Monday, October 24, 2011

Losing Unnecessary Fat Permanently

> The following tips help in losing unnecessary fat permanently, and most properly, thus helping to reduce cellulite!

Always eat breakfast
A balanced breakfast is valuable and must contain carbohydrate, protein and little fat. To eat, therefore, a proper breakfast helps our metabolism, enables us to balance blood sugar after sleep, and generally helps significantly in burning fat.

Monitor blood sugar
To burn excess body fat, should monitor glucose levels in our blood. This achieve by eating more protein, carbohydrates and beneficial fats throughout the day and even every 2-3 hours. Indeed, a simple and ideal nutrition program is the following:

8:00 Breakfast
11:00 snack
14:00 Lunch
17:00 snack
21:00 Dinner

Menu of meals helps to combat cellulite.
Options morning
Whole grains or oats with milk
1 cup of whole grains or oats 1 cup milk 1.5%, or soy milk fortified with calcium
Wholegrain cereal with yogurt
1 / 2 cup whole grain cereal, a yogurt 2%

Options snack (snack)
A fruit of your choice
Yogurt with honey
A yogurt 2%, 1 teaspoon of honey

Options meals (Lunch - Dinner)
Chicken breast with rice and salad

115gr chicken breast, skinless, cooked (150 g uncooked) 2 tablespoons of uncooked rice (1 / 3 cup cooked) 1 cup salad of your choice (with 1 / 2 tablespoon of oil)

Turkey burger with mashed potatoes and salad

A turkey burger medium portion, ½ cup mashed potatoes with milk 1.5% and with a little olive oil for flavor 1 cup salad of your choice with 1 / 2 tablespoon of oil.

Salmon with steamed vegetables and whole meal bread

140 gr. baked salmon (190gr uncooked) 1 cup steamed vegetables (excluding potatoes, peas, corn), 1 slice whole wheat bread

Clarifications servings

1 cup = 238 ml (the common cup of milk)

115-140g fish, chicken and meat is equivalent to a female hand

The method, therefore, will surely help in burning fat, but on condition that it would be very careful with the number of calories they consume.

Count calories correctly

The desire and goal of all is to eat as much as possible, but not fattening. For example, the ideal is to manage to lose half to one kilo of fat per week by eating 1200-1400 calories a day.

But if try to accelerate this process and reduce the calories to 800 or 900, it will only be able to sabotage our efforts. Indeed, if we try to lose more than a pound of fat a week, are threatening to destroy the muscle tissue and we can loosen the skin.

People who diet lightning may lose many pounds thereby weaken, but unfortunately the skin loosens. And so, why not just lose fat, but also valuable muscle tissue.

Tips to help fight cellulite

Physically active

To help the muscles to burn fat, you should exercise them. An hour of intensive exercise is particularly effective. More importantly, there is no need to follow complicated fitness programs, but rather simple programs, which train the whole body, about three times a week. Also, the correct running time includes low intensity and high intensity intervals. These breaks enhance metabolism and help burn fat, even 24 hours after running.

Drink plenty of water

Consumption of water helps one of the functions of our liver, which converts stored fat into energy. Also, the liver helps the proper functioning of the kidneys, which need large quantities of water to function properly. In the case even where the kidneys do not have the required amount of water, the liver takes to do the "work", along of course with all the other features of its own. Thus, though the conversion of fat into energy there is no quick or efficient. In summary, the water plays a dominant role in burning fat, but unfortunately few people follow this advice.


This word, although it rarely occurs in food vocabulary is the basis for success. To be able to burn excess fat in length is too important to be able to discipline the mind and body, learning to do the right thing, even if this would be extremely difficult.