Sunday, October 23, 2011

Skin Cleaning and Protection

> The name identifies the skin covering the human body, mainly the face, which is the most exposed to environmental pollution, low temperature, humidity and solar radiation, harmful agents that can affect your appearance and also cause serious damage, such as brands, injury, wrinkles and even cancer.

That is why it is vital to provide cleaning and protection, for which we must learn to recognize what type of skin before taking any decision on the product to be used. Before going on we must emphasize that the skin is made up of three coats:
Epidermis. Superficial part, which consists of several layers: the deeper it produces skin pigment melanin, while in the upper cells are formed to replace those that die when exposed to the environment, its thickness is 1 mm and regenerates each four weeks, its most important functions include maintaining adequate level of hydration and protection from solar radiation, also along the entire epidermis there are several holes, called pores, through which out sweat, sebum and hair, to meet maintenance and temperature regulation.
Dermis. Its thickness is 4 mm, provides elasticity and smoothness to the skin, and she hosted many blood vessels that supply nutrients, oil and sweat glands and hair follicles (which produces the hair).
Hypodermis. Also known as subcutaneous tissue and is the deepest layer of the skin, which contains many fat-producing cells.

Until a few decades ago only talked about three types of skin, but advances in Dermatology and Cosmetology has broadened the spectrum, with the following which better cover:
Normal. Has generally smooth appearance and soft texture, thanks to the thin layer of fat on the surface that fails to give oily sheen. It is characterized by being well hydrated and have closed the tiny pores, which prevents the formation of blackheads and impurities not have flaking or the resulting sensation. This is the skin less common in adults, because the body is constantly changing.
Fat. It is characterized by reddish in certain areas and / or pale yellow in others, they look heavy, there is excessive shine, pimples and blackheads and (just as in back, chest and arms), because the sebaceous glands excess fat, which causes obstruction of the pores, usually open, and make-up drain. Without proper care, you can see lumps of fat and black spots, which consist of own secretion of sebum that has been oxidized by contact with the outside.
This type of skin ages more slowly, because it is more resistant to external agents through the fat layer generated. Careful hygiene is essential, in addition to ongoing hydration treatment.
Board. The look is bright and fat in some regions, for example, called T-zone (forehead, nose and chin), while cheeks and around the eyes are a little dry, in this type of skin pores to reach be dilated and there is a tendency to black spots. Note that in the rest of the body the skin is usually normal.
Sensible. On its surface are fine nerve fibers immediately moving to smaller stimuli (sun, pollution and / or cosmetics), signal after being received by the brain is manifested as redness, itching and rash. Tends to be dry and even to cause allergies, so it requires special products called hypoallergenic, it is not uncommon to find people with this problem also have oily skin or dry.

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