Sunday, October 30, 2011

Why You Lose your Hair?

> Every day we lose between fifty and a hundred hair this is normal! But beyond that, it becomes worrisome. There are many reasons an increased hair loss. Here are the most common, the idea being to identify the cause to stop any abnormal hair loss.

The role of hormones in hair loss
The hair is often the result of an overproduction of male hormone, testosterone. This hormone stimulates infiltration too much growth hair this has the effect of exhausting the capital hair. Gradually, the hair becoming thinner, they fall quickly and are less numerous. Women are often affected by hormonal changes, such as when pregnancy or menopause In case of trouble thyroid or the pituitary.

The share of inheritance
The genetic predisposition is common. Often, it is stripped from father to son. In the case of androgentic alopecia, genetic factors are linked to excess hormone testosterone. The cause of Hair Loss is the most common: more than 80% of cases.

Seasonal variations
The entrance to the fall is a season for the hair. However, Hair Loss is timely; it takes only a few weeks. The early spring is another window of opportunity to Hair Loss transient.

The diseases of the scalp, including alopecia, accompanied by a Hair loss important. It is a chronic inflammatory disease that affects follicles and evolves in spurts. Form plates together without hair.

Stress and emotional distress
Stress and emotional distress (death, divorce...) can lead to hair loss sudden large, sometimes delayed. Again, the origin is hormonal (adrenal hormones). Note that stress also acts by slowing bloodstream this result in a poorly drained scalp and therefore fall hair.

Trauma scalp
This category includes aggressive acts, such as tight braids, brushing too vigorously, ponytails too tight, etc...

The chemotherapy
The hair is a known side- effect of chemotherapy. But other drugs can also have this disadvantage. Note that the hair growth resumes upon discontinuation of treatment.

The diet
A dietary deficiency can cause hair loss. The blood vessels beneath the scalp hair follicles to provide the necessary nutrients: vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids.

In conclusion, any Hair loss abnormal should be alerted. If it persists and if the causes are not obvious, it is advisable to consult his doctor. It is easier to handle hair loss debutante, only to re-grow hair!

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