Saturday, October 29, 2011

Secret to long strong and thick hair

If you have tried every other hair product to get the perfect hair texture have come to the right place. I will give you a very simple routine to keep your hair beautiful. So lets get started !

1. Wash your hair twice a week.Do not use too much shampoo (just enough to clean your hair). Unlike what most shampoos claim, they are essentially detergents to clean the dirt off your hair. If you don't believe check out the label on your shampoo "detergent base".

2. Dry your hair naturally. Using artificial means for drying your hair leads to split ends.You can use a shampoo comb to untangle your hair but remember to be gentle.

3. Once your hair are dry you can use your regular comb.

4. If its a weekend and you can manage to stay indoor, its time to oil your hair after a hair wash. After washing and drying your hair use hair oil (almond or coconut). Do not use any synthetic hair oil. Partition your hair in between and pour about three spoons of oil directly on your scalp. Now work it into your hair roots by gently massaging. Use the pulp of your fingers to massage each and every part of your scalp.Now leave this oil overnight in your hair. This maintains the hydration and prevents your hair from drying, splitting and falling.

5. Wash your hair the next day.

Remember the trick is to apply oil to your hair after washing not before. applying oil before washing just makes them more greasy when your hair are already dirty.
Follow the steps mentioned above and you will definitely see a remarkable difference in your hair. Your hair will become smooth, shiny, thick and no split ends. Write to me about your experience with this magical method in the comments section.