Wednesday, October 19, 2011


> The Tuberculosis is a common and high mortality infectious human disease caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis and is a contagious disease. Although best known is pulmonary tuberculosis may also be affected lymph, central nervous system, cardiovascular and uro-genital system, Bones the joints even the skin.

Tuberculosis is a contagious disease and is as old as man. Can affect all organs of humans and is responsible for more deaths annually among communicable diseases. Each year around the world die 3-40 million people, of whom 5 million are children.

The transfer of tuberculosis in developed countries is through international migration of people who either already ill or infected in their country and express the disease in the host country where they work. Poor living conditions, hard work, malnutrition and psychological stress from leaving the country and trying to adapt to the new home are factors that favor the development of active tuberculosis in the adult human.

How to broadcast?
Tuberculosis is transmitted from person to person by inhalation of droplets expelled by people suffering with a cough, a strong speech, sneezing and laughing.
Only people suffering from pulmonary or laryngeal TB spread the disease.

What are the Tuberculosis symptoms?
The general symptoms include intense weakness,
Payments, weight loss, fever and night sweats.
To detect the disease in the lungs of the additional symptoms are cough that lasts more than 15 days, chest pain.

The infection of children is always an adult with tuberculosis, which eliminates many germs by coughing, singing, sneezing or talking. The closed rooms without sunlight and fresh air are the ideal place for infection of the child. 70 % of children infected by people in the family environment parents, grandfather, grandmother, uncles, aunts, etc. and the remaining occasionally infected by friendly people, visitors, public transportation, etc. Children with TB do not transmit illness and therefore not required measures to protect other children who can play, eat and sleep together. In the few cases where a teen can transmit tuberculosis, will draw attention to the doctor.

How can I not transmit disease?
The proper and regular intake of medicines in accordance with the instructions of the physician is the principal measure to prevent transmission of disease.
Cover the mouth with a handkerchief when sneeze or laugh out loud.
We do not go to work or school and avoid close contact with others.
Ventilate the area very often our stay.

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