Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Anxiety and Stress Concern

> Anxiety and stress downloads and lives of people continue to be protected from dangerous situations is very important. Anxious people are anxious and excited, sudden bad news or a bad thing would be like to feel like it. Mental symptoms, shortness of breath, Sweating, tremors may be accompanied by physical symptoms such as. Health related people who live in fear and anxiety is the reason certain. In case of illness, reason, fear and anxiety to be heard.

Disease alone could be at the level of anxiety, anxiety disorder, this case is called. This situation depression, substance abuse Thyroid gland diseases like the variety of physical and mental illness may be accompanied. Self-perception of decline in anxiety disorders, social isolation, academic failure and social functions, along with the failure occurs. Children often headache, stomachache and physical symptoms are seen such as irritable bowel syndrome. Between short-term symptoms of anxiety, dry mouth, sweating palms, rapid pulse and heart palpitations are located. Long-term symptoms, anxiety disorders are serious patients are given. Among these ailments shortness of breath, headache, fatigue, abdominal pain, diarrhea, insomnia and loss of appetite is located. If your child observes these symptoms, should seek professional help immediately.

Natural health cures
• For chronic cases, treatment was carried out in the field can try homeopathy. Following treatment for acute anxiety attacks can choose:
• Suddenly, common panic attacks grass is suitable for quail.
• If your child feels itself in danger unnecessarily, if uneasy, and extremely clean and tidy if you have such an obsession, arsenic may be preferred.
• Death from sudden sadness, herbalist area in the past with the original name, the beans can be used.
• Herbal therapies, calms nerves and soothes your child. For example, has sedative effects of cat grass.
• Suppressed anger mustard sudden depression, anger or resentment for the willow, gorse to despair, self-confidence and self-evening in larch always thinking of others in the case of the prophet centaury flowers can be useful.
• have a deep despair and depression, especially in people with mental chestnut honey is recommended. Walnuts are living in significant changes in his life, he lost interest in life and despair-stricken people is recommended Fear, hopelessness, anxiety, irrational and emotional problems such as fatigue, will invite many diseases. Main task here, and wild plants, flowers and trees are falling. These plants, a variety of emotional problems are used to support treatment. Positive power of plants, by penetrating into the body, people will gain a positive perspective.
• lavender oil to your bath tub, sweet almond oil, bergamot oil and mix a few drops in the core If you see that your child will calm nerves.
• Your child Vitamin B Note that if consumption is adequate. B vitamins have a positive effect on the nerves.

What you can do at home
• Pay attention to your communication with your child, your child bothers him to talk about all kinds of work. Your child is in school if you feel any problem, please provide his / her know that you are behind. Your child could tell you every problem facing you
• Make sure your child's sleep regularly. Regular sleeping children to be strong nerves.
• Your child, such as aerobics and yoga to provide useful exercises to do. This exercise can affect your child at the level of adrenaline relaxes. Adrenaline levels in children with an ideal themselves feel calm.

Your child nutrition so sure. Excessive consumption of sugary foods should lead to sudden increases in blood sugar. This causes your child to feel uneasy. Carbohydrate consumption, making sure your child regularly to ensure your meal.

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