very important to hormones thyroxine (T4) to triiodothyronine (T3) and calcitonin. Of these, calcitonin plays an important role in regulating calcium metabolism in our bodies and that in recent years used, unless of course the other indication for the treatment of osteoporosis especially in women after menopause.

In infancy, the lack of thyroid hormone leads to physical and mental retardation. For this reason all infants check for detection of deficiencies. Any delay in starting for thyroid hormone in infants with hypothyroidism can lead to loss of mental ability.
In order to synthesize the thyroid hormones, the thyroid gland needs iodine. This element is contained in food and water. Seafood is rich in iodine.

The lack of iodine in the body is a cause of reduced production of thyroid hormones. The enrichment of salt iodine has contributed to a severe reduction of hypothyroidism due to lack of salt.

Diseases of the thyroid gland are very common. It affects women more often. Most diseases associated with increased activity of the gland caused by hyperthyroidism and decreased production of hormones that causes hypothyroidism.

In some cases the size of the thyroid gland increases due to disease and creates goiter. Diseases such as the Hashimoto thyroiditis caused by inflammation of the gland are the cause goiter.

So what options exist for those who need thyroid support? Well, Bananas and oats are also very effective in stimulating the thyroid. To get rid from the thyroid problems have cool shower bath twice in a day. Another natural supplement for thyroid support showing positive results in studies is the juice of pine apple. The fruit is considered as immune modulator - it can achieve balance abnormal responses in the body and is considered by many as a natural remedy for thyroid problems.

There are vitamins that can be taken to support the thyroid? Well, kelp is a combination of vitamins, minerals and supplements and is said to work well in addressing the problems of the thyroid. If you are on thyroid medication, be sure to take a good multivitamin with minerals and a few grams of vitamin C daily. Vitamin D is also very important for the treatment of hypothyroidism as enough of it must be present in the body to enable the gland to absorb enough iodine. The addition of vitamin D in your diet could not only prevent thyroid problems, could also help alleviate the symptoms if you suffer from hypothyroidism. Make sure your food is rich in copper, which means it should include thyroid foods like yeast, offal, nuts, raisins, and eggs. A little attention and could minimize your problems and offer thyroid support.

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Aloe Vera - A Miracle Skin

Before any treatment to our skin we must know what type of skin we have and how we care for, so we are giving better care...

Understand your skin care:
Although there are nuances, one can say generically that there are three skin types: fat, dry, normal or mixed. Some experts add a fourth type, which is sensitive skin, but this type of skin can occur in any of the three previous cases rather than a separate category is a feature associated with it.


Sometimes not enough to apply the right product, then you have to do it the right way. Whenever you use a face cream it is important to remember that the skin very clean, that you will get it by washing with mild soap before application, so that an optimum result I recommend that you use at least once a week an exfoliating gel and you to apply a mask a couple times a month, so get your pores are wide open and ready to receive and absorb easily. It is also important to gently massage and circled the area where you will apply the cream as well as the open pores is desirable that the capillaries are activated and receive the flow of nutrients.

If you have dry skin aloe gel mixed with olive oil, avocado or sweet almond and have excellent nutrition.

If you have oily skin, use the gel alone, is astringent and reduces excess fat, may notice some tension at first, if it bothers you apply your gel after the shower, his face still wet, and get a perfect hydration without grease face.

If you have normal or mixed skin you can use in pure aloe gel, apply until completely absorbed. You can also use aloe gel with vitamins E and A to give firmness to the skin, massage in one direction for a moment and see that the result is visible, aloe promotes production of collagen and has an exfoliating effect and therefore also fights stains and wrinkles, is a true multipurpose.

In addition to caring for your skin, you can also use aloe to heal. Use the 95% gel small acne scars, scars, blemishes of the face or other skin imperfections, you can also use it as hair gel after showering, strengthen your hair and keep it healthy and beautiful.

Is constant, use your cosmetics in combination with aloe and notice the results.

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Liver Care and Body Detoxification

> The liver is a vital organ present in vertebrates; it has an extensive range of functions, including detoxification, protein synthesis, and production of biochemical necessary for digestion. The liver is essential and necessary for survival; there is currently no way to compensate for the absence of liver function.

