Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tips for Girls to Feel Good and Pleasing

> Another way is perfect: Hints for Parents to teens. In fact, parents do not always remember the arguments to fly in the face of teenagers for whom the hygiene is not yet second nature.

Adolescence : Rise of body odor

Growing up, the odors bodily change, and accentuated. The transition to the adolescence is the period during which one learns to manage odors the same time they are discovered. This learning is not obvious, particularly for boys.

But what odors does it speak? Odors intimate, the breath and sweating including under the arms, even foot odor...

Here are some tips that may seem obvious but it is not wrong to state loud and clear voice to a teenager.

Excessive Sweating: What are the solutions?
Against bad smells: how about antiperspirants and deodorants?
Hyper or sweating gets carried away when ...
How to solve a bad breath?
Halitosis, bad breath? Do not panic!
Bad breath halitosis: natural solutions

Fresh Breath
Not to feel bad mouth when talking to someone who is embraced or a girl, there is no secret, you should wash your teeth every day. Ideally after each meal and before each tryst and at least twice daily, morning and evening. If necessary, we wash our teeth in the washroom of high school or college or at a friend. All you need is always in his backpack a brush and a tube of toothpaste.

As a last resort, can be used chewing gum Sugar free. Attention, Chewing gum does not replace the cleaning of the teeth, it is timely troubleshooting.

Of course, tobacco is the worst enemy of breath.

Body Care
We sweat more or less throughout the day. Our underwear t-shirt, tank top, shirt absorbs our odors then broadcasts. It is imperative to change every day or every two days max. However, it is rarely useful to the dirty his shirt or pants as they are clean.

After a session sport, especially if one has transpired, we take a shower and ideally we change t-shirt, underwear and socks!

The deodorants to use whenever needed
Against bad smells: how about antiperspirants and deodorants?
Breast cancer: no deodorant after shaving armpits!
Breast cancer and deodorant, she runs, she runs the rumor

To limit odors underarm, it is advisable to use deodorants when necessary sprays, ball. Note the use of a deodorant does not dispense change t-shirt every day, instead.

The socks also...
They also change regularly, preferably daily, if not two days max. For people who feel safe in feet and / or sweat many, it is ideal to alternate with two pairs of shoes. In the evening we open our shoes and let dry. It should also focus on leather shoes. The soles that absorb odors are also useful...

The hygiene is paramount; to feel good, for his well-being and also for prevent infections. It is therefore necessary to wash the sexual parts daily with water and after each sex.

In case of smell body very strong or embarrassing excesses important sweating it is advised to consult doctor to know what it is, for reassurance and / or personalized advice. Finally, in case of disease like lesions, skin redness, itching, it must also consult his doctor.