Sunday, October 2, 2011

Men Prone to Premature Ejaculation

> Early ejaculation is naturally very rapidly in man during intercourse. Indeed, in nature, is always preferable to ejaculate quickly in order to increase your chances of transmitting life.

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Therefore, the character "premature ejaculation" is a bit more for men were selected by evolution over the millennia!
This is for all the primates who ejaculate after all only a few coital movements back and forth.

And it is only now that women know they have the possibility of access to sexual pleasure in making love, and once that procreation is not the more common goal of a marriage relationship, this feature could become a liability.

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Or a man suffering from premature ejaculation is not ill: he feels a great desire, erections was perfect, a nice orgasm, ejaculation efficient ... All is well ... except the calendar, which is not what he needs.

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Get a better control is not innate. It is a learning that is more or less easily than men. Masturbation can help or hinder learning. Help her when she leaves plenty of time to evaluate the increase of pleasure. The difficult when she is always rushed.

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Currently, there are methods to perform the exercises alone or in pairs, possibly related to medical treatment that may progress to the shared pleasure.

Sex experts believe that the results of these exercises would be more interesting, timely and clear that you are young; the body has more ability to learn. In fact, learning to control his ejaculation is also effective when you have a sexual experience that when you are a beginner. Thus, at any age, can be useful to consult a doctor to take the most appropriate solutions to this concern, when uncontrolled waste ejaculation really relational life and love.