Sunday, October 23, 2011

Is your skin prone to pimples?

> keep wondering what makes your skin prone to pimples.Has it not happened to you....BREAKOUTS!!....Well ,yes!If you are a teenager then sure at some point in life your skin does get prone to pimples.Not many know that it is due to androgen(a hormone).

There are many factors that make your skin prone to pimples.Let us give you a questionnaire.If your answer to most of the questions is yes then probably your skin may be prone to pimples and will require extra care.
1.Is your skin type -OILY?
2.Are you less than 25 years?
3.Do you use oily make up?
4.Do you use moisturiser if your skin type is oily?

So as you can see....the bottom line is oily skin.So if you qualify for these questions your may be prone to pimples.

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