Sunday, October 30, 2011

Quick Tips to Lose Weight

> Eat at least 1000-1200 calories a day
When you consume less than 1000-1200 calories a day, your body develops a hunger response, which decreases metabolism. The 1000-1200 energy must be lower than even many women need to consume more to weaken.

Eat frequent, small, balanced meals during the day.
Eating frequent, small, balanced meals help your body is not hungry while you keep your blood sugar levels stable. Should not eat for some time a meal then the sensation of hunger is very strong so when it's time to eat, drink large quantities of food.

Increase metabolism by doing the following:
Drink green tea. Green tea contains caffeine and other ingredients that increase metabolism for up to 4 percentage points in the day. Just when you drink tea make sure not to put sugar or milk.

Exercise more than usual. Try hard workouts and pushing your muscles more than habit.

Eat healthy Omega 3 fats. These important fats found in fish like salmon, tuna, trout, etc. in the nuts Avoid if your metabolism will decrease.

Organize a day will drop out and eat something that will make you enjoy. This can help you psychologically to keep your nutritional program. Just need these days "wrongdoing" is not made often.

These were some tips to help speed weight loss. But be careful because there are some things that can sabotage your efforts. If you want to lose weight fast not to do the following:

Do not avoid strengthening exercises.
Many women avoid strength training because they fear losing pounds slowly and get volume. Nevertheless, the strength training is the best can make a woman to make a nice body. The aerobic exercise can reduce fat from the body but the strength training will develop the muscles

Do not follow programs and low in calories.
These programs are unhealthy and result when you stop to regain lost weight. The key to lose weight naturally is healthy and balanced diet.

Do not quit the diet and exercise program once it reaches the target date you wanted.
Many people follow a diet to lose weight and look good in a major event. A balanced diet and exercise should be part of your everyday life and not just a parenthesis. The well is an ongoing effort and should not stop a diet and exercise when you achieve your goal.