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Artificial Nails - Types, Maintenance, Tips


If you want beautiful, long and well-shaped nails you should consider getting artificial nails. There are different types of fake nails that suit every taste and that offer variety of colors, shapes and “styles“. Artificial nails not only give you a well-groomed manicure every day, but they are also ideal solution for those women who tend to bite their nails.

Advantages of artificial nails:
offer variety of colors customized to suit the taste of every woman cover up short, brittle nails don’t break or cur easily prevent nail biting long lasting and durable polish lasts much longer

Disadvantages of artificial nails:
- the chemicals used to make and adhere artificial nails ay cause allergic reactions
- if not applied and removed properly they may damage your natural nails
- fungal or bacterial infection is possible
- can be very expensive to maintain
- most of the fake nails cannot be removed by chemicals

Acrylic Nails
Acrylic nails, also known as artificial nails, fake nails, sculptured nails are the most used artificial nails. Acrylic nails should always be glued onto the natural nail plate. Acrylic nails are made of monomer (a liquid acrylic product) and a polymer (a powdered acrylic product). The artificial nails are the most preferred by the women as they are very durable and the strongest.

The application and the removal of acrylic nails takes a lot of practice and should always be performed by a licensed manicurist. You can have fake nails in any length and at any color that will last longer than nail polish on your natural nails. If you decide to get artificial nails you should know that they require a lot of maintenance – acrylic nails should be filled in every two/ three weeks as your nails grow. They are the strongest, the thickest and most durable of the artificial nails.

Many women think that artificial nails can seriously damage the natural nails but that’s not always the case - if the fake nails are applied and removed properly by a professional they may cause little or no damage to the natural nail plate.

Gel Nails
Gel nails are usually made of gel acrylic. Gel nails are appropriate for those women who want to achieve more natural look. The manicurist will apply the acrylic gel over your natural nail plate and will cure the gel under an ultraviolet light. Unfortunately the gel nails aren’t as strong and durable as the acrylic nails. There are two types of gel nails – the first use light and the other don’t. Both types of gel nails can be shaped and styles as you desire. One thing you should remember: gel nails cannot be removed easily – they must grow out and be filled down for removal.

One of the biggest advantage of gel nails is that they should be filled in less often then the acrylic nails for example.

Wrap NailsWrap nails usually include pieces of silk, linen, fiberglass or paper that are cut to the desired shape and then are glued to the natural nails. Just like the gel nails, wrap nails also look very natural as they are thin and smooth. Most of the beauty salons use fiberglass in place of silk or linen as it is stronger and provides a lot of flexibility. Unfortunately all types of wraps are less durable than the others. Wrap nails aren’t appropriate for those women with an active life as they break easily.

Solar Nails
Solar nails are similar to the acrylic nails but they use a different product – usually white or pink acrylic nails. Solar nails often look like a French manicure. Like the acrylic nails, the solar nails also should be refilled every three weeks.

Useful Tips:
- Artificial nails should be filled in every two/ three weeks.
- Always consult a manicurist to find out what type of fake nails will be best for you.
- Always pay attention and moisturize your cuticles to avoid infection or dry cuticles.
- Always wear rubber or plastic gloves every time you use chemicals. It’s essential to apply nail
and cuticle oil every day to keep your cuticles moisturized.

- Remember: harsh chemicals may cause the artificial nails to weaken and even to discolor.
- Never use household glue for nail repairs – you can seriously damage them.
- Always choose a reputable, licensed nail salon to have your artificial nails applied properly.
- Applying fake nails properly takes a lot of practice; if you decide to apply artificial nails at home always follow the directions written on the box to ensure you put them safely.
- If you want to remove your fake nails at home you should use a nail soak – soak your fingers for approximately 30/ 40 minutes.
- Never share your nail tools with another person and keep your tools (files, scissors) sanitized.
- Never apply artificial nails on infected or irritated nails.
- Never wear artificial nails for longer than 3/ 4 months to avoid damage.
- Remember: the chemicals used to make and adhere fake nails can cause serious allergic
- Always check if you have allergies before you get your nails done.
- Remember: fungal infection is quite common if you don’t maintain your fake nails properly.
- Never use Acetone nail polish remover.

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

>PMS is syndrome afflicting women and occurs to a greater or lesser extent, in days prior to menstruation. It is characterized by irritability and anxiety more pronounced, as well as physical manifestations, such as pain breasts, abdominal distension and headache. It follows from the retention of sodium and water.

Every month, like it was a small watch, some women have a lot of strange symptoms. They may be irritable, fighting with their families and friends for no apparent reason. They forget where you put the keys of their cars and find it difficult to concentrate on meetings. They may have an uncontrollable desire for chocolate or find you stealing pieces of pizza after the children had gone to sleep. Or can "do nothing", start to hate their appearance because they feel swollen and his hair is greasy and lifeless.

The Premenstrual Menstrual occurs in all ages, it is more common after age 30. Usually begins in weeks prior to menstruation, but in some women it can start soon after ovulation.

The duration of Premenstrual Menstrual and intensity of symptoms can vary from month to month. Most of the women symptoms disappear in the first day of menstruation, in others it advances a few more days.

Not all women have all the following symptoms, which can be divided into two groups:
Symptoms Physical:
* Fluid retention (swelling).
* Spines on the skin.
* Pain and tenderness in breasts, which these days tend to increase volume.
* Pain and sensitivity in the lower abdomen.
* Headaches and migraine.
* Weight Gain.
* Tiredness.
* Body aches.

Symptoms Psychic:
* Irritability.
* Aggressiveness.
* Nervousness.
* Feeling of being of evil with the world.
* Feeling of lack of control.
* Depression.
* Like crying.
* Decrease concentration.
* Mood swings.

Premenstrual Syndrome Treatment:
1) Medicated: it seems incredible that a problem so annoying to be treated as simple, but it does. There medicine is cheap and effective those are usually taken only in those days of PMS.

2) Some care may bring some relief

3) In the days of pre-menstrual tension:
* Reduce coffee, black tea and drinks.
* Reduce salt (unless you are also taking a diuretic).
* Reducing alcohol and cigarettes.
* Reduce fried foods, fats and strong spices.
* Decrease workload.
* Increasing exercise physical.
* Increasing hours of sleep.
* Try to sleep or at least rest for about 15 minutes after lunch.
* Larger sweet especially chocolate.

4) How to relieve the symptoms of PMS:
- Reduce intake of caffeine and alcohol
- Reducing salt in foods
- Eating foods rich in calcium
- Aerobic exercise
- Add complex carbohydrates to your diet, such as whole grains
- Take a multivitamin

Get more remedies for premenstrual syndrome and menstrual syndrome treatment. And also get info about pms syndrome treatment.

Diet Helps to Control Cholesterol

> Nutrition supplement can play a role not only in prevention of bad cholesterol, but it appears possible to contribute to the reduction of certain lesions in the vessels that have already been created.

The cholesterol is the narrowing of the arteries yards, with less stress and the hardening due to the cholesterol plaques formed within the walls of the courtyard. The plaque of cholesterol caused by high cholesterol in the blood, which accumulates in the walls of the arteries yards and leading cause of cardiovascular disease, is the most frequent killers of humans.

Heart diseases with coronary heart disease and stroke as well as stroke are leading causes of death in developed countries.

The cholesterol found in many staple foods such as meat, egg, milk, cheese and other animal products. Also shrimp, octopus, squid and cuttlefish, which mollusks are rich in cholesterol. But the cholesterol in the blood does not come only from the diet. Our liver produces and composes much of the blood cholesterol. In fact, cholesterol is an essential element needed for life. The fact is that food is very rich in cholesterol such as eggs and shellfish, helps to increase blood cholesterol.

