Sunday, October 23, 2011

Healthy Liver

Why is liver functioning so important for my healthy life?

The liver is the second largest organ in the body and is often seen as the most important. In traditional, a healthy liver is seen as the most critical element of the body's natural ability to fight disease.

Among other important functions, the liver is responsible for removing toxins that enter the bloodstream. It also produces bile, which is essential in the digestion of fats, and is the organ that stores vitamin A, D, E and C.

The functioning of the liver is also vital to the health of the immune system, which ensures that you stay healthy.

It is a good time to start thinking about the importance of the liver for our health and welfare state. We started the day with a shower where chlorine vapors start to shoot from very early escalation of free radicals, and not mention the remains of heavy metals, drugs and other contaminants in tap water.

The liver does not rely and depend on it to kill bacteria, viruses, parasites, dyes, pesticides, drugs and endless junk that invade us second by second. When this aggression is magnified by our wrong lifestyle, they begin demonstrations of our state of toxemia in the form of acne, itching, rashes, pains of all kinds, digestive problems, fatigue and illness "on demand".

If by now you've come to the conclusion that the liver needs to help find milk product at the best friend that it may be, it protect, encourage and even promote regeneration of liver tissue.

From the point of view of biological medicine, naturopaths as we normally recommend any treatment based upon a thorough detoxing, no matter who is suffering from the disease, with a land intoxicated will become much more difficult to restore a healthy balance, if this somehow possible.

Although the liver is not the only organ responsible for detoxifying the body, we can consider as the great conductor of an orchestra composed of the intestine, kidneys, lungs and skin.

The main active component of milk product is used to successfully treat hepatitis, gallstones, cirrhosis, psoriasis, mononucleosis, fatigue, medication toxicity, lupus, among other pathologies.

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