Sunday, October 30, 2011

Get rid of kidney stones naturally

> Kidney stones is a solid crystalline formations formed by the solids dissolved in the urine. When their concentration is increased by excessive secretion, or low water content (e.g. dehydration) and the possibility of form agglomerates and eventually stones.

The stones or sand can be composed of calcium oxalate acid by uric acid, phosphate or a combination of the amino acid cytosine. Knowing the composition of the stones, we can apply the appropriate diet to address the problem. However, since in most cases the composition of stones is unknown should follow a few general guiding lines. In these cases, our diet should contain little acid. For this reason, avoid foods that contain oxalic acid as well as spinach. Contrast, not dodge the water which is necessary and in larger quantities to clean our body. Should drink at least three liters of water a day which preferably is low in salts. If you sweat a lot, you should replenish the water they lose by sweating.

If a small stone in the urethra and get stuck there, can obstruct the flow of preventing the urine and cause kidney colic. It is an unpleasant condition accompanied by severe pain.

These, kidney stones are actually the remnants that have accumulated in the kidneys. The kidney stones are displayed in different sizes grapefruit can put you at increased risk for kidney stones and cranberry juice helps to fight urinary tract infections
Herbs can be very useful in addressing problems caused by the formation of the deposits in kidney stones or sand. A natural way of prevention is eating a proper diet to ensure vitamins, proteins and minerals that help to dissolve stones or frequent urination is also useful is a natural treatment for kidney stones should also avoid alcohol and smoking
Other natural remedies.
1. ½ cup fresh lemon juice daily may increase levels of citrate in the urine that can protect kidneys from stones
2. Blackcurrant juice
3. If your body is predisposed to create sand or stones in the kidneys, try the infusion of Hair of corn i.e. stamens that are on top of each cone of corn, you'll find shops that sell herbs. If you boil 20g, Stamens corn for 15 minutes in 1 liter of water and drink 1 cup every 4 hours, diuretic tea that act as
4. Cranberry juice helps to fight urinary tract infections
5. Lack magnesium and vitamin B6 are also associated with kidney stones, and grapefruit can put you at increased risk for kidney stones.

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