Foods rich in saturated fats, is 3 to 5 times more dangerous to increase the level of cholesterol in the blood compared to foods that are rich in cholesterol. For this reason it is important to look after the saturated fat content of foods we eat. There are prepared foods on the market that they write that is low in cholesterol, but a careful examination of the label indicates that contain saturated fats.

The saturated fat should not represent more than 10% of total calories daily. If someone who takes 2.000 calories daily, saturated fat should not represent more than 20 grams. Unfortunately the diet that we now take more than 30% of our daily calories from saturated fat we eat.

Caution is needed in the quantities of food low in fat because we eat more and they can give us increased saturated fat. Increasing fiber in the diet helps reduce cholesterol absorbed from the gut. But it is important to know that this is not true for all fiber. There are fiber is soluble in water and are not broken. The soluble fiber in the intestines creating a gel that prevents the absorption of cholesterol and other fat molecules.

Certain types of beans, lentils, oranges with baked potatoes peeled, oats, can help even moderately lower cholesterol level. Non-soluble fiber, such as those contained in many vegetables and many foods such as wheat, benefit against constipation but do not affect the absorption of cholesterol and other fats in the gut.

Recommended as daily to get from our diet, at least 25 grams of fiber from which at least one third should consist of soluble fiber. This helps to prevent heart disease.

The scrambled eggs are from a very popular food. But egg yolk is extremely rich in cholesterol. Consider that just one egg yolk contains almost as much cholesterol a person needs for a day.

Try an omelet using only the white of the egg. It is still very tasty and rich in nutrients.

Natural Treatment for Hair Loss

The common type of hair loss called hereditary hair loss can affect both men and women, but women are generally less affected than men. The condition is so common that it can almost be considered as a part of the normal aging process.

Symptoms of hair loss:
The pattern of hair loss and baldness are different for men and women. On men special areas on the head begin get totally bald. These areas are usually on both sides of the front, rear and top of head. Hair loss then progresses to the extent of these areas, and finally, most of the head can be completely hairless. However, a large area in the neck uses to remain unaffected and keeps a thick hair cover. The same is generally true about the area in front of each ear.

In all women the hair on the head starts thinning and then gradually throughout the head for many years. Women seldom get totally bald areas on your head, but often the hair is so thin that the scalp is clearly visible through the hair.

Causes of hair loss:
The skin has there layers: The outer layer, called epidermis, consists of epithelial cells. Under this lies the dermis consisting of connective tissue. Basically, there is a layer called the hypodermis consisting mainly of fat cells.

Treatment for hair loss:
Having a good diet giving the body vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in the right amount may slow down hair loss.

Swami Ramdev Medicine, Divya Kesh Tail and Herbal products available in the market can help against hair loss and its symptoms, it really very effective. The remedies used to treat prostate hypertrophy also have been proven to stop hair loss and hair for recovering. Divya Kesh Tail is like nectar for your hair; it cures untimely hair fall, dandruff, alopecia, premature graying of hair, etc. By applying this oil, hair becomes healthy & luxurious.

There are many natural products on the market to help against hair loss. They may contain vitamins or minerals that are needed for hair growth. Other substances give signals to the hair follicles to increase hair growth. Some ingredients work as anti-oxidants that inhibit oxidative attack on the follicle cells.

Are you suffering from hair fall, dandruff, premature graying of hair?? It can treat naturally! Divya kesh tail cures hair fall, dandruff, premature graying of hair, strengthens eyes, brain & cure head-diseases. With the right natural treatment for hair loss you can easily get rid of your hair problem.

Dietary fiber

>Dietary fiber is actually becoming increasingly fashionable as their properties and benefits are not limited to helping us better go to the bathroom.

Dietary fiber is located within the family of carbohydrates and gain through food. A curious about other nutrients and in addition to their property or profits is that it does not add calories.

Types of dietary fiber
There are two classes or types of dietary fiber:
* Dietary fiber insoluble fiber is that most people know. Among the foods rich in insoluble fiber include fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains. The cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin and resistant starch are insoluble dietary fiber.
* Soluble Fiber: Soluble fiber forms a gel very healthy in our intestines. As a food rich in soluble fiber have spinach, beans, peas, prickly pears, nuts, grains (especially oats), legumes such as soy or soy beans (beans or beans), fruits such as papaya, the skin of the apple, mango or dried apricots.

Functions of the insoluble dietary fiber:
* Avoid constipation: by increasing the fecal bolus body removes waste and easier accelerating intestinal transit.
* Detox: to ensure that these wastes are too long in the intestines prevents putrefaction of food.
* Provides a feeling of fullness: to give greater consistency to foods such we are more filling.
* Avoid obesity or overweight: Obviously if full before we eat less, if we go to the bathroom just better swollen and we will hold less liquid and gas.
* Allied against hemorrhoids: avoiding constipation got some veins (hemorrhoids) less swollen and softer stools help.
* Prevention of colon cancer: Although many factors influence all scientists assume that prevent constipation it helps to prevent this type of cancer.

Functions of soluble dietary fiber
* Prevention of cardiovascular disease by decreasing the absorption of fats and sugars provide adequate levels of cholesterol and glucose. Thus the soluble fiber is a good ally to avoid cholesterol, triglycerides and diabetes. We also can help, indirectly, to avoid hypoglycemia, hypertension and insulin resistance with consequent improvement in our energy level and mood.
* Effect satiety. It helps in slimming diets because they absorb much water and cause a sensation of fullness. To be most effective soluble dietary fiber be consumed with plenty of water or liquid.

It is generally advised to consume between 30 and 40 g. dietary fibers daily. Ideally, half the dietary fiber intake was soluble and half insoluble.
It is very important to both types of dietary fiber. It is important for everyone but especially for people with cholesterol, consuming too much meat, obesity or a tendency to constipation.
When searching for a great contribution of dietary fiber not forget we also take the form of a raw food (fruits and salads) to not lose some of their properties with the cooking.
Is something wrong if we take too much fiber?

Some people find that they cause gas and / or bloating.
Some experts say it could hamper the absorption of some minerals like zinc, iron and calcium.

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Kidney Stones

>Kidney stones are solid concretions or calculi (crystal aggregations) formed in the kidneys from dissolved urinary minerals.

It typically leave the body by passage in the urine stream, and many stones are formed and passed without causing symptoms.

Man expels the urine large amounts of calcium salts, uric acid, phosphate, oxalate, cystine, and possibly other substances such as penicillin and diuretics. In some conditions the urine is saturated these crystals and consequently formed calculations. It is a rare phenomenon until the age of 70 years. Approximately 15% of men and 8% of women may have at least one assessment during their lives. The first decade of life is not immune to the emergence of calculations, with a peak incidence between four and seven years old. The disease is most common in young adults, around the 3rd or 4th decade of life, predominantly in white and there was no gender difference. Recurrence is more common in young adults, 15% in one year, 40% within 5 years and 50% within 10 years. The black population is less kidney stone than the white.

What is it?
The stone formation is a complex biological process, yet little known, despite the considerable progress already made. Today, it is clear that changes in diet, promoted by the industrialization of food rich in protein, salt and carbohydrates, increased stone formation.

Abnormalities of the urinary composition have, in urine volume decreased, the main factor in stone formation. Result of an inadequate hydration, this may be the only change found in some patients with gallstones. The urine volume permanently less than 1 liter is by bad eating habits or environmental situations such as very dry climate, activity in dry environments (airplanes, blast furnaces) that favor the supersaturating of urinary salts forming calculations.

