Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10 Step Night Routine For Clear & Flawless Skin

>Throughout the day your skin attracts enough dirt to deserve some cleansing at night before going to sleep. Night is the best time to cleanse the pores because next 8 hours of sleep will allow your skin to restore to its normal texture and prepare it to face next day's dust and grease!

To cleanse your skin :
1.Start by washing your face with soap and cold water.Cold water improves the blood circulation on face by bringing in pure blood to the skin and removing impure blood .If your skin is oily use an oil eliminating soap for better results.

2.Take a piece of ripe papaya and rub it lightly over face and neck.Papaya has natural enzyme called papain that helps to loosen up the dead cells from your skin.So it is the best exfoliating agent that one can use regularly.Leave the papaya pulp on your face for 10 minutes and wash it with water.

3.Cleanse your skin using a cream based cleanser if your skin is normal/dry.Do not use it if your skin is oily.Instead you can use an oil eliminating cleanser .Best one available in market is Neutrogena.

4.After Cleansing use a toner to close the pores that we opened during cleansing.If you are afraid of using too many chemicals on your face try using an ice cube on your skin.It works like a toner and closed your skin pores.

5.Now apply a night cream/moisturiser on your face and neck using 'Facial strokes'.....if you don't know what this means ....give me some time...i will soon write a whole article on it.For now just apply it as you do daily.

6.If you use computer for long hours during the day.This is specially for you.With finger tips massage circularly around your eyes using olive oil.This will help curing dark circles and improve your sleep too.

7.Apply some Vaseline or moisturiser on your lips and hands too.

8.Cleanse your elbows and knees using a scrub(facial scrub).This is the part that attracts most of the dust during the day .

9.If you wear sandals during the day apply some Vaseline on the back of your heels to prevent them from drying/cracking.

10.Now take 2 minutes for your hair.Use your comb to remove any knots in hair.Using comb run it on your scalp gently so that it touches your scalp all the way down till the neck while you are combing.Now you will ask how is it different from combing.This method helps to improve the blood circulation on your scalp and will help in boosting hair growth in the follicle.
****Good night!*****