Friday, October 7, 2011

Yoga for Stress Relaxing

> Yoga is one of the most effective, but also the most natural therapies for stress. Before you justify this claim, we first look at what stress actually is.

Stress itself is not a problem either, because it's just a natural response of the organism in a particular situation. The problem arises mainly when the body remains in a state of stress over time when it returns to its normal sphere of functioning. With prolonged exposure, stress goes through a stage of alarm, resistance and phase at the end of a phase of exhaustion.

Yoga stress relaxing addressing the elimination of stress is of great help to social support, most effective, of course own tackle. How successful we are will depend primarily on our personal strength and our self-assessment method, a strategy to deal with problems, problems in general. In dealing with the stress of yoga has a very strong effect. Yoga focuses on building personal strength, and thus eliminates the stress on you.

Body, mind and spirit are intimately linked. Together form a whole individual. The objective of the implementation hatha yoga techniques are also in the coordination of body, mind and spirit. Implementation of the asanas and produces enormous quantities pranayam energy in the body, stimulates the cells and releasing muscle tension.

In general, through expansion and the release of parts of the body, helping to increase blood flow to all body cells and strengthen them. Specifically the function of different asanas, as well as from the sequence of asanas, the mode and context to practice. As well. particular group of standing asanas strengthen and stimulate the entire body work practitioner more durable, strong, energetic, team restorative relaxing asanas calm down, strengthen the body, the group facing the other asanas regulate blood pressure, regulate hormone balance in the system, etc.; group asanas by turning the other stretching and massaging the internal organs, spine stretch, etc..

Prolonged exposure to stress, therefore resulting in stiffness diaphragm, the main breathing muscle. Thus, yoga breathing techniques or Pranayama yoga, together with asana, diaphragm planned it working again elastic, flexible. Shallow and rapid breathing again becomes deeply relaxed, allowing a greater flow of oxygen and energy body. Thus, here too the individual work-resistant rules capable of stress management.

Also, Yoga Nidra technique (sleeping) or "deep relaxation" where conscious, progressively relax each part of the body, acting anti-stressor. With this technique directly to release tension, improve blood flow throughout the body, and regulating heart rhythm, control blood pressure.

For success in coping with stress should be integrated practice hatha yoga. Only a coordinated, regular and proper application of yoga practice can bring the desired, permanent effect. Just in time to get experiential wisdom, intelligence and law control of your body and mind.

Most at this point, certainly not overlook the importance of meditation. Not only had those seated in the primary but also in the implementation of asanas, activities in general. For all the yoga positions were constantly with attention focused on the body and the feelings that we preserve. We all care what happens to us at that time. We are in a special meditative mood. So slowly and gradually distinct from the outside world, develop sophisticated distinction gives us insight into, deep in our (false) emotions, drives, which originally affected by the stress. Only when we get to the core, can eliminate its cause.

Yoga Of course, to eliminate the stress we should not ignore the importance of gradual change in the rest of our lives, such as. Elimination of harmful behavioral habits, change in diet, etc... Yoga also helps here, when we with their discipline and experience and knowledge gives power to overcome bad habits, change yourself and your life.

In the end, be especially noted that spirit of yoga for stress elimination, but much more. The path of liberation, the realization of the individual. Elimination of stress is just one of many positive sides on the results of the yogic path.