Saturday, October 15, 2011

Natural remedies to Stimulate intellect and Improve Memory

> New experiences people traveling to many places are usually very intelligent. New experiences stimulate the production of dopamine, a hormone linked to learning and memory.

Sleep! A very easy and yet widely practiced. And we can not always afford to go to bed early. In my case as I have three children, sleeping through the night without any concern is a luxury I can not give. I have to get up to check that all is well, lifting the child to go to the bathroom, etc... But we must try. When you sleep the brain processes the knowledge acquired during the day. You also have the opportunity to link pieces of information and interpret the right way.

Meditation Once I read a fairly thick book that I liked. But there was one particular part, two or three paragraphs, which struck me greatly and stressed phosphorescent marker the brain of a person with average intelligence in a normal day produces waves of 21 cycles per second. If the person is angry or has any other strong emotion, brain activity increases to 22, 25 or more cycles per second. The higher the number, the lower intellectual ability. People with high numbers of brain activity have problems concentrating and learning. The rate of optimal brain health and intelligence, the rate at genius, is 19 cycles per second. So, if the person normally has 21, meaning that goes into a plane of relaxation and meditation , the person could lower that optimal 21 to 19. So many times when you are between asleep and depart great ideas occur to you.

Fish Oil As I mentioned earlier, fish oil is high in Omega 3 fatty acids , a nutrient that has the ability to grow new brain cells. Imagine the boost it would give his brain to have brand-new cells. In addition to these fats also protect against cell damage that cause Alzheimer's.

Blueberries another food for the brain. It containing these strawberries interacts with cells, increasing communication between them and regenerating brain cells.

Human Relations socializing and receiving affection from family and friends helps to brain health. The socializing reduces the production of cortisol, the hormone of stress that causes so much harm to the person. Go dancing or shopping is especially good. Provides the body with exercise and challenge the brain must work.

Brain exercises brushing your teeth with your other hand, doing crossword puzzles, play chess, go shopping in a store that never has been.

Hear classical music I once read that children set to music makes them smarter. In my house almost every day there is fantastic music: classical, folk, children's, rock, salsa, well, all kinds. When we go in the car, like, music, music, music. And it is not bragging but my children are top students in her class. And is that music, especially classical, increases IQ (IQ English), stimulates creativity, increases motivation and improves memory.

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