Saturday, October 22, 2011

Battle against Unsightly Cellulite

> Although there are those who think otherwise, you may win the battle against unsightly cellulite or "orange peel" for it is necessary to use discipline, exercise, and good nutrition and, in severe cases, novel techniques act on the skin and under it.

Cellulite is not only an aesthetic problem, but a metabolic disease (related to the changes experienced by substances absorbed by the body) characterized by impairment of fat storing cells, which is swollen due to accumulation of water, fat and toxins under the skin.

The regions most affected are often legs, buttocks, abdomen and arms, which are small growths that increase in size and become more rigid than normal, causing, in turn, circulatory and lymphatic (in those ducts and vessels allow the action of the immune system).

Unfortunately this is problem that worsens with age, especially if it is a sedentary lifestyle (little exercise) and an unbalanced diet, the decisive factors that trigger or complicate the condition, but there are other issues also play important role in formation of cellulite, including:
Hormone. Production endocrine (hormone) than normal may trigger or worsen the condition. These alterations occur at certain times of the woman's life, such as pregnancy, puberty or menopause. Also, eating products containing hormones, including estrogens (female hormones) of birth control pills often trigger or increase the problem.
Heredity. They have natural predisposition to this disease people whose ancestors suffered it, so in these cases should be monitored food since childhood.
Lack of exercise. A sedentary lifestyle can be one of the causes that pronounced. Exercise, in addition to removing fat, it is good way to stimulate the circulation and improve the utilization of fats. As a complement, it usually is best to apply massage to drain the lymph (colorless fluid containing defense cells called white blood cells) in the affected area.
Stress. The tension in the body may alter the peripheral circulation with subsequent loss of blood supply, thus preventing the disposal of waste materials.
Food. Improper diet rich in calories leads to the appearance of obesity, leading to accumulation of fat that promotes the worsening of the disease, but also very thin women can develop this disease. Furthermore, there is direct relationship between salt intake and cellulite, as this helps the body seasoning to retain fluids, so the low-sodium diet with plenty of water intake helps eliminate cellulite nodules.
Inappropriate dress. Use tight-fitting clothing decreases the blood stream, promoting fluid retention.

Cellulite is the condition affecting indiscriminately to all types of women (young or middle-aged, thin or overweight), so fighting it depends on each person.

This only requires discipline and will apply in two basic points:
Watch your diet. To reduce the disturbance, follow a balanced diet. Avoid eating outside the established schedule and limit alcohol, caffeine, and snuff. Also, drink at least eight glasses (2 liters) of water a day.
Do not stay seated. Exercise, even in moderation, will help keep "in line" problem. If you have time to undergo routine gym, walk 20 minutes three times a week.

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