Major complications of kidney stones:
Urinary infection
Urinary obstruction: loss of kidney destruction of obstructive and / or infectious
Chronic renal failure
Surgical complications of withdrawals from the calculations
Complications of lithotripsy (hematuria, destruction of renal tissue, hypertension)

How is it?

Drinking plenty of fluids is the main element of the treatment, to reduce the concentration and super saturation of urinary crystals, and thus decrease the formation of stones.

The ideal treatment is to suppress and prevent recurrence of the existing stones grow. As the calculations have heterogeneous origins and manifestations are often multi-systemic disease, it is impossible to have a single regimen. Therefore, the treatment is varied and lengthy.

Read more information on remedies for urinary tract infection and kidney stones problem. Also get more info and product for urine infection.


Pamper your body with fresh fruits and veggies!


Skin needs proper nourishment to make it glow.make sure that some part of your daily diet consists of fresh fruits and vegetables.Fresh foods contain vitamins in their natural form.Cooking them can destroy the vitamins.I have been a veggie since childhood and never had to take any extra efforts to prepare salads for myself.I like them naturally but i think it is only a matter of habit.Once salads become a part of your daily meals no extra efforts will be required.

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Alternative Treatment for Skin Diseases

In alternative medicine acne, pimples and itching are not necessarily seen as a disease of the skin. Obviously the most important factor here is diet.

What can be your best skin problem Diet?
1. When you have acne, itching, rashes you will do well to avoid milk. Your diet should not have more than maximum two glasses of milk per day. There are a number of hormones in milk that is supplied through the milk of cows pregnant is harmful.
2. Having a lot of fish - the fish is well known that the omega 3 oils that are so beneficial to the heart and surprisingly also for the skin. So, if you want a quick cure, you need a walk in their fish intake.
3. Since the less sugar, as you can - chocolates, sweets and similar things which contain sugar should be avoided at all costs. Your diet should really remove all the sweet things.
4. Stayed away from vitamin E - which has been observed that anyone who has problems like this, if you take vitamin E, have their acne worse in no time. This is why this vitamin should be avoided as much as possible.
5. Take a lot of vitamin B5 - include a nap daily 10 grams of vitamin B5. It was observed that acne is in fact being controlled by this vitamin, but doctors still are not sure about that.

Alternative Treatment for skin problems:
Swami ramdev medecine and Divya Kayakalp Vati for skin disease, Acne and Pimples:
1) Divya Kayakalp Vati Purifies blood, so cures all types of skin-diseases successfully.
2) It removes acne, pimples, dark spot on checks & spots on the face.
3) It cures all types of chronic & complicated ring-worms, itches, puritans & eczema instantaneously. It is a complete cure for leucoderma & psoriasis as well.

Do you want a beautiful glowing skin?? It can treat naturally! See how divya kayakalp vati purifies blood, removes pimples, dark spot. With the right natural treatment for skin problem you can easily get rid of your skin problem.

Health Benefits of Laughter Yoga

> Laughter keeps you healthy; it knows the saying since time immemorial. And modern medicine can only confirm: Laughter has enormous consequences on the endocrine system and the muscles and therefore also on the mood. Laughter Yoga can also help those who feel they have nothing to laugh about.

The health benefits of laughter
Laughter reduces stress
Happy laughter reduces the amount of stress hormones cortical and epinephrine in the body. At the same time it increases the release of endorphins, which act as a natural painkiller - good news for pain patients who suffer from arthritis.

Laughter boost immune system in momentum

According to research laughter increases the number of so-called killer cells, which rush to invaders such as bacteria and make them harmless. The number of antibodies in the nose and pharynx increased by hearty laughter - so be warded off unwanted germs immediately at the entrance gate.

Laughter strengthens the muscles and makes you beautiful
Who keeps his belly laughter makes simultaneously in passing a fitness workout. Not only the abdominal muscles and internal organs are well trained and better blood circulation. Even the facial muscles will benefit from training, the skin is better nourished, and increases lung capacity and oxygen in the blood rises sharply.

Laughter is good for hypertension
Because laughter keeps stress hormones in check, it has positive effects on stress-related hypertension. In experimental studies have shown that ten-minute laughter reduce blood pressure by 10-20 mm can.

Laughter is thus, as we see, just the best medicine for all sorts of large and small. Do you have something to laugh about? If not, you can learn to happiness. Laughter Yoga classes are now out there in many cities.

Anyone can do Laughter Yoga?
Healthy can easily participate in Laughter Yoga classes. However, if you having heart disease, extremely high blood pressure, epilepsy, hernia or severe mental disorders (borderline syndrome, extreme depression, etc.) suffers from an operation or just behind it, should speak with the attending physician or the treating physician before him or Laughter Yoga makes.

The strong muscle contractions can be affected by physical discomfort and the emotional component of laughter can be repressed psychological problems come to light that in an ordinary course may not be properly contained.

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Atherosclerosis Leading Cause of Death in Western World

> Atherosclerosis disease, is a degenerative process which results in hardening and thickening of arterial walls. By decreased arterial elasticity, tends to cause increased blood pressure and decreased diastolic blood pressure. It is almost universal in old age and predominantly in men, since women divert their blood fats for the production of estrogen. He is the leading cause of death in the Western world.

Atherosclerosis Causes:
* Advanced age;
* Increased cholesterol;
* Intoxication;
* Diseases syphilis and diabetes.

Cause the narrowing of the arteries due to deposits on the inner walls of calcium or fat, which produce a blockage of blood circulation, which can cause heart attacks, angina, aneurysm, high blood pressure and embolism, depending on the size blockade.

Major Causes: Poor diet, excessive consumption of foods containing too much cholesterol, such as animal fats, red meats, egg yolks, seafood ... Other common causes are stress, lack of exercise, alcoholism, smoking, stress and heredity.

Arteriosclerosis Symptoms- The most common presenting the circulatory and cardiovascular disease systems:
a. - High blood pressure - hypertension
b. - Angina pectoris - difficulty breathing
c. - Tachycardia - changes in pulse
d. - Memory loss and difficulty concentrating
e. - When the arteries clog appear tiredness, weakness and muscle contraction accompanied by pain.
f. - Progressive loss of memory, lack of concentration, listlessness, depression, confusion ... when the disease reaches the brain.

The Arteriosclerosis is a dilation of the arteries due to blood pressure when the artery is blocked. Arteriosclerosis is dangerous because the artery can break up that site and producing a stroke. According to the site of the Arteriosclerosis, there is the severity of the damage it will cause. When the same happens in the brain, the person may suffer semi-paralysis of some member of one eye and still larger part of the body.

Recommended treatment: Decreased intake of foods containing too much cholesterol and animal fat low density - LDL.
On the other hand, one should increase the consumption of fat, high-density - the cholesterol and fatty acids - EPA and Omega-3 contained in salmon and cold-water fish, among others. Also include the use of olive oil. All these products and / or nutritional supplements act as a barrier to low-density cholesterol and triglycerides, which act as a buffer in the arteries.

Polyunsaturated fats - lipoprotein required for cleaning the arteries, is easily oxidized in the bloodstream, losing their functions, so it is also advisable to eat vitamin A, E and C, which act with antioxidants, preserving the blood against oxidation of these polyunsaturated fats - good fats.

Some of these fatty acids, along with vitamin B6 and magnesium are necessary for the production of lecithin, which is the element needed to fragment and dilute the fat and cholesterol in the blood, so it can be harnessed by cells and thus prevent debris from sticking on the walls of arteries.

