Monday, October 24, 2011

Grooming Body Care

> The skin is the largest organ that possesses a man, so well for sure! Okay, drink plenty of water and rub quite a must that we know now. Moisturizing body caregivers can be found in many shapes and sizes. Read what best suits you.

Body Butter is creamy, thick and extremely nourishing. This cream is ideal for dry skin, so good in winter! The thick substance you rub a lot, which stimulates your blood circulation. This works well against body cellulite! The butter is slowly and can therefore make the best bedtime. Tip: When the Body Shop they sell the most wonderful smelling body butter jars!

Cream has less fat than butter, but still crowded. The cream nourishes your skin and has about five minutes needed to move into. Do you have a very dry skin? Use night and day the butter cream.

This slippery stuff is suitable for normal skin care. It gives a refreshing feeling, perfect for the summer so! Absorbed quickly but can sometimes feel sticky.

Milk / Lotion
Body Milk is the most commonly used moisturizer. This variant is suitable for all skin types and for each day. Milk is thinner than a cream so easy and lubricates and absorbs quickly into the skin. Too hasty types have no excuse for the use of a moisturizer to skip!

Foam is the newest form of the row! Wonderful light and airy. The foam melts directly to the skin and has a cooling effect. Even for a good summer so! The disadvantage of foam is that you can not smear, and that your bus is going so fast.

For dry skin, there is a quick solution. Bring your oil after the shower to your wet skin. Carefully pat dry with a towel, and go!

A serum is a concentrated stuff that makes your skin an instant boost gives. Use very little, and always use a lotion over it. Serums are often a bit on the expensive side, but the sparse use it takes you a long time.

Lazy ? A spray is useful if you do not feel like you do with a sunscreen. Spraying, smearing a bit and go! Also good for your skin in the plane a little extra moisturizing!

Nice tan
Today, many brands have body milk with a hint of tan. A healthy alternative to tanning! Skin Lubricated cream good to prevent smears and then wash your hands well. Wait until the cream dressing entirely in the skin is pulled in order to prevent discolored clothes!

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