Thursday, October 13, 2011

How to keep your skin well hydrated?

>WELL HYDRATED SKIN....sounds familiar but do you have it? Does hydration have anything to do with the texture of your skin?YESSSS...very much! Have you seen fresh jelly.That's hydrated.Keep the jelly outside ,it will dry up.Our skin is just like jelly,it needs proper hydration to maintain the texture.If it doesn't get proper hydration it starts getting wrinkles,dried black heads and blocked pores( that become pimples).

Is it difficult to keep skin hydrated? Maintaining skin hydration is as difficult or as easy as maintaining a balanced diet.Here are simple tips and remedies:
1. Eat fruits and raw salads daily
2.Drink a lot of water.If you wish to check how much water is just enough,then a simple way is to check if you suffer from constipation.Most of the constipation problem (not all cases) are due to not eating fruits and salad and drinking too less water.
3.Don't use towel to dry your skin. Wash your face and just let it air dry without wiping it with a towel.You will notice a visible difference in the pore size on face.Your face will become smoother and shiny.
4.Tap your face lightly all over after washing.See the video below.This helps to improve the blood circulation on your face.