Natural Therapy:
* Arctic-Sea / Omega-3 - promote elasticity of arteries and veins and reduce cholesterol.
* Minerals - Selenium, Germanium, calcium and magnesium
* Beta carotene

Other Facts:
- Garlic
- Soy Lecithin
- Vitamin C
- Parsley
- Beetroot juice
- Carrot juice and spinach juice
- Ashwagandha

In addition to these is necessary to adopt a program of regular physical activities.

Eating Your Way to Clearer Skin

>Most people are aware of the old adage "You are what you eat". There is nowhere that it shows more readily than in your skin tone. In fact, many skin problems from minor to major can be addressed simply by changing your diet! Everything from Acne to Edema can be improved and in some cases completely cured in a matter of months, weeks, or even days by eating a diet that contains plenty of the right foods.

Although fatty, greasy, and extremely salty foods can't be directly blamed for acne or other skin disorders, many foods that are deficient in nutrients or which contain significant undesirable substances (such as fat) can contribute to existing skin disorders or make your skin's condition ripe for such disorders to set in.

One of the simplest ways to improve your skin as well as endurance, stamina, and overall physical health, is by drinking lots of water. Eight or more glasses of filtered tap water or pure mineral water per day will help lead to smoother, younger-looking and firmer skin. In addition, enough water actually helps your skin look and feel firmer - since the human body needs water for everything that it does, proper hydration has remarkable effects for health and beauty.

A balanced diet including essential fatty acids from nuts, vegetable oils, and fish can help cure dry and flaky skin within a matter of weeks. Even if you have acne, you may not want to avoid these types of oils - some dermatologists claim that a tablespoon a day of high quality nut or fish oil can actually reduce the unwanted oil that aggravates acne.

Additional 'miracle' foods for improving your skin and making you look years younger include soy, oatmeal or other coarse grains, and bright-colored fruits and vegetables. All of these foods are high in vitamins and minerals, and the bright colored fruits and vegetables are also rich in antioxidants which help prevent and repair damage to the entire body - so much so that these substances have become a staple of modern anti-aging clinical techniques.

Although none of these items are silver bullets to cure all skin disorders and this information is no substitute for the advice of a qualified dermatologist or other medical professional, a proper diet and adequate water intake will definitely help to improve your skin as well as promote better health in all areas of your life.

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Divya Ashwagandha medcine and Churna for Constipation

>Ashwagandha for stress relief can be taken in any form since many manufacturers produce Churna with ashwagandha main ingredient and you can also have Ashwagandha pills, capsules etc. However, one has to consume the herb as per directed by Ayurvedic health care provider. Dosage depends upon the individual and his or her condition. Consume ashwagandha and practice some meditation can help as great stress reducing way.

How people relieve stress in ancient times? Some people would dispute that people who lived centuries ago were never exposed to stress causing circumstances that most modern people are faced with today. Only answer to this earlier question is people in ancient times used herbs to relieve stress.
Ashwagandha is not only a great stress reliever, its benefits are:

• Improve mental stability, improve mental absorption/concentration and help gain retaining power.

• It works as a “Rasanya”, anti-aging properties, and it rejuvenates the whole body which in turn gives youthful look.

• Promoting calmness and peace of mind (feeling of well-being), it help the mind to fight negative energy and thoughts.

• Consume Ashwagandha on a regular basis, it definitely boost the body’s immune system which help to fight with body problem & disorder.

• 100% good and natural nutrient for sleeplessness.

• It healing injuries with excellent healing properties.

• It provides the brain with nutrients that helps it function better and become more effective in its ability to work.

• Enhance xxxual powers and to maintain long lasting stamina.

Divya Churna for Constipation

• It helps in curing constipation & takes out the faeces adhered in the intestines; activates intestines, so the internal layer of intestines does not allow the faeces to adhere there again.

• It helps in total evacuation of stomach; removes disappointment & makes the body active.

• Helps in curing abdominal pain, flatulence, heaviness & nausea.

You must agree with Divya Ashwagandha medicine and Churna for Constipation that it is not just a stress relieving herb; it really helps to keep body healthy & young and mentally sound too. It is used in different tonics and formulas’, it also comes in tablets and capsules and you do not need a doctor’s prescription in order to buy them. If you are buying online the recommended dosage is one teaspoonful (5 gms.) daily (after every meal) or as directed by your physician.

Divya Churna for Constipation helps in curing constipation, abdominal pain, flatulence, heaviness, nausea & takes out the faeces adhered in the intestines.

Is my daily routine affecting my skin?


AS we get along with the everyday routine we often forget about some minor things that can make a big difference to our appearance.I remember how my friends used to give me a jaw dropping look when i used to get ready for the dinner after a tiring day's work.

There are some very simple things one can do to maintain the natural baby soft texture of the skin:
1.Drink plenty of water.When your skin is well hydrated it looks more fresh and healthy.
2.Help your skin breathe.Make sure you clean your skin with an oil free cleanser regularly so that the pores are not clogged.
3.This is one of my personal favourite tips.I just love the well marked out jawline.This comes with exercise and yoga.Fat and fl abs often do much harm to how the outline of ounce's face looks.
4.Eat fresh.Nature has given us amazing fruits and vegetables.Let the world say its a salad you are eating, as long as i look does not matter to me what they say

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Some think to lose a few pounds just close the mouth or who choose foods on their labels contain the little words diet or light. But "just between us" you know what they are and what is the purpose of diet foods and lights?

Food Diet: are foods that have total restriction of one or more ingredients in its composition, such as sugar, fat, salt, etc….
1. No Fat: suitable for people with high cholesterol or weight control.
2. Absence of sugar (sucrose, honey, glucose) is indicated for diabetics.
3. Absence of Salt: indicated for hypertensive patients.

However, it is important that a food diet does not always have your reduced calorie, which is often not the best option for those wishing to lose weight. Think of the chocolate diet, while not containing sugar, by contrast has more fat than conventional ones.

Food Light: are those foods that have reduced at least 25% of one of its ingredients, such as sugar, fat, sodium or calories even when compared to conventional foods, or differ from that, the light is not totally free as the diet.

These in turn are given to people whose goal is to lose weight, maintain weight and also seek the quality of life.
Remember that it is not because the food is low calorie that can or should eat more.

Even if the product contains explicit words on the label or Light Diet, read the nutrition information, because there may be foods that are both at the same time. As is the case of fat yogurt, light for cutting fat and diet because it has sugar.

Get more information for HEALTHY & QUALITY LIVING Click herbal product and herbal remedies for healthy life.

The key word is MODERATION! Be careful to read the product information, take care! Opt for physical activity and smiled.
God Bless All, With Healthy Living!

Glowing skin in 5 minutes!


Try out these very easy to use recipies for glow on skin:

1.Just apply some pure honey..n keep it for 5 min..and wash it off..ur skin will b glowing fresh and smooth.

2.Mix honey with lemon jucie....apply on ur skin for 5 minutes...your skin will be great !

3.Daily cleansing, toning, moisturising and sun protection will also keep your skin soft ,supple and glowing.

4.Drink a lot of water daily.Water is something that keeps your complete system fine and allows proper hydration of cells so that skin does not wrinkle.

5.Maltani mitti with chandan powder face pack/mask helps in controlling pimples and keeps skin clear.

6. Apply an ice cube on face once or twice a day. it acts as a toner of sorts that helps close pores.

7. in case ur open pores secrete oil too then apply pack of multani mitti mixed with curd for drying but if ur not old enough to have wrinkles on ur face avoid drying,remove it before it is dry with gentle scrubbing.

