Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Get rid of Cellulite

> We know that the term cellulite refers to the deposition of water and fat between the skin and the layer directly below, accompanied by reduced connective tissue elasticity and appearance of the characteristic form wrinkles on the skin. Seven of the eight women suffering from cellulite. It is a situation that concerns even the thin women and not just those with some pounds more or greater accumulation of body fat. Created by poor local blood supply, which results in fat cells of that region not well fed. The abnormal fat accumulation that leads to these fat cells increase in volume, thereby squeezing the pots, if they prevent the exchange of substances they exacerbate the problem of the microcirculation.

Cellulite can appear in all parts of the body, but the most common are:
* Legs
* Buttocks
* Inside armrests
* Stomach
* Belly
* Feet

The causes of cellulite can be many things such as sedentary lifestyle, less traffic and physical activity, heredity, impaired blood circulation, some hormonal disturbances, the presence of obesity and poor diet, smoking, frequent and high alcohol consumption .The constipation, Depending on the causes, cellulite can and should be addressed.

The woman must:
* Restrict or even better to quit and make alcohol in moderation
* Become more active in daily life and endeavor if possible to do an organized activity gym.
* Doing a good hormonal control and consult the doctor.

As regards the weight should seek to obtain an ideal body weight determined by body mass index. When it gives higher values in most cases, the person is classified as overweight or obese. Nutrition is key to tackling cellulite. Because as the Cellulite is a form of fat to be removed should first stop the transformation of food and its components especially sugar to fat, however, and as such the recruitment of fat.

Dietary recommendations and points to watch the woman facing the problem is as follows:

1) Avoid fat intake and, in particular animal or saturated fat. It is the fat found in fatty meats, fried foods, mayonnaise and cream, meats, animal butter, eggs, full-fat milk and dairy products.
Saturated fats must have a rate less than 10% of our diet and they contribute to the development of obesity and other illnesses such as cholesterol, heart problems etc. So these should be limited and dominated by monounsaturated and polyunsaturated vegetable oils, fatty fish, but these percentages 15 % and 10 % respectively, and quantities do not lead to obesity. Even should avoid weight gain and the development of obesity, both of which contribute to the emergence and aggravation of cellulite.

2) Water: should have good water consumption while the meals of the day to work better metabolism and the various body systems. Water is an essential substance that plays a key role in human metabolism of all essential nutrients carbohydrates, proteins, fats. The intake of water should be proportionate to the intake of water about 1ml water per 1 kcal caloric intake.

3) Decreased intake of simple sugars: Should be reduced to simple sugars and take the action you give us carbohydrates from complex sources such as fiber and carbohydrates. This action will pass more slowly in the body, keep for more and helps to improve bowel function. Remember that constipation contributes significantly to the emergence or worsening of cellulite. So there should be plenty of fruit and vegetables, whole grains and legumes. Sugar is a form of carbohydrate that is everywhere and is directly related to the development of cellulite. Not only sweet foods and those are obviously containing a lot of sugar by taste cookies, candies, pastries, honey, and jam. Unfortunately the hidden sugars in many foods bread, canned food, sauces, wines, yogurt, even in theory no foods containing sugar, but are fructose and glucose is broken.

Specifically, glucose combines with free fatty acids, creating triglycerides, which are energy reserves from the body as fat, so we have enlarged fat cells and appearance of the form orange peel.

4) Reduced Salt: Salt as we know it causes fluid retention. This should reduce salty foods and adding too much salt in food. Foods such as salted, tins, crisps, salty cheeses should be avoided and should control the addition of salt during cooking preparation. Finally, special attention is needed on the consumption of ready meals and eating "fast food" because in these foods, the salt content is high.

Other recommendations:
1) Reduced alcohol intake
2) Avoid smoking
3) Vigorous physical activity daily: From a simple walk in the gym. Any form of exercise helps to burn calories, improve blood flow to the tissues and blood circulation and maintaining or losing weight.

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