Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cure for Cellulite

> The cellulite is saying as orange peel syndrome or cottage cheese skin. In fact even Closet form of cellulite skin especially in the thighs. This is more of a problem among women than in men. The cellulite has no known cure so far, except for some temporary solutions, such as massage. How many products are being sold as a cure for cellulite, and then we will know more about cellulite.

Skin-like cellulite is a concern for beauty?

Cellulite is the appearance clot with all that forms on the thighs and buttocks of most women and age. Although almost all women carry excess fat on their thighs and buttocks cellulite here depends not weight. Need therefore not overweight for cellulite. Cellulite is a problem of aging. It is something similar to wrinkles that form on the face when you get older. Cellulite forms as well because less collagen and elastic in the skin. Hormones play an important and effective role in the formation of cellulite because men do not develop cellulite.

Skin care, some information about cellulite

The fat in cellulite fat is the same as in other parts of the body. No difference in fat. So it's not a problem unlike any fat. It's more of a problem as the grease is put into the body under the skin on the thighs and buttocks.

There is no known cure for cellulite. Although many formulations are sold, and that can cure cellulite, nothing is proven yet. Neither any pill, no cream can cure cellulite. Liposuction can not cure cellulite. You can get a temporary cure of cellulite with massage and entomologies (a deep mechanical massage). But the effect can last several days.

Current era is the era of fitness. Now every day is passionate about fitness and why not stays in shape? Today is when the rivalry between the great and only the fittest survives, as mentioned by Darwin. So one must be mentally and physically in shape to face the front. But our lifestyle has changed radically since the last century. Our fieldwork has also distorted because we have not done as much physical work as our ancestors used to do to earn a living.

Our life has become much easier, unlike 100 years ago. The lack of physical activity has led to the formation-of our body. Despite the usual and normal control diet and exercise experience that many of us for suspension of fat in areas such as abdomen, thighs, arms and chest region. No matter how hard you have tried that are not in a position to lose even one centimeter of the area.

Cellulites are the knots under the skin making the surface look with Clotted and body fat. Cause various problems of the image as many women dare not to use short skirts, shorts and sleeveless shirts or exposing clothes.
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