Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Erectile dysfunction, Cause of Impotence

> A satisfactory sexuality is for the soul and thus also for the physical health is of great importance. Therefore, the clarification of the cause of impotence and its treatment is always recommended.

Erectile dysfunction: ifs in bed does not work anymore

Erectile dysfunction for most men is an absolute taboo. Both to friends, as well as the Partners about Impotence not spoken since the modesty prevail. Here, on average one in five men suffering from impotence problem. From 40 years it catches almost half of the world of men. Many suffer from timing problems in the Erection; these can not be maintained or even get. Erectile dysfunction can by Stress, Mental suffering and Drugs be triggered. Is the pressure of expectation too high, it usually does not work in the Bed?

Diabetic, Alcoholic and fat people are also often among the stakeholders. To rule out a physical illness and the prospect of an improved sex life to improve again, men should help to complete. Also Urologists are adequate contact and can in most cases the causes quickly get to the bottom.

How is it an erection?
The sexual stimulation is derived from the brain and begins in the hypothalamus. The nerve transmitter substance dopamine transmits the excitement of the erectile centers

There is the inability to perform sexual intercourse completely.

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