Friday, October 7, 2011

Natural Anti Wrinkle Treatment

Besides producing wrinkles and blemishes, excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun is a major risk factor for dermatological cancer. Experts advise taking a series of precautions.

Natural Anti Wrinkle Treatment:
Aloe Vera:
Thanks to its properties this miracle plant helps us to accelerate cell renewal and regeneration result in the skin.

Honey: This substance contains silicones, which are present in our cells for that reason honey helps prevent sagging skin, and works as a regenerative substance.

Almond oil: This oil penetrates particularly in the deeper layers of skin giving protection nourish and condition the skin and does not hinder the process of oxygenation that takes place on the surface of the skin.

The Egg: This element contains sulfur, zinc, iron and phosphorus which are an important part in the health of our skin, they also contain lecithin which is an excellent moisturizer, it is noteworthy that the egg contains vitamins A, B, D and E, the egg became one of our best allies to keep our skin healthy.

Oats: This ingredient is very important in terms of skin health concerns because it is an excellent drying that helps especially if our skin is very oily, there is a very simple recipe if you have this problem, we just need to grind two tablespoons of oat flour and moisten with a little water, form a layer on your face and let it dry, you will see the difference.

There are many other elements that help us to keep beautiful skin as it is a balanced diet, take minimum 2 liters of water a day, and avoid smoking, using sunscreen etc lenses.

To avoid skin diseases, take plenty of water. Drink at least eight glasses of two liters of water (filtered if possible) throughout the day, and try to eat large amounts of fiber each day. Limit sugary foods and drinks. Try to eat more fruits and vegetables.

All information you provide is general in nature, remember that this information alone can not replace health care or human services you may need.

Just provide an information and reference; please consult your health care professional who deals with any concerns about your own health.

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