Saturday, October 29, 2011

Weight Loss - New Year's Resolutions

What new resolutions are you gonna do? Losing weight, being slimmer, not eating chocolate or joining a gym. Are these the same resolutions that you did in previous years? If the answer is yes - then stop and not make them this year. Allow this pressure must be removed, stop giving you a hard time and be loyal to yourself. I encourage you not to make any New Year's resolutions because generally they do not work. In fact, they probably only last a few weeks at most. How do you feel when the resolution did not last? Probably you failed and this feeling is one of the things that often drives us to overeat. So do not set up to fail.

Restrictive dieting sets you up to fail and invariably New resolutions do the same? So if you put the two together, the feeling of failure is intensified. When you want to loose weight, this will cause you to do much too quickly. The changes required are huge and are inevitably difficult to maintain. Be gentle and loving with you this year and not’t put through this. Instead of taking the decision to lose weight and get all the stops, approach losing weight as something to do a little at a time, but regularly. Treat it as something to continue. Do what feels right for you, it can and you feel ready to, for example, you may feel ready to stop the habit of putting sugar in your tea and coffee. Finding ways to be successful with your weight loss and to achieve their desires. Tune into what you really want to decide on some measures and actions beginning with those who feel well for you today.

You can commit to making healthy changes in your life. One change that I really healthy to encourage you to consider is to get some support. Find someone who is totally on your side and who will be there and encourage him at all times. This can be a friend, a coach or a group of like-minded people. I suggest choosing the people who are positive and will cheer you on, especially at times when you're finding it difficult to keep going. Ask for your support and be specific about what you need.

Make a list of what you need. Be specific and keep it positive, that is what you want, not what you do not want. You need not act alone. Having someone to support you makes a huge difference to the changes we need to do to achieve permanent weight loss.

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