Sunday, October 9, 2011

Irregular Menstruation Do Know What It Is

> Irregular menstrual patterns, too much or too little blood loss, absence of menstruation, excruciating pain during menstruation and ovulation even, intense mood disorders in the week before menstruation ... The list of issues surrounding menstruation does not seem to stop. In most cases there is nothing serious problem and even the most violent symptom is merely the result of a small disturbance in the hormone balance.

Irregular menstrual cycle very troublesome symptom which affects 50% of women but is considered normal. Menstrual blood loss is from womb, due to endometrial shedding. Every month body prepares itself for a possible pregnancy. The uterus will then take on a new egg, and the wall of uterus thickens. Are not pregnant, then two weeks after ovulation indisposed. Body emits the redundant layers of the uterine wall, along with some blood, body fluid and the unfertilized egg. This happens on a cycle. The duration of this can vary from 20 to 40 days.

When first time period be?
In 90% of the girls is that in the period between 11 and 15 years. But in 9th can be first period. The first bleeding is usually not immediately very violently. Often first load a few months of a light reddish brown discharge from vagina. This suggests that the growth process under way. Only then is puberty and follows the so-called menarche, the first true menstruation.

Can predict when that will be?
Often only menstruate once breasts start to grow after had a growth spurt; hips widen and got pubic hair. Furthermore, the age at which first period is largely genetically determined. Normally first menstrual period before 15th birthday. Sometimes it more slowly. Worried, can best make an appointment with doctor.

Is it true after first menstrual period hardly growing?
Yes, the biggest growth is usually behind. After menarche girls grow on average 6 inches.

Can use the best pads or tampons?
Choose what like best. Pad has the disadvantage that can exercise them less likely. When tampons can be the problem that inserting it requires some practice. The insertion and removal can be painful because the muscles of vagina often tight and have little blood loss.

Does regular menstruation from the beginning?
No, certainly the first years, the very irregular cycle. Sometimes menstruation continues even a few months. From 20th menstrual pattern more or less regularly, with an average cycle of 28 days.

How come so early in period is irregular?
This is usually because body has yet to set the hormonal changes in body. But there may be other things on hand. Causes may include low body weight, stress, drug or pill and intense exercise.

Can a dangerous irregular cycle?
Usually not But because of the unpredictability can be tedious. In some cases, must be careful. Remain long in period, then might be pregnant. It may also be that lose weight too extreme, or maybe have a venereal disease increased. See doctor if period long absence and think one of the above factors could play a role.

Can get pregnant if have not been menstruating?
Yes, Menstruation occurs at the end of the cycle. If first cycle is started and so can already sexually mature without knowledge. By the way: even if have sex during period are pregnant.