This organ plays a major role in metabolism and has a number of functions in the body, including glycogen storage, decomposition of red blood cells, plasma protein synthesis, hormone production, and detoxification.
Scientific research has shown that pollution in our environment enters the bloodstream via the food we eat, the water we drink and air we breathe. When pollution enters the blood stream, this means that toxins accumulate in the body and the delicate natural balance in organs such as the liver (the natural filtration system of the body) can be affected.

Environmental pollution, fast foods with artificial preservatives, drugs, alcohol, sedentary lifestyles - all these are factors that influence to feel sluggish and unmotivated during the day!

To start feeling fresh and new, there are natural remedies to promote the ability in us to eliminate toxins naturally with detoxification and cleansing of the body!

A natural way:

To support the detoxification and body cleansing is a good idea to start drinking lots of water (8 glasses a day) to help flush out and hydrate your system and to promote water balance in the body.

Eating fruits and vegetables and the daily recommendation of fiber will also help in natural detoxification and naturally regulate your system.

Never forget the power that gives us the exercise! Having a good workout will promote sweating - another great way to promote cleansing and detoxifying the body!

Natural and homeopathic remedies have been used in complementary and alternative medicine to assist the body's natural detoxification, getting rid of waste and toxins and thus clearing the bodies.

There are now various published clinical studies demonstrating the ability of a range of herbs to support natural detoxification at home with routine rinsing of the stomach and digestive system. This promotes the elimination of toxins through the liver. Recent studies have also shown the effectiveness of natural substances to help the body remain regular and help the body's ability to get rid of toxic waste.

Herbs that help in our body's natural detoxification:

Many herbal medicines contain bitter principles that have a stimulating effect on liver and digestive system. It is also a rich source of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, D, C, and B and iron, silicon, magnesium, zinc and manganese. Enhances the performance of the liver and gallbladder and can help maintain healthy blood pressure because of its diuretic properties.

Herbs which have natural diuretic properties promote a healthy liver, kidney and spleen and are useful to reduce discomfort caused by stomach acids. More recently, Himalaya Liv.52 has shown to help Liver Care, detoxification, treats cirrhosis, hepatitis, relieve colic and disorders of the stomach.

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Hypertension Problem- How You Get Rigid Of

Hypertension is a formidable force in the lives of many people in this world today. Although hypertension can not seem to permanently affect people is a cause very serious and / or worsening of a person's medical conditions. First, it is important to discuss what the real definition of hypertension is. If requested, the average person on the street might say that hypertension is nothing to cause concern to one life. They can give examples as to discuss with the spouse, financial problems, or children? It's bad behavior. While these are examples of a type of hypertension is much more. By definition, hypertension is the body Reaction to the change that requires any kind of change or response. Besides emotional and mental reactions to these changes, the physical body experiences and responses. Hypertension is a big part of normal life and depending on how it reacts to one, can be positive or negative. While this is true, many people no longer adversely affect the hypertension.

The human body is capable of going through the hypertension and reacting to it. One way that hypertension can be positive is to keep people on their toes and ready for anything. However, if hypertension is to take the wrong path, it becomes negative. One way that hypertension can become a negative influence on life is one where the person begins to experience continuous challenges to prove hypertension and has no slack to those challenges. While a human being is capable of dealing with emotional hypertension, seemingly endless testing may discourage our strength and start a person that affect their health negatively, as the person becomes overwork or extremely tense.

If you are cardiac and hypertension patient you have to comply with diet, help you make the change. Some natural remedies and medicine to reduce hypertension problem:

Abana tablets- In hyper-lipidemic conditions, mild to moderate hypertension and an adjuvant in the therapy of angina with cardiac risk factors.

Water- Natural and softened water can be high in sodium. A patient follow a diet with severe restriction of sodium should investigate the sodium content of their drinking water to water by contacting the company or department of local public health. Then he should discuss this information with your doctor. Depending on how much sodium is in the water, he may be advised to drink and cook with distilled water.

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First Time For Brazilian Bikini Wax

>A Giude To Your First Time For Brazilian Bikini Wax

Your first time bikini wax can be an occasion to remember, make sure it's a good one by following our guide.

