Thursday, October 27, 2011

Smiling can do wonders to your further to know why!


A smile can be contagious for sure but did you know what it can do for your face in terms of age? Well,on a philosophical note a smile can light up your face but on a serious and scientific note your facial expressions affect your skin creases.

Face is the only part of the body where the muscle attaches its one end on the bone and the other on the loose tissue below the skin.Rest of the muscles of the body attach both ends on bone.This implies firstly that your facial muscles can be firmed up by the kind of expressions you use most of the day.If you frown or remain sad most of the day,it firms up your facial muscle in that way.

If you notice carefully you will find a lot of people around who have a constantly smiling face and appear to be smiling even when they are not.On the other hand some carry a constantly tensed look and and have forehead lines.when you smile it not only relieves tension on your mind,improves the facial expression.firms up the smiling muscles and of course makes everyone around feel happy too!