Monday, October 31, 2011

Diabetes Treatment with Black Tea

> While many like to drink tea as a beverage of choice that may not be aware of its therapeutic effects. Most of us have heard about the antioxidant benefits of green tea, however, when it comes to diabetes can not be a better source of insulin shots that your doctor gives you. According to research, black tea may help cure diabetes.

Diabetes is currently the 4th leading cause of death in the world and the death toll is rising daily. It affects the lives of an estimated 246 million people worldwide. Type II diabetes is one of the current health conditions more common. As the rate of obesity has increased in the country, also increased the incidence of diabetes.

A common treatment for diabetes is insulin; this method still leaves the User in a way of life of prescription pills and shots, and a lifetime of medical debt. For those who wish to leave treatment as is becoming increasingly important to understand not only how to prevent diabetes, but to find the best ways to holistically treat those already affected.

Regular exercise and proper diet are the two most important ways to prevent diabetes. However, if you have been diagnosed and are on insulin you should know that scientists have discovered that there may be a secret weapon in the fight against diabetes, and is safe and simple.

What is amazing this gun? If you are suffering from diabetes tea may be your answer. For many years we have known that green tea has beneficial antioxidant properties, but we're learning now that both green and black teas have been shown to help control blood sugar level. Ordinary tea, prepared just like humans normally consume, has been shown, in fact, to increase insulin activity in these cells in more than 15 times, a dramatic effect by any standard.

Interestingly, when milk was added to tea (whole or skim) for the beneficial effect of tea was almost wiped out, in fact, there was a reduction of more than 90% with 50 grams of milk in a cup tea. Soy milk and nondairy creamers several were also tested, and they also killed pretty much the effect. In contrast, the addition of lemon juice does not diminish the effect. When mice were given tea, their levels of blood sugar have stayed consistent and did not rise above normal levels.

For some pre-diabetics who are trying to ensure that their problems do not progress, adding tea to your diet can be an easy way to help get their levels of blood sugar back to normal. Of course, you will need to continue with your healthy diet and regular exercise, as well. And even for those who already have Type II diabetes, a regular regimen of tea may help you maintain your level of blood sugar regulated with less medication, when used in conjunction with proper diet and exercise.