Monday, October 31, 2011

Sunscreen Protection

> According as our skin, we need protection more or less high. Thus, people with eyes the clear and white skin protection must be higher than people with darker skin.

To know what type of skin we have, can consult the following scheme:

Skin type and: Hair red hair and milky skin, with constant trend the sunburn (with 10 minutes of sun exposure it is sufficient to produce it) and will not ever get to tan. The sunscreen should be total.

Skin type 2: Hair skin and blond clear, consistent tendency to sunburn (with 15-20 minutes of exposure Solar is already producing) and can reach a bit tan. The protection to be used must be high.

Skin type 3: brown hair and between matt and clear skin with a tendency not frequent burning (you can occurred with 30 minutes of sun exposure) and reached progressively. The protection should be average.

Skin type 4: Matte skin and dark hair, with a rare trend burn and always tans well. Protection may be minimal.

Skin type 5: Hair dark skin very dark, with an exceptional tendency to burn. Hardly needs protection.

Skin Type 6: corresponds to black people, you can get burning in very exceptional. No need to reach, almost never protection.

Thus, follow Tips avoid skin burn-out:

Not having tan too fast for us. Log solar short exposures (e.g. 10 minutes) and go increasing slowly.

Avoid times of maximum exposure Sun.

Avoid product use cosmetics (Cologne, perfume, make-up) plots during exhibitions

Not believing mass of clouds, since radiation, we can get.

In the cases of children, pregnant or elderly should be increased protective measures.

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