Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gaining Weight without Losing Shape

> What does a weight gainer for you?

Some people, especially those who do a lot of sports, may have difficulty eating enough high energy food (carbohydrates) to be fit and weight.

These carbohydrates are burned by your body to give you the energy to move. Do you get enough in; this can lead to underweight and little pep. You need your body burns off muscle and fat reserves to last it daily ends meet.

Fast Food helps you arrive with high quality, natural carbohydrate supply. You can have delicious shakes and smoothies of it. Do you eat plenty of carbs, and then your body has enough energy to directly consume. You will normally remain fat and muscle mass you will be spared.

Fast food is not a meal replacement that should satisfy your hunger, but an easy, fast and high-calorie snack that helps you just to eat more.

Sports intensively you, or you have a fast metabolism; you can use this supplement hard.
Fast food therefore contains two natural extracts that can stimulate your appetite slowly so that your daily foods to eat more normally.

This weight gain includes quality whey protein with high bioavailability. This ensures that your body after exercise, sufficient protein in order to support muscle recovery can support.

Fast food is out there (including non-athletes) are used during a recovery period or energy and / or promote weight gain.

Fast food snack as you drink, not at meals.

You can choose:
- Small shakes for energy with a sachet (25 grams) and 200 ml skimmed milk;
- Or bigger shakes for real weight gain with 2 sachets (50 grams powder) and 350 ml of milk.

Fast food you make with a blender or just with a Cup shake. Just mix and ready. Drink it!

You can add fruit or ice to your delicious smoothie making. Fast food is not overly sweet, so you taste to sugar, honey or drops can add flavor.

Do you drink two large weight gain shakes per day as a snack, and then you have 100 grams per day, or 3 pounds per month. Try a small package for the taste, then move on to a bargain bucket 5 kg pack. If you have enough for 100 shakes and you can easily arrive.

A healthy weight gain for someone with more than 10 kilograms underweight that exercise does is 1 to 2 kg per month.

Suitable for people of all ages. Suitable for vegetarians, not advised for diabetics. To our knowledge, this food product used in combination with drugs.

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