Saturday, October 1, 2011

Jojoba For Revive Skin and Hair

> The oil is obtained from the jojoba seed has excellent moisturizing qualities and regulation of fat in the skin, so is highly valued by the cosmetics industry to develop high quality products. Learn more about your property and take advantage of them the benefit of their appearance.

To make matters worse, jojoba oil also has the ability to protect and give hair body, while helping to normalize sebaceous secretion of the scalp and dissolve the wax is deposited in hair follicles, same as in bulk is the cause of dandruff and seborrhea.

Friendly Beauty
Whether pure or through products containing oil, jojoba is distinguished by its versatility in terms of grooming, among its many functions then some of the main
Moisturizing facial. As said, wetting the skin is ideal for this product, and for Best results are advised to apply pure oil or cream that contains it at night, after washing the face.

Pregnancy. Since the use jojoba oil increases the elasticity of the skin and prevents sagging and streaks so common during pregnancy, cream or oil can applied directly to affected areas of pregnant women.

Oily skin and acne. Moderately, this oil can be used in conjunction with similar tree of tea or thyme, to regulate the generation of fat reduce the formation of pimples.

Bathrooms. Oil Jojoba dissolved in the water bath helps to prevent dryness throughout the body.

Dry skin. For these cases you can apply the oil directly or use one of the many creams hydrating and nourishing jojoba employing as an ingredient. The result is a soft, moist and natural shine.

Brightness and volume of hair. You can use a shampoo made with jojoba or add a few drops the shampoo or rinse normally used for their benefit. In any case, you must apply by massaging the product and leave three minutes; can then rinse with no problems.

Damaged hair or brittle. For these cases is very useful to apply this oil throughout the hair and cover with a hot towel for 20 minutes. Then proceed wash the hair with shampoo as usual.

Shave. A solution water and jojoba oil is equally ideal for application on male face after shaving, it eliminates the redness and leaves soft skin.

Cleanser. Some aesthetic specialists recommend the use of oil drops jojoba in cotton to remove dirt and debris.

Massage. He is currently widespread use in the development of massage oils, especially for those in the hands and feet, as this product helps remove calluses.

Scrub. Currently, of jojoba leaf extract components that work as exfoliates in the most sensitive skin, but its use is not yet widespread.

Finally, it remains to say that derivatives jojoba oil are not toxic or irritating to the eyes or skin, and that only on rare occasions produce allergic reactions so that you can use them with minimal risk to take qualities for the benefit of his health, as the ancient inhabitants of America did centuries ago.

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