Diabetes Symptoms

> Diabetes is a chronic disease. Once developed, there is no treatment for this disease. However, if detected early it can expect a higher probability of curing this serious disease. In order to detect traces of this disease in the body needs attention to the potential symptoms.

When you suffering from diabetes you experience any of these symptoms that occur in your body:
A) Potential symptoms of diabetes in the human body:
a) Fatigue.
b) Itching skin. The skin in the groin or vaginal area especially itches.
c) Excessive or insatiable thirst, excessive appetite.
d) Nausea, vomiting.
e) Unusual weight loss; unusual weight.
f) The increase in urination. One had a desire to visit the bathroom every hour.
g) Blurred vision.
h) Slow healing cuts or sores.

B) Potential symptoms of diabetes in detail:
a) frequent trips to the bathroom: If you went to visit the bathroom frequently, these days, or tend to urinate throughout the day, without any specific reason you need to be alarmed about this condition you.
b) Tingling or numbness in feet, legs or hands: The symptom is referred to as neuropathy. Occurs when the body nervous system is damaged due to high blood glucose.
c) Losing weight: This symptom is more common with type 1 diabetes. This happens because the body makes insulin due to a viral attack on pancreas cells or because of an autoimmune response that tends to attack the insulin-producing cells. Most people in these conditions tend to lose weight without drying it. Keep tabs on your weight.
d) Weakness and fatigue: One tends to experience a lot of weakness and fatigue, even without having to make much effort. The lack of insulin in the body results in this condition.
e) Insatiable thirst: You feel as if you are not getting enough water, even after drinking much of it through the day.

C) Rush to the provider of health care under the following condition:
1. Abdominal pain
2. Breathing deeper and faster than normal
3. Breath smell like nail polish remover.
4. Weakness; fainting
5. Rapid heartbeat, tremors
6. Excessible sweating

Manage your medication correctly. Diabetes has become much more common today than ever. Although this disease is hereditary, its growing prevalence of this disease is partly due to poor nutrition. Under the emergency, drink or eat a carbohydrate snack quickly to avoid further complications.

Diabetes is a chronic disease. It can treat naturally! Divya madhu nashini vati remove weakness & irritation, it increases the capacity of the brain. With the right natural treatment for diabetes you can easily get rid of your problem.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lung cancer How keep it Away

> Lung cancer is still the most common cause of cancer death in men and the third most common in women. To mean a degeneration of the tissue, which may take place in different areas of the lung? These include several types of lung cancer, but also rare forms such as mesothelioma, where the diseased pleura. Particularly vicious is the small-cell lung cancer because it grows rapidly and spreads in the body. Other species such as squalors cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma and large cell carcinoma, which grow more slowly and thus have overall a better chance of cure.

Tobacco smoke as the main cause of lung cancer
Biofeedback is largely to blame for a disease of the airways. Scientifically, was that smoking is the No. 1 cause of lung cancer. Nevertheless, 85% of people who die from lung cancer, smokers! In addition, other organs suffer from the inhalation of tobacco smoke. Chronic respiratory diseases and narrowed coronary arteries are clear examples.

Women respond to the carcinogenic constituents of tobacco smoke particularly vulnerable, especially young girls, as young people generally. It does not matter the type of product: cigarettes, cigars or pipe tobacco are equally harmful. The lowest risk of developing lung cancer, have clearly people who have never smoked. Although this fact is well known, just more and more women access to cigarettes, while men give up smoking more.

Other harmful substances in the lung
A further, developments of lung cancer have a genetic predisposition and environmental influences. Thus, the exposure to harmful substances in certain professions or to specific jobs is particularly high. Therefore, lung cancer is also one of the most common occupational diseases. The problem is the chemical action of chromate and arsenic, solvents, pesticides, ionizing radiation and inorganic dusts such as asbestos, nickel, and silicon dioxide. If several risks, the risk of developing lung cancer, of course, the greater!

Pay attention to symptoms
Unfortunately, the signals for lung cancer are at first not typical and not particularly striking. So we think the following Discomfort always go to the doctor to investigate the causes:
* Loss of appetite, fatigue, Difficulty in breathing or persistent slight fever
* Cough, which can change suddenly, particularly in smokers cough
* A Bronchitis or a common cold, is not improving despite antibiotics
* Chest pain
* General loss of strength, severe weight loss
* Hemoptysis
* Paralysis or severe pain

Good opportunities in the early stages
Often the symptoms are harmless, but if the diagnosis of lung cancer must be made, you have better chances of a cure, if diagnosed early. Only in the early stages of lung cancer can be healed. Since there is no screening, as with other diseases, such as breast, uterus, colon, skin or prostate enlargement cancer, we have to make themselves at appropriate warning signs. Doctors and scientists are currently examining whether different techniques and methods for a general screening of lung cancer might be suitable, because in the advanced stages the disease is often fatal. More important, therefore, is to avoid unnecessary risks!

How to get rid of dead cells from your skin?


Dead cells....ohh yes they make the skin look dead no doubt about it.Dead cells are actually the cells that have been replaced my new ones but are still lying there on your skin....difficult to remove with your face wash ofcourse.....making skin look dull and lustreless!!

No is the solution.Take a small piece of ripe Papaya(make sure u remove the outer peel and the seeds)now apply the pulp on your face and neck.Leave it on your face for about 15 minutes and then wash off with water.Papaya has got a natural protein dissolving enzyme papain that will digest or loosen up the dead cells from your face.

Do leave a comment about how you felt about your skin on trying this small and simple remedy.(do not use it if you have active pimples or any other inflammatory lesions on your face)

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Bare Minerals Makeup

>What is bareMinerals?

Bare Minerals is the Foundation that Started the Mineral Makeup Revolution
It began with Bare Escentuals' introduction of our bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation. Since 1976, when we opened our first store in Los Gatos, California, Bare Escentuals has been a pioneer in the cosmetic industry with our makeup, made from 100% pure bareMinerals and free of preservatives, oil, fragrance, talc and other skin irritants. Millions of women who swear by their bareMinerals have uncovered the look of beautifully bare skin. With bareMinerals, your search for the perfect foundation is over.

Pure Natural Mineral Makeup from the Earth

Bare Escentuals uses only the finest ingredients in our products. Made with crushed minerals from the earth, 100% pure bareMinerals:

-is free of preservatives, talc, oil, fragrance and other potential skin irritants
-is free of fillers and binders
-is weightless
-provides adjustable coverage—from light to full
-will improve the condition of the skin over time

Our bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation looks like a powder—yet it's NOT a powder. It feels like a cream and buffs on like silk, giving skin a natural luminosity that stays true all day. All ages and skin types can benefit from bareMinerals—especially those concerned with skin sensitivities, allergies, scars, blemishes, rosacea, wrinkles and pigmentation. The foundation provides impeccable coverage for every skin type and skin tone, and also protects with a natural SPF 15 broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation carries the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation.

And bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation is just the beginning. Bare Escentuals has created creamy, feather-light color for all over your face, cheeks and eyes. Our complete line of loose, powder-like products are 100% pure bareMinerals—this includes our foundation, blush, eyeshadows, glimmers, glimpses and liner shadows, with the exception of Mineral Veil finishing powder.