If you choose a bikini wax, make sure it's not a last-minute decision. Last-minute holidays might be spontaneous and fun but a last minute bikini wax will make you red and sore for the beach. Bikini waxing should be done at least 24 hours before you wear a bikini.

Consider trying first the standard bikini wax which will remove the hair from your bikini line or the full bikini which will remove most of your pubic hair apart from the most sensitive areas. A brazilian bikini wax removes ALL your pubic hair.

Brazilian Bikini Wax Microwave

We advice you to get your first brazilian bikini wax by a professional. Many women who try to give themselves a brazilian bikini wax, cause damage and their bikini area looks worse after the brazilian wax.

You could find a salon that offers a brazilian bikini wax in any big US city. Just look in the “Yellow pages” or in any search engine for “brazilian wax” + “name of your city”.

After locating a salon, find out how many brazilian waxes they do a week? Make sure that the persons who are responsible for the brazilian bikini wax are experienced. Ask to talk to customers that got a brazilian bikini wax from the same salon.

Open your purse. A brazilian bikini wax may cost up to 100 US dollars. However, the average cost is about 50 bucks. We advice you pay not less than the average price to get a professional treatment.

Come to your scheduled treatment with a good mood after taking a warm shower cleaning your pubic area. You will get into a separate room or a hole with a curtain. Then you will lie on a bed with your knees up or legs down. Then, the therapist will trim down your pubic hair with scissors to a length of about a quarter inch.

Afterwards, the real thing will start. The waxer will start the waxing process. He will use a low temperature wax to cause less pain. When the wax cools he will pull it out with your pubic hair. This part is the most painful one. However, the first time is the most painful one. The hair can be pulled out easier in the following times. The waxer will ask you to get into some weird uncomfortable positions – holding your legs up, to the side and even over your head.

If the waxer is a good one the painful part will end quickly. If you feel it takes too long or that the pain is unbearable, just tell the therapist that you need a little rest. When the waxing is done a soothing lotion should be applied to the pubic area. Your bikini area will stay smooth for at least 3 weeks with no maintenance at all. Make the most out of it.

We have executed an independent research to find the best method for removing pubic hair. The results were clear. Find out more methods for removing pubic hair and more about brazilian wax on Brazilian wax and more.

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I always want to look my best when i step out of the house so i apply some make-up.I make sure to use a good sun screen,lip gloss and eye liner.More important than that i remember to remove my make-up when i return from work.I cleanse my face gently with cleansing milk so that the make up on my face does not clogg the pores of my face.I also wash my face regularly every night before going off to sleep.A choice of good face wash is very essential.
I used to see my friends spend so much money on cosmetics that i was realllllly surprised!!!.I think it is always good to eat healthy to look good and of course be happy.No one can beat that smile of yours.So the bottom line is eat healthy and if you use make-up make sure you remove it too at the end of the day.
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What is Menopause


Menopause is the cessation of the main functions of the female reproductive organs, namely the ovaries.

In the vast majority of women this occurs between 45 and 55 years of age and is preceded by a period known as per menopause that can exceed ten years in which ovulation and menstruation become increasingly erratic.

Remember that in addition to storing and releasing eggs the ovaries produce many hormones, among which are estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

In addition to completing menopause reproductive choices of women, there is a radical decrease in the levels of these hormones.

Estrogen, in particular serves many functions in the body. It is of great importance for the functioning of various tissues including the mucous membranes, bones, skin and arteries so that their lack during menopause has large effects. However, small amounts of estrogen are produced in other parts of the body like the adrenal glands, which produce testosterone which can be converted into estrogen by the body. Some scholars point out that a few years after the body adjusts naturally low levels of estrogen and question the wisdom of ingesting this hormone.

Read more on menopause pain relief and menstrual irregularities treatment. For More info on menopause symptoms.

Skin Care Shopping Tips


(iVillage Total Health) - Are you ever confused about which skin care products to buy at the drug store or cosmetics counter? You are probably not alone. The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery (ASDS) says consumers must be savvy shoppers when buying over-the-counter products for their skin.

