Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Herbs and Healthy Diet for Cancer

> Natural Herbs that have a high content of antioxidant substances and may protect against cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Many herbs have higher antioxidant activity than fruits.

Herbs protect against free radicals
Antioxidants protect cells from free radical attack, by delaying the oxidation of lipids and other molecules or prevent. Phenol acid and Flavonoids, found in fruits, vegetables and other plants, have an antioxidant effect. However, the flavonoids in certain herbs, especially rosemary acid, a strong and even better rate, free radicals have to absorb. This correlates to the absolute content of phenols with antioxidant activity. Even compared with spices such as garlic, pepper or curry the herbs do better. Therefore herbs from the oregano family the highest values. Oregano has 42 times more antioxidant activity than apples, 30 times higher as potato and 12 times higher than oranges. A teaspoon of fresh oregano can thus replace an apple. Other herbs with a high Index, dill, rosemary and bay leaves.

The preparation is crucial
Herbs offer a large amount of calories an ideal source of antioxidants. The type of preparation is critical to the content. Fresh and unprocessed herbs contain more antioxidants than other dried or processed herbs. You can sprinkle fresh herbs directly on the salad or mix at the end under the cooked food. Other possibilities are, for example, an infusion of fresh herbs with hot water as tea or herbs in oil, which one to use for salads and other dishes or simply enjoy fresh bread can.

Healthy Diet for Cancer
Cancer: Healthy nutrition for 5 day: 5 servings of fruit 200g and vegetables 400g per day, and you do your health a big favor. Fresh fruit and vegetables are not only tasty; it also contains plenty of Vitamins, Minerals, and Roughage and Secondary plant substances.

Most of cancer cases are the result of unhealthy diets and lack of exercise.

So you can even easily make sure your risk of developing cancer, reduce by
* Pay attention to healthy and varied diet,
* Do not smoke and little alcohol
* Regularly Sports.

An optimal diet is not a weapon against cancer. It represents but next to the renunciation of smoking the most important factor in the prevention.

Healthy eating should be fun
Anyone who is not accustomed to eat every day, fresh vegetables and fruit, it is impossible to come to 5 servings a day. Be patient with yourself and not lose just the joy of eating, if you initially difficult. Little fruit and vegetables are better than nothing!

Reviews for the change in diet
Ritualized the changing your diet. Make it a habit to drink every morning, a glass of fruit juice; to eat for lunch is always a portion of vegetables or salad and in between, a piece of fruit, you have almost five portions together.

Helpful for a change in diet can Fasting be. If they grope after a week without food gradually back to the food, many people find it easier to get used to the healthy diet.

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