Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bikini Waxing Styles


Styles of bikini wax treatments are emerging in response to lifestyle and fashion trends. Waxing is probably the best way to remove unwanted hair from the bikini areas as it gives a smooth, clean surface and long-lasting results. Nowadays there are a few very popular pubic hair removal styles. No matter what is the reason you want to change your bikini “hairstyle“ you should be well informed and prepared before you visit the nearest beauty parlor.

Types Of Bikini Wax Styles:

Regular Bikini Wax
– this style is appropriate for “beginners“. The Bikini Style involves hair removal from the both sides of the bikini line. This pubic hair removal style is also known as “ the regular style“ and is used mainly by the older women. In other words the regular bikini wax removes hair just around the front of the bikini line.

French Wax – this style is similar to the bikini style. French style is also known as “modified bikini wax“`. It takes away some of the hair in the pubic region. The French style is appropriate for those women who love to wear bikinis and other skimpy outfits. In French Bikini Style a tiny, narrow strip of hair is left on the upper part.

Full Brazilian Style – also known as Hollywood Bikini Style, Bare Pubic Style, Sphynyx Style. The Full Brazilian is probably the most preferred pubic style. In it the pubic hair is completely removed, usually by waxing. In other words you are completely “bare“. The Full Brazilian wax involves a complete removal of hair from the buttocks, anus, vulva.

Brazilian Wax – also known as Playboy Style involves removal of hair from the anus, buttocks, vulva and only a very narrow strip is left. The Brazilian wax is among the most preferred bikini styles as it looks sexy and is easy to groom. Recent pulls has shown that the Brazilian style is the most preferred by the men.

Landing Strip – also very common bikini “hairstyle“. It basically leaves a bit of pubic hair in the front center. The strip usually narrows in about 1.25 inches more than the regular wax.

Other alternatives Nowadays more and more women opt for different, more interesting designs – butterfly, diamond, heart, lighting bolt, star, arrows. If you want something like this you should have it done by a professional because it will be very difficult for you to do it alone. Some women even choose to dye their pubic hair in different colors – red, green, blue, yellow with the aid of specially designed dye for pubic hair.

The pain To be absolutely honest with you I should tell you the truth – there is pain, a lot of pain especially in the Full Brazilian Wax. Fortunately you can take painkiller an hour prior to the procedure to alleviate the pain. Remember: always schedule the appointment after your menstrual cycle and have it done by a licensed esthetician.

What you should expect:As I said above the best way to remove unwanted pubic hair is waxing as the results can last up to 3/ 4 weeks. It’s normal to experience during and a few hours after the waxing procedure.

After the waxing procedure:After the hair removal your skin may become red and more sensitive but it’s something normal. There are some great products (powders, lotions, creams, moisturizers, gels) that contain chamomile extract, Aloe Vera to calm down the skin

Useful Beauty Tips:

-Make sure you know exactly how each method is performed because the terminology may vary
with different salons and Spas.
-Your hair should be at least ¼ of an inch to wax it.
-Avoid direct sun exposure or tanning beds a few days after waxing.
-Take a painkiller (like ibuprofen) an hour prior to the waxing treatment to alleviate the pain.
-You can apply a topical numbing cream before your service.
-Don’t wax your bikini line if you are diabetic, if you take Accutane, Retin or if you apply alpha hydroxy acids to the bikini area.
-Always have your bikini wax done by a professional, especially for the first time and then try to wax at home.
-After several times of waxing your bikini line it will hurt less and less.
-Always indicate whether you want a regular bikini wax or a Full Brazilian for example to avoid unwanted surprises.
-Wax at least a day before special event to give your skin enough time to calm down.
-Through moisturizing after waxing can help to avoid the problem of ingrown hair, which is when the hair grows back under the skin causing infection.