Although we have BE boutiques nationwide, we are making this exclusive trial offer available to you here only. It's an exceptional value and a great opportunity for you to experience makeup that is actually good for your skin.
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Bare Essentials - The Healthy Way To A Great You

The market has seen a tremendous jump in the segment for mineral foundations. Many people have switched from other forms of foundation. There are also many new consumers as those that were unable to use the other products now find something that they like. The mineral foundations have a broader appeal since they are free of preservatives and additives.
Bareminerals make up is being proclaimed as the healthiest and lightest make up that you can now buy. Not only is it light and airy for your face, but it comes with many other benefits as well. The bare essentials movement is perhaps the biggest thing to happen to the cosmetics industry for a long time. Thousands of women are turning to this new makeup for their needs.

Thousands of women can't be wrong. Today's women have found bare essentials the only cosmetic made with real minerals. The mineral in the cosmetics gives a warm, natural glow that won't clog your pores like some other brands. Bare essentials permit your pores to breathe unlike other cosmetics that provide a sticky, paste that clogs your pores leading to blemishes.

Mother Earth gives us so many natural naked minerals that Bare essentials is now using. This is an all natural organic make up. Your skin wont get clogged with oils, because this is the healthiest make up you can use for you skin. If you're worried about getting wrinkles then Bare essentials can help with that. This make up is so advanced that it can help block UV rays and thus, making your skin young and healthy.

This is pure freedom for women all over the world. Beauty and protection without the problems that traditional make up gives us. No longer do you have to worry about heavy and weighted make up. Feel light and free by using the healthiest make up available to you.

Bare essentials is a great make up line which is available from many outlets and works for a wide range of women. For the best prices you should search online - often you can get a good deal if you buy more than one product. Buy bare essentials for great make up!

Bare essentials makeup has started the newest and hottest trend in makeup. Foundations using bareminerals have become very popular and are in demand. They are light on the skin, which means they are excellent at hiding imperfections like wrinkles. It can be applied as needed. The makeup offers a natural sunscreen without additives. There are no preservatives, which makes it a healthy alternative to the liquid foundations that bother some people. This makeup is made from naked mineral deposits that the earth itself provides. There are no chemicals and preservatives added to the make up. This means that this type of make up is the healthiest for your skin.

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Bare Minerals Application

Yoga, Secret to Healthy Beautiful Legs

> Healthy and strong feet are not only important to support the entire human body, for women, a healthy and beautiful feet are standard to measure body's senses. The following yoga exercises are one of the secrets to help all women care effectively for their feet.

Yoga Breathing Exercises and Yoga Postures for legs

- First, cluster second leg and knee kneeling on the floor with two hands against the front. Then gradually raise the people up so that the hand is touching the floor, and right arm. Also, your legs so the feet, knees and hips forming a straight line. To retain this position for several minutes.

- While holding the legs and body in this posture, make breathing movements and remember to always keep both legs straight in posture. This action helps a lot for the wrist bones, is good for people suffering from high blood pressure or headaches. However, the newly born female child should not file this action.

- Second, two knees kneeling on the floor and sat on the second leg that is perpendicular to the back leg and thigh. The nose is straight and the foot instep close contact with soil.

- Breathe deeply and slowly reclining with a back elbow down against two hands, palms face down on the ground so it make a turn for each hand. To create a feeling of comfort while performing this movement, a mattress should list below hips while leaning backwards.

Note: when collective action is always to keep the neck straight, back straight. Keep this in action between 30 seconds to one minute in this first episode, the group was then able to extend the time for about 5 minutes. Exercise is good for your thigh. In closing movements, from anti-second hand from the floor, then raise the heel butt out.

- Third, Kneel on the floor, keeping the knees close two legs, two feet longer can a about 40cm apart, palm up on his back legs, buttocks can be placed on the floor. Furthermore, no other parts of the body are allowed to set foot. Hands placed on knees or thighs.

- While sitting in this posture, keeping your back, neck and head straight from the top down. This is a collective action can be taken after meals and there are no good effects on bone, especially in people suffering from trauma-related arthritis in the foot.

-Fourth, Sit on the floor with two feet bunched together at the front. 2 handle on the ankles and slowly raise each leg to close the party. End motion, pushing back the initial sitting position and breathe deeply through the nose.

-Fifth, Stand with two leg extension, leg straight; slowly bring the entire upper body bent over from top to bottom.

- Continue to file a similar motion in the knee but with slightly sagging posture. Then, the side of the body will naturally move slightly under the body.

Repeat this movement 4-5 times a delay would have positive effects on the entire body.

-Sixth, before you file this action, you need to scroll hug a pillow or a very soft blanket under your back. 2 and put your feet up against the wall like banana tree.

Note: when collective action is the distance between the wall and foot elevation. If your body too hard, please set the modest height ago, two hands are two sides to keep the head, back and hips straight.

Keep this movement within 5 -15 minutes. Then slowly tilt to one side, lower the hips and breathing lightly.

- Seventh, Boot is a simple action but very effective. Can stand and turn the foot of each turn, or sit in a chair; a hand grabs your ankles, holding a hand and leg are rotated.

- Eighth, Sit on a chair two feet and relax using the toes to pick up every ball on the floor. It is the collective ingenuity to help train legs, and an effective means to treat arthritis numbness.

- Nineth, Closed two legs and standing upright. Keep legs straight and slowly bend forward until the hands touch the nose down the leg. This exercise helps keep the straight leg design and leg muscles tighten.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Factors that Affect Your Period

> Are your periods lighter or heavier than usual? Are they irregular or painful? The cause can be where you would never have sought. There is a complex combination of factors that affect every woman's menstruation.

Most important irregular Periods factors
With whom you live together:
Why remains a mystery, but by now it is scientifically proven that women who live together, similar to the length menstrual cycles. This is especially common in nuns and girls who are boarding, hence the term dormitory effect. The phenomenon is influenced by pheromones, chemical substances that are the length of the menstrual cycle and may affect our sweat down.

Man in your Life:
Women who have regular sexual contact during the month, will ovulate faster and more regular menstrual period than women with smaller or less regular sex. Although experts do not know the exact cause, they advise couples who want to have children, their sexual activities throughout the month by increasing, not only much to love in the fertile days.

Smoking Habit:
Link between smoking and menstrual problems such as cramps, headaches and more irritable. Smoking constricts blood vessels, which can cause menstrual cramps, or they get worse. Women who smoke and take the pill, run up to three times more likely to interim bleeding than nonsmokers. Because smoking women average three years earlier in menopause come anyway they have fewer months than were non-smokers.

Sports Activity:
Women who regularly exercise and do sports, often suffer, as their fitness increases, fewer problems with their menstruation. Extreme sports however, like many female athletes do, the ovaries do block, which stood for several months or even years to months absence.

Stress Problem:
Tension and anxiety make the body create more stress chemicals, which the delicate balance between the hormones that regulate your period, is disrupt. Therefore, in periods of intense stress or busy, your period stop. They usually just turn back when the crowd is over. Proven stress relief remedies can avoid much: deep inhalation and exhalation, relaxation, meditation, soothing music, yoga, daily exercise, massage and a warm bath.

Lose weight and diets:
Too much weight loss can also stop your period. The reason is that the female hormone estrogen is stored in body fat. So if there is too little fat, there is simply not enough estrogen to support menstruation. The absence of menstruation is often a classic sign of anorexia nervosa.

Women with menstrual pain are often alleviating the pain they are certified as having had an orgasm in the period just before or during their menses. Menstrual cramps can arise from fact too high prostaglandin levels, as the uterus muscles cramped and even temporarily reduce blood and oxygen supply. Orgasm increases the blood supply in the pelvis and uterus, which eased the pain. For that reason, doctors sometimes recommend regular masturbation as a remedy for painful menstruation.

