Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Is there a cure for cellulite - Many have asked these questions for Years

> What is the cure for cellulite? Is there a cure for cellulite? Many have asked these questions for years, but there is still no final answer

Almost all women suffer from cellulite at some point in their lives, and I can bet that all will be looking for a cure. Cellulite is ugly, and causes very insecure.

This insecurity has led to the development of a large variety of products for the treatment of cellulite, which claim to be the cure for this final.

Unfortunately, most of products are scams. Are designed to temporarily covers the problem for women, which require continue using product month after month. Cellulite is a complex problem with causes complex.

Despite what you may have heard cellulite is not a mysteriously fat special. It is not caused by poor circulation or fluid retention.

This was created by companies selling "anti-cellulite treatments" to help sell fake products.

In actually, cellulite fat is exactly the same as the fat body. It has been clinically tested.

What any product for cellulite treatment can do is override the flow blood in the area causing swelling.

These inflammations reduce the appearance of cellulite while using the product, but once you stop using it, it will reappear.

Is simply temporarily hiding the problem but not get rid of him. Not a good use of their time or money. So what is the cure for cellulite? The answer is not simple.

The Cellulite is caused by many factors but the main factor, so general, are hormones. Hormonal imbalances can break collagen fibers in the skin and cause excess fat storage in thighs and buttocks.

Skin thighs and buttocks of women, is thinner than other areas of body, which only exaggerates the problem.

Women who use certain type’s birth control or are pregnant tend to accumulate cellulite quickly.

The Genetics may also be a factor. In order to cure your problem cellulite, you must put your body in a state of fighting it.

With to control the hormonal problem, you need to make some changes habits. Eliminating certain foods from your diet, and combine this with exercises specific resistance training, can achieve wonders.

Despite of what he has heard, cardiovascular exercise is the most effective fight cellulite. By combining strength training and specific changes in your diet, you can control hormonal problems and helping to rebuild collagen and elasticity.

Also help tone and tighten the skin and muscles around cellulites, which will make it less visible.

So what is the cure for cellulite? Despite what you hear, the answer is very simple changes specific in our lifestyle.