Sunday, October 16, 2011

Quitting Smoking: How to Prevent Weight

> Smoking is losing weight and weight gain following thecae tobacco is usually a catch, which is also not inevitable... How to prevent weight to cessation?

The smoker is underweight; it catches up to the cessation

The smoker is underweight and is generally when the store decides quit.
Taking weight to stop smoking is averaging 2.8 males and 3.8 kg for women. However, many ex-smokers take more, and conversely, many ex - smokers do not take, or even lost.
Smoking and weight: Food Choices individuals smoking

The power of the smoker is different from a non-smoker. And the food choices of smoking increase the harmful effects of smoke components on the risk of cancer...

Nicotine affects hormone promoting protein synthesis. In other words, the muscle mass of smokers is higher and they show an increased need for protein. The smoker has a specific appetite for protein. If meat is the main source of protein quality, it also brings much saturated fat. In addition, suffering from a loss of taste and smell, smoking and eating well in sauce and add salt to promote the release of aromas. A smoker consumes two times more salt than a non - smoker!

Also put on the account of the reduction of its sensitivity olfactory -gustatory, smokers eat few vegetables and fruits, it is tasteless, tasteless. Regime is spontaneous high fat saturated and salt and low in fiber and micronutrients. This largely explains the prevalence of cardiovascular disease and certain cancers.

The smoker is also an over- drinker, partly the cause of increased energy catch.

And finally, the smoker consumes more coffee and tea, sugar it more than others. In fact, it removes twice as fast caffeine.

The strategy of counter - pounds of the ex-smoker

At the cessation the decrease in energy expenditure is estimated at 200 calories per day for a moderately active subject. As for the increase in food intake, it is around 300 calories. So against a surplus of 500 calories daily than the candidate for cessation will have to fight.

The spontaneous energy intake during the first two weeks of abstinence gives a good indication of the gain weight anticipated total. It is not always useful to impose a restrictive diet and sports activity at all abstainers, who are already suffering from withdrawal. Let quiet people who are not at risk.

But eating die hard: it takes about five years after the stop smoking, choices and consumption to normal.

All these data clearly show the interest to seek help from a tobacco specialist or general practitioner trained in cessation. Weaning is a particularly difficult adventure and each case is different.

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