Age factors:
During puberty, the menses often irregular and sometimes without ovulation. The estrogen production is also quite volatile, which may contribute to the mood swings typical of young girls. Premenstrual syndrome is at any age; although studies show that there thirties are the most from. And then there's the pre-menopause, the few years before menopause, usually between your fortieth and fiftieth, when the production of fertility hormones begin to decline. Just as during puberty, the cycle is irregular and sometimes painful.

Reading book in flight show that they are more likely to have painful or irregular menstruation. Yet you do not work in the air to be influenced. The crossing time zones and altitude stress of travel can also do your body rhythm in the mess. If you bring back more regularly in your life, you will also notice on your period.

Female sexual dysfunction (Frigidity)

> Frigidity is the change in sexual function with absence of desire, with absence or reduction of organic response to arousal (lubrication, muscle relaxation, etc.).

The frigidity is characterized by the lack of any desire and sexual response. This terminology has been used to define women who show no interest in sex or that are completely "frozen" to erotic touch.

Possible causes:
We must consider a number of factors that can interfere with libido (sex drive) female. Think of three broad categories:
- Organic,
- Emotional and
- The cultural or social.

Generally, frigidity is a combination of these influences, and the social category has a significant weight.

Organic factors:
- Diseases that affect directly the genitals, as an infection (vaginitis), or indirectly, as the hiperprolactinoma, responsible for the increase of the hormone prolactin which inhibits completely the motivation sexed.
- Chronic psychiatric disorders that produce a decrease or absence of sexual desire, such as depression.
- Use of some medications such as antihypertensives or antidepressants that have side effect of decreasing libido.

Emotional factors:
- Traumatic situations throughout life, such as sexual abuse, rape or sexual violence.
- Ancient sexual repression, guilt and anxiety related to sex are not allowed.
- Marital important, together with charges of assault, disrespect and lack of intimacy.
- Childish relationship between spouses, in which the partners are playing more roles of parents from each other than sexual partners.
- Lack of communication and intimacy in the couple.
- Lack of attraction and affection for the chosen partner and companion.

Want to get best sexual experience and tighten loose vagina use Lady Secret Serum….Ear is a major point of excitation couples, especially women.

Cultural or social factors:
- Lack of education and sexual orientation.
- Fear of unwanted pregnancies associated with the uncertainty of contraception.
- Practical and persistent day-to-day, as lack of time for dedication to the sexual life, lack of an environment conducive to intimacy.
- Inappropriate sexual stimulation.
- Social repression of sexuality of women, mainly in cultures whose Christian and Muslim religions have marked influence.

A few years ago (and still today in certain cultures), it was said that the woman was cold by nature, that his sexuality was directed solely to motherhood. In this context, it used female sexuality to serve the men. As a result, the woman was little or no stimulated. This situation occurs persistently, with feelings of obligation in relation to sex, eventually inhibit any erotic response, thus becoming one of the many tasks that should be performed by women.

Off of positive sexual feelings and even punished or suppressed by showing pleasure, the woman took maternity and family care, forgoing a sexual fulfillment.

Get more information about frigidity and female sexual dysfunction treatment. And use SHILAJIT to increase sex drive and improve your sexual life.

Process of Weight Loss, Pay Attention to Your Appearance

> The summer is over for the occasion to begin to pay attention to their appearance, particularly weight. Usually, however, the desire for natural weight loss is accompanied by the expectation of immediate results without taking into account the risks posed by Natural rapid weight loss efforts.

A key objective in the process of weight loss should be to implement the diet to meet the projected energy needs while allowing for normal and fast weight loss. Instead, companies should avoid crash diets are characterized and excluding food, which ultimately lead to loss of water and muscle mass.

The summer is the ideal time for a diet, and high temperatures promote the adoption of diet rich in fruits, vegetables, juices and water. Combining fact, the food with increased physical activity can make the holidays, things are even simpler.

Essential advice just before the holidays
* Drink plenty of water
* Increased water consumption is necessary in the summer diet.
* The high temperature leads to increased sweat excretion and thus reduces the amount of electrolytes in the body, mainly sodium chloride. This leads to an imbalance of body fluids in a variety of symptoms, including painful muscle contractions.

Some easy ways to increase fluid intake are:
* Increase your daily fluid intake by drinking at least 1.5 liter of water (10-12 glasses), fruit juices and milk.
* Avoid the many coffees and alcoholic drinks and have a diuretic effect.
* Eat foods rich in water, like watermelon, cantaloupe, carrots, lettuce, tomato, broccoli, apples, oranges, grapefruit and yogurt.
* Add salt to eat and consume salty snacks to compensate for the loss of electrolytes in sweat.
* Avoid high fat foods (e.g. sweets, red meats, sauces, fried).

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables are key ingredients of a balanced diet and help to reduce and maintain healthy body weight. Foods are low calorie, zero fat and very rich in water and fiber, thereby helping hydrate the body, increase satiety and aid browning. Therefore, by replacing foods high in fat e.g., cakes, pastries, sour cream, dressing, butter, full fat dairy products, fruit and vegetables get less equal amount of calories and fat, while pleasant to much more.

Alcohol in moderation
During the summer the heat makes the alcohol less desirable because it causes increased urination and dehydrates the body. At the beach you can eat without fear of fresh fruit juices and vegetable juices, iced tea, sparkling water with a slice of lemon, sour cherry, etc. It is best to avoid heavy drinks and various cocktails and consume wine or beer. The recommended daily consumption is to drink one glass for women and up to two glasses for men.
Fitness Beach
The hours on the beach are ideal for many types of exercises and games like volleyball, tennis racquets or even walking on the sand. You can also do many exercises and in the sea. Even if you do not know how to swim, it would be to walk and move through the water. Furthermore, exercise in water is important in helping to remove body cellulite, and tightening loose skin.

However, remember that weight loss can not be achieved without first changing the overall way of dealing with food. Learning the proper diet e.g., small and frequent meals and the adoption of balanced dietary behavior are the key principles for achieving a long-term effect.

Personal and Skin Care

> Clean and care for the body
The Skin is our largest organ, and daily hardships suspended. Wind and weather it is constantly claimed and therefore needs adequate care. Since various Skin types there, it is important to care precisely tailored to the needs of the skin.

The skin needs care
Women have a differently constituted skin than men. It is more susceptible to environmental influences, because - even if only minimal - is thinner than that of men. The skin is similar indeed strong and resilient, but it quickly loses its elasticity. Therefore, it is important to the prevent early wrinkling all skin creams on a regular basis with the right care.

Hair removal in women
Nowadays there is hardly a woman more, which shaves not anywhere on the body. Whether Legs, Shoulders, Intimate zones or even the Poor, the annoying hair is removed everywhere. But especially the frequent Shaving irritates the hair follicles and skin. Therefore, every woman should try out for themselves what method you are most comfortable with - the classic shave, soft hair removal cream, the growth or the long-term Epilating.

The male shaving
Probably the most important achievements of the man are grooming products for shaving. Most men shave every day, which is a great strain on the skin. Many complain of skin irritation and sensitive skin. Skin care products such as Pre-shave, Shaving Cream and Aftershave protect the skin against irritation.

Read more on natural skin care product


> Crohn's disease is a chronic inflammatory bowel disease, usually affecting the ileum and colon but can affect any part of the gastrointestinal tract. Many injuries are caused by immune cells that attack one or more parts of the tissues of the digestive tract, but there is no certainty of autoimmune etiology. Symptoms and treatment depend on the patient, but it is common to have abdominal pain, diarrhea, weight loss and fever. There are currently no cures for this disease; however treatments provide symptom relief and improved quality of life.

