Sunday, October 30, 2011

Anti-Dandruff Strategies

> Stop the white drizzle of your head with these tips from annoying hair dandruff

In the spring can no longer hide under hats shed

There are good against hair dandruff products, which have only one problem: You must use it absolutely consistent Therefore, hold you through. Then you can forget about dandruff and scalp problems.

If you also adhere to these rules, you get your dandruff problem quickly back under control:

Use special products in each case.

Before you wash your hair, brush it or comb it carefully, with a pleasant open-comb. This relaxes the small scales and they can then more easily wash out.

Massage and rub unnecessarily around on the head when you wash your hair. And rinse very thoroughly - the longer the better.

Use as few styling products and make sure that nothing gets on the scalp.

Do not forget to wash comb and brush more frequently and more carefully. At best, you do it with every hair wash with like. Then you can allow fungi and bacteria do not flare up and settle your problems with each use again. With normal shampoo or mild detergent that is fast and thorough.

If after six weeks of consistent and proper care, a visible success one, you can pause the intensive program for a while and once again use a normal hair shampoo and your usual styling products.

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