Monday, October 10, 2011

Difference between Weight Loss and Fat Loss, How to Lose Stomach Fat

> Are you tired of that excess fat on stomach?
Tired of diets that do not work?
Are you tired of buying new clothes because the old one no longer fit?

I know you; otherwise you would not be reading this page now.
How to get rid of that excess fat on your stomach?

Facts you must understand if they ever going to lose belly fat and get a flat stomach and perfect abs.

1. Many so-called healthy foods are cleverly disguised junk foods that can stimulate you to gain more belly fat ... However; the marketing industry is lying to food diet, so they can maximize their profits.
2. As abdominal exercises, Crunches Or contractions, lifting the knees, abdominal machines and exercise are some of the other methods of achieving his perfect abs.
3. Repeated boring cardio exercise routines are NOT the best way to lose body fat and discover the perfect abs.
4. You do not need to waste money on expensive pills, extreme fat burning ad product misrepresentation.
5. Lap belts, abdominal machines, and other lies ... abdominals infomercials are a complete waste of time and money.

Strategy weight loss - how to lose fat:
If you are looking strategies for weight loss, the first thing you have to do is understand the difference between weight loss and fat loss. Most people confuse the two terms together, but it is very important for you to note that both are completely different. When it comes to losing weight, which means a reduction of the mass of your body. Moreover, fat loss is a term that refers to the loss of their body weight by reducing extra fat in your body within acceptable levels. Once you understand this difference, you can choose your target and make fitness strategies to achieve the same.

Change the calendar every two weeks:
You can practice your exercises at the scheduled time has already planned, but to get faster and optimum result, you are strongly advised to change your schedule on their physical condition at least every two weeks. There are two main advantages of doing this. First, your body is kept guessing how it will be treated after every two weeks, which is really the key to weight loss. Secondly, a change in programming this way too motivated you to continue your fitness program to lose body fat.

Consume more energy:
It is very important you understand that losing weight is a fitness program. So whether you are reducing substantially the percentage of fat, your body will need to consume more energy to maintain the strength of his body. You also need to focus on building muscle while losing fat is.

It is regrettable that many people try to fast lose weight hunger, which is obviously not the right strategy. For weight loss, you want to achieve fitness, not weakness. Hunger will make you weak. It will not make you fit. While you may notice some initial quick profits, but after some time, your body will react negatively. You can begin to experience weakness. Besides, your body will also begin to adjust to new changes and can learn to store more fat in order to offset the reduction in energy consumption. In any case, the situation will be worse than ever.