Thursday, October 13, 2011

Liposuction is Not a Vacuum for cellulite

> Initially used only to remove abdominal fat, but now is used in the treatment of other body areas. Many people think of liposuction as a magic bullet for weight loss, even risking their lives to get in inexperienced hands.

If you are considering undergoing liposuction to lay aside the false idea that is indicated for weight loss, reduce the volume of breasts or treat cellulite, it is only useful for modeling the figure. Therefore, only good results with some thin people fat deposits provided they come with a skilled surgeon, and are physically and mentally healthy.

Liposuction involves removing fat deposits in abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, knees, arms, neck, chin and cheeks, which can be used when they have exhausted all dietary and exercise routines to reduce these areas.

Then it must be very clear that overweight people are not considered candidates for liposuction, also, who have very flabby tissues should not undergo this process, because it folds unpleasant form in the treated areas.

Anyone wishing to perform liposuction should have a clinical history including details of past illnesses, eating habits and medications you are eating at the time of intervention. They should be considered age, weight and number of pregnancies, and to assess the patient's expectations, which in many cases are exaggerated, so is the duty of the surgeon to make him see that the intervention is not miraculous.

The person who performed liposuction may be subject to the following tests:
Analysis of deformity: study areas easy and difficult to treat.
Quality Test: assesses the state of the skin to know elasticity.
Pinching test: to identify the type of fat that can be soft or hard.

Before the intervention should be marked areas to be treated, indicating greater emphasis on those which most fat removed. Subsequently, a serum is injected to soften the fatty tissue (where fat accumulates) and anesthesia, which may be local or general.

In terms of anesthesia, it is noteworthy that there are three ways to prepare the person to perform liposuction:
Traditional method, in which general anesthesia.
Ultrasonic previously used equipment that emits sound waves to soften the fat.
Tumescent technique, which does not require general anesthesia, only a solution is injected with anesthetic and epinephrine (a substance that reduces bleeding during and after treatment).

Once anesthetized, incisions are made in the skin of 2 to 10 mm to insert them through a thin tube connected to a kind of vacuum that sucks the fat. When the process is placed an elastic band that should be worn for at least a month.

As with any surgery, always at risk, for example, excessive bleeding, infection, tissue damage or death important. In the case of liposuction can be considered a safe procedure when performed by surgeons who know the technique and comply with the rules of any surgery involving previous laboratory tests, that the intervention is performed in an operating room with the help of an anesthesiologist is Preventive antibiotics and analgesics to relieve pain after surgery.

Bleeding and the risk of anesthesia is less damaging to the patient when applying the tumescent technique, although it can cause toxicity problems due to the administration of local anesthetic and epinephrine. In the case of ultrasound can cause burns, and that general anesthesia should be avoided in patients with heart disease, circulatory or clotting. But do not feel disappointed, because usually complications arise when liposuction is practiced by people unprepared.

Moreover, it is important that you think will appreciate her new figure after 4 or 6 months as the treated areas become inflamed and the space where the fat was delayed briefly closed. Liposuction is definitely a highly effective technique that can provide a new body contour with few scars. The results can be permanent, depending on your eating habits and exercise routine, but if weight gain is likely to be uniformly and in localized areas.

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