Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hair Care Tips

> The rich and healthy hair care has always showed the fitness of the body. The right diet and taking vitamins and minerals beneficial to doubt the quality and appearance. The care and proper selection of suitable products are essential for beautiful hair.

*The hair should be bathed according to their type. The fat up to three times a week, while the land may even once again to show clearly.

*The morning and evening brushing helps remove dead hair. Prefer to combine with fork has sparse brush teeth and not breaking the hair.

*Even the driest hair should not put conditioner or conditioners to the root, but to insist on the edges.

*Once a week, especially now during the summer, apply a nourishing mask, which helps the hair to regain its luster and moisture to cut exposure to sunlight and frequent contact with the sea or pool.

*Do not forget to visit once a month to your hairdresser to cut your edges and gaps.

*Do not sleep ever tie her hair because it can easily be plagued during the night.

*Refresh shampoo often because hair usually products slimmer, oiling fast and have dandruff. For oily hair care use shampoos containing lecithin which is rich in vitamin A. If you have dry or damaged hair does not wash very often because the hair becomes more fragile, while the perm chemicals or dyes can cause skin and even. Increased air pollution, alcohol and alkaline shampoo are finally particularly harmful factors in the health and appearance of hair.

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