Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Some Dietary Secrets to Burn Body Fat

> Exercise is an important tool in the effort to maintain a healthy weight and good health generally.

However, no change in diet, you lose weight by exercising a little - the most investigations refer to 3-4 pounds a year. Only when you improve your diet will see significant results from the exercise in our weight and, more importantly, the formation and shape of your body.

So to burn body fat, you quote some dietary secrets:

1) Try to work out morning. According to investigations, the morning exercise increases metabolism for 10-12 hours as opposed to the evening performance, which increases the metabolic rate of only 4-5 hours and then reduced again to sleep.

2) About two hours before exercise consume a light snack e.g. cereal bar rich in fiber, yogurt 2% with an apple.

3) After the meal, choose a capable substitute for the loss of nutrients that you had during the exercise, i.e. a meal that contains carbohydrates and proteins e.g. burger with wild rice, chicken breast with starchy vegetables.

4) Follow a diet low in fat.

5) Consumed water. The recommendation for those who reported no physical activity is 10 glasses per day 2.5 liters so that for those pursuing a fitness program that their water needs are greatest.

6) Do not drink alcohol. Alcohol than the empty calories that attaches to the body and fluid retention caused. Furthermore, it has the potential to increase storage of fat in the body.

7) It is important not to miss the fruits and vegetables you. Vegetables when they accompany the main meal, we help to eliminate part of the fat intake because of dietary fiber. Finally, remember that they are rich sources of vitamins and minerals, essential ingredients for maintaining the metabolism high.

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