With so many choices in the beauty and cosmetics aisle, you may not know which products work best with your skin type and complexion. According to the ASDS, higher prices do not translate to high quality or effectiveness in creams, gels and lotions. Smart shoppers will carefully read ingredient labels and research ingredients with which they may be unfamiliar.

Here are some shopping tips from the ASDS:

- You must first know your skin type (dry, oily or sensitive) and be sure to purchase products that fit in with your skin.

- If you don't already have one, create a daily skin care routine for you to use the product. Many skin care products, especially anti-aging creams, take six to eight weeks to show results. But you must apply them daily as directed..

- Be wary of products that over promise on results. If they seem too good to be true, they probably won't deliver the miraculous results advertised. Well-known or reputable product lines may be more reliable..

- Do your homework before purchasing a product. Read the labels and research ingredients that are unfamiliar to you. Look for deceptive claims on labels. For example, creams that claim to contain Botox (a treatment used to temporarily smooth facial lines and wrinkles) may be deceptive because Botox is only useful when injected..

- Look for products that contain sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at 15 to help block the harsh rays of the sun..

- Ask a dermatologist if you are uncertain if a particular product is right for your skin type. If a skin problem persists, consult a dermatologist..

Article by iVillage Total Health

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Smiling can do wonders to your further to know why!


A smile can be contagious for sure but did you know what it can do for your face in terms of age? Well,on a philosophical note a smile can light up your face but on a serious and scientific note your facial expressions affect your skin creases.

Face is the only part of the body where the muscle attaches its one end on the bone and the other on the loose tissue below the skin.Rest of the muscles of the body attach both ends on bone.This implies firstly that your facial muscles can be firmed up by the kind of expressions you use most of the day.If you frown or remain sad most of the day,it firms up your facial muscle in that way.

If you notice carefully you will find a lot of people around who have a constantly smiling face and appear to be smiling even when they are not.On the other hand some carry a constantly tensed look and and have forehead lines.when you smile it not only relieves tension on your mind,improves the facial expression.firms up the smiling muscles and of course makes everyone around feel happy too!

Maintain liver health-1

> The liver is the main organ of the body which is meant for burning fat. Following a diet of cleaning the liver metabolism will improve rapidly and the fat will be burned. Conversely, if you continue to eat alimented wrong, liver will produce more fat to be stored.

Ways to improve liver functioning:
Listen to your body: Do not eat if not hungry. Eat as many fruits, vegetables, fruit juices, salads and drink lots of water. Many people get used to eat at fixed hours, whether or not they are hungry. In this case the liver to work hard and will suffer.

Drink 8-12 cups of water daily: Water will help to clean the liver and reduce weight. It is good to drink water in small sips, and often against dehydration. Avoid drink fluids with meals.

Avoid excessive consumption of sugar: In particular, refined sugar will be converted by the liver in fat and cholesterol to be deposited on the abdomen, around the organs or lead to cardiovascular problems.

Avoid artificial sweeteners because they are toxic to the liver and cause hypoglycemia. If you feel the urge to eat sweets, better call the fresh or dried fruit and honey.

Number of calories: If you want to eat properly, enrich your diet with fruits and vegetables, and your liver will function better and thus you will see a weight loss. It was found that more people die annually due to excess food only because of malnutrition.

Ignore scales: Your target should be cleaning and rejuvenation of the whole body metabolism, not necessarily weight loss. Weakening will occur along with improving the functioning liver. Why will stress the length of Observing that appears to lose weight?

Avoid allergic foods: Always make sure you chew food slowly so that the digestion process begins with mixing saliva with food in your mouth.

Depending on the person's age, inappropriate production of stomach acid for digestion efficiency. This can recover if, before each meal, you drink a glass of water you have mixed a tablespoon of apple vinegar.

Hygiene Intestinal Care: The liver must filter out and destroy any bacteria or virus that is found in food, you should be cautious of everything eaten. There are many organisms which can harm the liver. To reduce this risk only eat fresh food, avoid food that has been reheated, bread and meat stored incorrectly.

Many packaged and processed foods are handled and contain preservatives. Once the food reaches the intestines, preservatives disappear and microbes begin to develop. Avoid especially canned meat.

