Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Myths and Truths about Weight Loss Diet

> Men and women want to be always with the body lean and free of extra pounds. The winter can be the ideal time to burn calories because the body spends more energy to keep warm. But relying only on the climate is not enough: we must combine some factors correctly and bet on a healthier life.

Making a diet is an important step for anyone who wants to lose weight and to be successful, Exercise regularly, avoid alcohol and smoking are important factors to achieve the dream of the body more healthy.

Get rid of excess fat in the body decreases the risk of hypertension, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular problems. To play safe, what is myth and what is true when it comes to the diets.

Myths and Truths about diets:-
Some foods have fat zero:
Myth: All foods have fat, even a grilled chicken breast. To lose weight it's necessary to permanently eliminate fried foods from your diet and in food preparation, use only olive oil, still in small quantities, for though healthy too fattening. The oil should be avoided, since it is not a spice and not add any flavor to food. To get an idea, carbohydrates and protein have about 4 calories per gram, while fats have more than doubled (9 calories per gram).

Hot water fasting fat burning:
Myth: Burn fat and eliminate weight depends on the amount of food eaten and the number of calories eliminated. A few foods accelerate metabolism, like caffeine. Drinking hot water fasting or hot tea after a meal does not eliminate a single gram of fat you eat or what you already have in your body. The ideal is to minimize or cut the amount of fat intake, and physical exercise.

You can eat healthy food in fast foods:
Fact: Fast foods may be helpful if you learn to eat a balanced way. Grills, salads and other healthy foods can also be found in fast foods. Keep an eye on the amount and form of food preparation. Give preference to fat-free and never fried.

To lose weight you must eat small amounts spread out throughout the day:
Truth: Your body needs a certain amount of calories and nutrients every day to work well. If you skip meals during the day, are more likely to compensate in other meals. A healthy way to lose weight is to eat small amounts of food divided into five meals, which should include a variety of nutritious and low in fat.

All that is natural is good for health:
Myth: A natural product concerned is not necessarily safe for your health. Some products sold without guidance of a physician are not usually scientifically tested to prove whether they are safe or work. Check with your doctor before using any product, natural or herbal weight-loss. You may be leaving to deal with appropriately, underestimating its risks.

Eating evening fattening;
Myth: It is clear that at night the metabolism is slower. It is important to eat easily digestible foods such as vegetables, soups, juices, and fruit. No matter what time of day you eat, the amount ingested throughout the day that makes you gain or lose weight.

Red meat is bad for health:
Myth: Red meat, like chicken, pork and fish, contain saturated fat and cholesterol. But contains nutrients that are important to health as protein, iron and zinc. The size of a serving of meat is about the size of a deck of cards. Select pieces of meat have less fat and remove any extra fat before cooking.

Eating and watching TV fattening:
Truth: Try not to snack while doing other things like watching television, playing video games or using the computer. If you make meals and snacks in the pantry or the dining room, will be less likely to be distracted and will probably become more aware of what and how much is eating.

I can eat whatever I want and lose weight:
Myth: To lose weight is necessary to control the intake of some food groups such as sweets, fried foods, pasta, etc.. Replace biscuits, fried foods and sweets by placing cereals, baked goods, fruits, food, lights, etc.. Above all, find pleasure in activities other than food. Adopt a healthy lifestyle and keep them even after reaching the ideal weight. Remember that without force there will result.

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