Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pregnancy and Exercise

> Many women have concerns whether or not to exercise during pregnancy. Old felt that the woman during pregnancy should not move at all. Instead, today argued that women with high physical activity and fitness more easily eliminate the stress of pregnancy and maintain a good weight during it.

Today the gym for pregnant women is widespread and there are many programs with reduced exercise intensity and duration. The first two three months does not affect the performance, in recent months but there is a reduction in the gym, because she is already feeling tired from the weight of the baby.

Should not she be sweating a lot and enough to climb the temperature during exercise, and also recommended to drink plenty of water both practiced. Finally, appropriate programs for the exertion of pregnant women are the type of aerobic exercises such as walking, cycling, jogging, and swimming.

Relax with simple exercises to your work!

You are at work constantly seated and feel somewhat caught in the neck or on your waist, you may now feel much better if you spend just 5 minutes of your time to do some simple and effective exercises for the neck and middle...Initially, close your eyes to start to relax and start to do all in your head turn when you right when you left. Then do half a turn of your head, a left one right up your eyes to look back. Keep your head leaning forward, pushing a little with your hands and then bend your head backwards. It is important that your movements are slow and gentle...

Lay back in your chair and stretch your arms high. Draw a one- up your hand and one another as if trying to catch something... That's it! See you soon!

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