Saturday, October 15, 2011

Rules of Happiness

> You know when you're happy and definitely nobody has to tell you when you're sad. What makes us happy? It is important to realize that what makes you happy to some, depressing to others. Everything is relative. Many people are unhappy because they feel guilty, because they experience feelings of not deserving or are just unhappy because they are afraid of losing what they have. They should be happy but they are not.

Happiness can not be measured in terms of material possessions... happiness are within oneself. Nothing and nobody can make you happy but you. Life is too short. We must learn to alleviate the concerns, problems... think all in this life has a solution, nothing is important enough to break your inner peace or disturb your happiness.

Takes this philosophy and learn to be happier. This philosophy is to enjoy the things that give you joy, to change things you do not like and accept that you can not avoid. Your quality of life will improve considerably.

If you like something, enjoy it
At the outset you say, “How ridiculous, of course if I like something I will enjoy.” Think about it, you'll probably agree that there are many things in life that we like, but do not enjoy. Why? The reasons are fault and fear. You will not enjoy something you like, if you will feel guilty afterwards, or if you feel afraid of the consequences of doing that you like.

Do not like something, avoid
This rule seems to be very simple, but reflect for a moment and think that many people who engage in things that you enjoy - a job, one person, one car, one type of food, any number of situations - and for some reason NOT prevent these things. I can not help, I need the money. No way, I have to put up with this person because she is the girlfriend of my best friend.” How many can you think of justifications for not avoid things that do not like?

If you dislike something and I can not help, change
Again, the answer is very simple - change. We all have the power to change our circumstances, our views, our way of being. Life is always changing and I want to emphasize that if something in your life you do not like you have the option to change it.

Do not like something, I can not help, you can not change... Accept Him
Acceptance... very difficult thing to do. How can you accept something you do not like? How can you accept an unpleasant situation? How can you accept a person you dislike? The truth is you do not have to accept anything, but you can of course be unhappy. If you do not like, and do not change, and you can not avoid and do not accept it, I guarantee you’ll be unhappy.

Key to finding the secret to happiness, ACCEPTANCE TO GET SOMETHING CHANGING YOUR ATTITUDE
You are the result of your attitude and your point of view. Everything is relative to the person who is experiencing / living. Nothing is good, nothing bad - except for how it relates to you. Life is not good or bad. Life is simply. You can change what you want by simply changing your point of view. How easy? How difficult?

Your attitude and your views are part of your mind and you control your mind. You’re going to realize that happiness is mostly a state of mind. Happiness is the state continuously ideal, but it is very difficult to achieve. We will always have ups and downs, there is no way around it, however, think that you are the master of your own life and that within you lies the key to finding happiness in almost every moment of your existence.

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