Check that the growth of plant products that consumers have been using pesticides. Buy only products that contain natural ingredients and avoid foods that contain preservatives, colorings, artificial sweeteners and flavorings.

Stress affects the liver: Do not eat if you are stressed or angry because this time blood flow is directed from the intestines and liver to other parts of the body. Get your needed protein from various sources, including vegetables

Cleaning liver diet containing chicken, fish and eggs. The proteins can be obtained from vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds. The richest vegetable protein, fiber, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals are: soy, beans, chickpeas, and lentils.

Seeds of lentil, sunflower, sesame and pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of fatty acids, protein and fiber.

Walnuts are rich in unsaturated oils and should be consumed only fresh. If they were removed from the shell and exposed to air, their oil is rinsed. Buy nuts in the shell only.

Oil is found in many natural foods: fish, seeds, nuts, olives. Salad is better to use oils obtained by cold pressing, refined, stored in dark bottles. Keep oil in the refrigerator. Olive oil is also very good for the liver.

Avoid constipation: Eating more fruits and vegetables and bind much water you can avoid this difficulty. Avoiding constipation you will avoid harmful organism’s body growth and development.

Yoga and Herbal Remedies for Hair Growth

> Soft and silky is the idea of the hair beauty care and beauty tips. Hair care varies a hair type, and the various procedures applied to the hair.

The postures of yoga can help overcome the stress, anxiety and indigestion, poor blood circulation to the head, considered as the main cause of hair loss. Position on any yoga pose can be very useful because it increases blood circulation to the head and releasing tension.

The following are some of the yogis which can help eliminate stress and improve blood circulation to the head.
Dog down
Permanent tilt forward
Camel pose
Shoulder stand
The knee to chest

Apart from the practice of yogis, you can try message therapy for hair loss problems. You can take 3-5 minutes for any of the pages with gentle fingers, improving blood flow to hair follicles and help hair growth.

Reflexology can also try to polish their fingernails of one hand against the other on a regular basis preferably daily twice or thrice for 5 minutes.
Meditation is another way to overcome the problem of hair loss, since it can handle the stress. Sit in a good posture and observe your breathing.

Vajrasana Benefits:
Ensures digestion and prevents excess wind shape.
Those who suffer from knee pain should not practice yoga asana.

Description of the asana

1. Sit knees stay together.

2. Draw two toes together and your heels apart, sit on your hands straight them. Keep the respective knees.

3. Breathe column usually straight. Relax your hands and legs free

4. Ahora faces up in bed or stretch your legs in front with his hands back and relax.

5. Take rest of the 10 charges and replicate.

6. Do it twice.


When the stomach tightened and released after hobbling in this asana, liver, bladder, spleen, intestines and stomach are well exercised by it.

Help to get rid of constipation, improve appetite, releases wind and reduces flatulence.

Description of the asana

1.Lie down on a mattress. Exhale and let the air blow. Lift your left leg, which can double up the stomach. Let the knee touch the chin, the other leg touching the chest, press down on the bed, so you get the stomach and chest pressure.

2.Lift your neck and put his chin on his knee. Stay in this position all the time you can hold your breath. Then breath slowly leg and pull her. Put your head back into the soil.

3.Repeat with accurate leg.

4.Repeat the same with both legs

5.Repeat three times the entire operation.

Remedies for hair loss

1. Boil a cup of mustard oil by tablespoon four Heen (mehendi) leaves. Filter and save it in a bottle. Message in the bald patches regularly. It is very effective natural remedy for baldness.

2. Mola fenogrec seeds with water and be relevant to the head. Leave at least 40 minutes before washing. Take it for a month.

3. Make a vigorous rubbing of the scalp with fingers after washing the hair with cold water. It is also a good natural treatment for hair loss.

4. Rub the bald area with onion until it turns red. Then apply honey on the bald area. It is very effective natural remedy for baldness

5. Make a mixture of honey with egg yolk. Properly massage the scalp and hair. Leave a 1 / 2 hour, then clean

6. Prepare a home-made shampoo by adding 5 tbsp curd, 1 tablespoon lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of gram raw (chholia) powder. Apply to the skull for an hour and wash

7. Apply the juice of fresh leaves of amaranth to the hair. This will help maintain growth of hair and smooth.