Saturday, October 8, 2011

Acne at Age of Puberty

> The common acne (acne vulgaris) occurs predominantly during puberty. Especially in this time when the self-esteem is not as well developed, the young people concerned often suffer greatly from their skin problems.

Young people often feel Pickle particularly disturbing
The exact cause of acne is still unclear. Play a role, but genetic and hormonal factors and certain types of bacteria. Also an increased sebum production can cause acne. For those concerned of the pores are clogged, so the sebum can not flow properly. The sebum accumulates in itself and forms a clot, also known as blackheads. This blackhead is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, so that often inflammation and are thus unpopular, big red pimples occur.

In addition to the dermatologist prescribed therapy, can also take some them to get rid of those pesky pimples and blackheads.

An important role in the treatment of acne, nutrition plays. Concerned should avoid high-fat and sweet foods. Mainly basic food such as fruits and vegetables, however, should preferably be consumed. Moreover, zinc-rich foods should be preferred, because zinc helps skin heal. Under certain circumstances, even a dose of zinc as a dietary supplement to be useful, however should not exceed maximum daily dose of 30mg.

For internal use, walnut leaves, horsetail, nettle, pansy fumitory or farmland. The field pansy is also suitable for external use. Simply prepare a strong infusion and use it for ablutions or envelopes.

Applied externally may also be a mixture of jojoba oil and essential fatty lavender, rose, chamomile and Manuka bring relief.

Another possibility is both the external and the internal use of Schussed salts. For Acne can potassium chloride, sodium chloride, sodium and calcium be helpful. Infections often occur in silica and calcium should also be taken. The Schussed Salts are also available as an ointment preparation, so that even an external application possible. This is particularly recommended for Silica.

But as an acne treatment usually not immediately successful shows, it is important to exercise in patience and learning to deal with skin disease. The acne should not determine the complete thought and action, but are accepted as current situation.

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