Friday, October 7, 2011

Healthy Hair Care Tips

> Everyone is healthy and shiny. And the wide range of hair care products promises a lot. They promise so much that you might the key to healthy hair will ever forget. But equally important is your diet.

Hair Care Products

Natural Hair Products also often contain vitamins and minerals and this may well something to improve appearance of hair, but it is not that the vitamins and minerals for the hair are, and that the quality of your hair by improving.

Just like your body, your hair has a balanced diet need to stay healthy and beautiful.


Your hair has moisture needed to keep it smooth. It is important to keep constant moisture to maintain. This can be achieved by enough to drink and not just to drink if you're thirsty. Drink preferably 1 to 1.5 liters of water per day.


Minerals such as iron, zinc and copper are important for transporting nutrients and oxygen, oxygen and activity of the cells. These are important for hair growth and promote growth cycle. Iron is mainly found in green vegetables and red meat. Zinc in meat and fish and copper in liver, greetings, seeds and nuts.


Your hair is a major part of proteins. If you not enough food in protein can cause thinning and it’s a slower growth cycle.

So eat enough fish, eggs, legumes, soy products and yogurt.


Vitamin A is good for healthy skin and scalp. Vitamin A is mainly found in vegetables (carrots).

Vitamin B and C are good for blood circulation, hair growth and hair color. If you supply vitamin B and C are constantly updating than this leads to less flexible than its tendency to splitting.

Vitamin B and C are for example in fruit, vegetables and grains.


You know yourself that you do not always eat healthy or do you anything less time to watch it, and then it might an idea to take a supplement where the main vitamins and minerals are.

What also helps?

Do not smoke, limit consumption of coffee and drink, this will your body is not good, so eventually your hair.

Eat healthy. Avoid high fat and sugar.

Treat your hair with caution or a sore subject is. Comb or brush it unnecessary fidgeting and not them.

Shower or wash your hair with very hot water. Limit use of hair dryer and other hairstyles.

Give yourself a scalp massage often to the hair follicles encouraging.

Get your hair trimmed regularly to avoid dead ends and to just to show healthy.

Natural hair care and hot oil treatment:

For dry hair:

Hot oil treatment rosemary

100 ml olive oil

1 handful of dried rosemary

Heat and crush the rosemary oil. Mix well. Smear the mixture over the hair. Take plastic and a towel and let stand for 15 minutes. Order First rinses shampoo in the hair and then add water.