What do you feel?
Crohn disease usually starts between 20 and 30 years, although cases also occur in babies or in old cases started. The most frequent symptoms are diarrhea and cramping abdominal pain with nausea and vomiting accompanied by mild fever, feeling of abdominal distention worsened with meals, weight loss, malaise and fatigue. There may be disposal, along with the feces, blood, mucus or pus. Disease alternating periods without any symptoms with exacerbations of onset and duration unpredictable.

Symptoms of Crohn's disease:
The disease affects any portion of the gastrointestinal tract, but is more common in the terminal ileum and colon. The most common symptoms are diarrhea and abdominal pain, usually around the navel in the lower right often mistaken for appendicitis, accompanied by nausea and vomiting accompanied by mild fever, feeling of abdominal distention worsened with meals, loss of appetite and weight can cause growth retardation and growth problems in adolescents, malaise and fatigue. Faeces may be disposal of blood, mucus or pus. Other crises that may appear, despite being rare, are respiratory crisis in which the person is always with violent attacks of coughing, especially at night. A person can not sleep lying down and with the strength of cough, vomiting and sometimes gets out of breath just long. This episode usually takes approximately a week, depending on the cases.

Some patients with crohns disease may have evidence outside of the digestive tract, such as skin manifestations, eyes inflammation, joints arthritis pain and the blood vessels.

Treatment of Crohn’s disease:
The treatment of Crohns disease is individualized according to the manifestations of the disease in each patient. With no cure, the goal of treatment is to control symptoms and complications.

There are no dietary restrictions that are made for all cases. In some people, there is intolerance to certain foods, often, milk (lactose). In such cases, it is recommended to avoid the food can cause diarrhea or worsening of other symptoms. Individuals with illnesses in the large intestine may have benefit from high-fiber diet and lots of vegetables and fruits, whereas in individuals with bowel obstruction may be given without dietary fiber.

In addition to adjustments in diet, pain medications can be used to control diarrhea with reasonable success. The use of these drugs should always be guided by the doctor, since there are serious complications related to their misuse.

Hair Care and Anti Dandruff Shampoo

> Hair shampoo against dandruff
Anti-dandruff shampoos contain special ingredients to curb the excessive dandruff on the scalp. The problem of frequent itching on the head and scales on the uncomfortable clothes to be removed so successful.

An anti- dandruff shampoo is an agent which belongs to the personal care products or cosmetics, and serves to clean the hair. The anti -dandruff shampoo as we know it is a relatively recent invention, for washing the hair was only used soap. Also, because soap is alkaline, it was rather inappropriate for the hair wash, scalp and eyes as they also stimulated, and consequently an increased dandruff. They also made the hair dull and lackluster. It was not until the mid- 60 and 70s were sold special shampoo, which were initially sold as powder in small bags. Only later the anti -dandruff shampoo in today's liquid form. The application of the shampoo is very simple: a walnut-sized amount is distributed in the wet hair by rubbing. This forms fine-cell foam, through the scalp and hair grease, dirt and sweat to be cleaned. The anti -dandruff shampoo is specifically designed for a dry scalp. A lack of activity of the sebaceous glands, the surface of the scalp is scaly. When solving these scales, they leave visible marks on clothing and in severe cases, to car seats, sofas and the like. Hair dandruff shampoo contains special ingredients that calm the irritated scalp and lightly grease. After shampooing must act the shampoo is rinsed briefly and immediately. In general, it is sufficient to apply the shampoo as a treatment for several weeks in order to combat effectively the scales

And here's what you should eat to delay aging!!


White Makeup: Beauty Trend 2008

> White Makeup: Beauty Trend 2008
Article From

What: White eyeliner, eye shadow and even mascara are taking up real estate in the cosmetic department.

What the experts say: This from the January 2008 issue of
Angeleno magazine: “White [makeup] was everywhere in the spring shows,� reveals J.P. McCary, the principal makeup artist for Shu Uemura. “Salvatore Ferragamo and Marni showed the shade beautifully.�

What we say:
Runway styles don’t always translate to real life, and this definitely applies to the white makeup trend. Just try wearing white mascara to work and your co-workers are guaranteed to call you something insulting. That doesn’t mean you have to abandon the sentiment entirely.

Instead of going full throttle on this look, opt for accents like dusting a shimmery white shadow (try Revlon Diamond Lust Eye Shadow in White Hot, $11.52) in the inner corner of the eye, which will make your eyes pop, or line the rim of your eyes with white liner to make you look more awake. But unless you’re auditioning for Tim Burton’s next flick, save the white mascara for Halloween.
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How to paint your nails : Nail art


How to paint your nails : Nail art
I will introduce nail art. It is very popular among Japanese women.At first, you paint your nails, and then you stick rhinestone, seal, bead, and nail jewelry on your nails. I recommend you to paint your nails using enamel with lame. Finally, you paint your nails topcoat and it is done!! If you are interested in nail art, let's try it.

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Benefits of juices for skin


Skin has always been considered as a reflection of health.Nature has abundant resources to make you beautiful.Juices are one example.We know that fruits and vegetables are full of nutrients essential for your body and particularly your skin.Juices are nothing but a way of getting that goodness in a concentrated form.Moreover it replenishes your body of all the water lost by dehydration and makes the skin look soft and supple.

If the skin is not well hydrated it can invite a number of problems:
1.Dry skin looks more wrinkled and can make you look older
2.Skin becomes loose ans makes the pores larger allowing dust particles to get in and form black heads
3.The skin lacks the glow if it is not well hydrated

So get started....obtain your daily dose of juice starting from today.

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Remedies to Manage Arthritis Pain

> Arthritis is one of common causes of chronic pain and there are over one hundred diseases associated with arthritis, affecting areas in and around joints. It can limit the ability to perform simple, everyday activities due to pain of arthritis. Many people believe that nothing is able to do with arthritis - but there are ways to relieve the pain caused by arthritis

There are a lot of useful herbs for arthritis. Many people prefer to use natural solutions for their pain instead of pharmaceuticals. Different herbs for arthritis are accessible online or in health food stores.

Alfalfa as herbs for arthritis contains an amino acid that can cause symptoms that are similar to lupus. Lupus is an autoimmune disease that can also cause pain. There have been some methodical studies that show that these indications can occur in both animals and humans as a result of eating alfalfa. There is a significant amount of amino acid in alfalfa tea.

To use herbs such as alfalfa for arthritis, place 1 ounce of alfalfa in a pot and cover with a quart of water. Alfalfa wants to heat for thirty minutes. After the alfalfa has boiled, strain it and drink the room throughout the day. Alfalfa tea regime should only be made for two to three weeks, and then you should take a break for seven to ten days before starting again.

To use herbs such as angelica arthritis, place one tablespoon of the cut roots of either species of Angelica in one liter of water and bring it to a boil. Cover up and simmer for two minutes. Remove the herbs for arthritis from heat and let stand, covered, until the water cools to room temperature. Strain and drink the tea in three doses during the day, two to three weeks at a time. So take a break of seven to ten days and start the treatment again if desired.

Black Cohosh root need to boil to be effective herbs for arthritis, Simmer one teaspoon of black cohosh root in a cup of boiling water for about twenty minutes. The root must be strained and the tea should be divided into two doses to be taken during the day. As with all herbs for arthritis, treatment can last from two to three weeks, after a pause should be taken for seven to ten days before starting treatment again.

The most successful approach is to manage your pain and try to avoid situations that aggravate the problem area.

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