Friday, October 28, 2011

Aloe Vera - A Miracle Skin

Before any treatment to our skin we must know what type of skin we have and how we care for, so we are giving better care...

Understand your skin care:
Although there are nuances, one can say generically that there are three skin types: fat, dry, normal or mixed. Some experts add a fourth type, which is sensitive skin, but this type of skin can occur in any of the three previous cases rather than a separate category is a feature associated with it.


Sometimes not enough to apply the right product, then you have to do it the right way. Whenever you use a face cream it is important to remember that the skin very clean, that you will get it by washing with mild soap before application, so that an optimum result I recommend that you use at least once a week an exfoliating gel and you to apply a mask a couple times a month, so get your pores are wide open and ready to receive and absorb easily. It is also important to gently massage and circled the area where you will apply the cream as well as the open pores is desirable that the capillaries are activated and receive the flow of nutrients.

If you have dry skin aloe gel mixed with olive oil, avocado or sweet almond and have excellent nutrition.

If you have oily skin, use the gel alone, is astringent and reduces excess fat, may notice some tension at first, if it bothers you apply your gel after the shower, his face still wet, and get a perfect hydration without grease face.

If you have normal or mixed skin you can use in pure aloe gel, apply until completely absorbed. You can also use aloe gel with vitamins E and A to give firmness to the skin, massage in one direction for a moment and see that the result is visible, aloe promotes production of collagen and has an exfoliating effect and therefore also fights stains and wrinkles, is a true multipurpose.

In addition to caring for your skin, you can also use aloe to heal. Use the 95% gel small acne scars, scars, blemishes of the face or other skin imperfections, you can also use it as hair gel after showering, strengthen your hair and keep it healthy and beautiful.

Is constant, use your cosmetics in combination with aloe and notice the results.

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