Saturday, October 1, 2011

Liver fibrosis - Alcohol and Liver

>Fibrosis is sign for both liver damage and a potential contributor to liver failure by way of progressive cirrhosis of the liver. Liver fibrosis is one of the procedures that occur when the liver is damaged. Such damage may be the result of pharmaceuticals, recreational drugs, excessive alcohol, exposure to pollutants, chronic hepatitis types B or C & other liver infections (e.g., parasites, bacteria).

Excessive alcohol consumption is one of the problems of our day and our liver is the culprit of many diseases of this organ. Alcohol is responsible for alcoholic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis aid, etc...

Alcoholism addiction is more widely spread in today's society in addition to smoking, either by the accessibility, cost or lack of prohibitions on the sale of alcoholic beverages. The increasing consumption of alcohol is a real problem with large economic and social impact. These range from diseases of body of the drinker to family breakdowns and changes in system productivity.

Alcoholic hepatitis by alcohol- Generally they are chronic alcoholics, following a high intake, present a picture of loss of appetite, tiredness, nausea and vomiting. After several days, there is pain in the upper right abdomen, fever and yellowing of the skin and mucous membranes. Alcoholic hepatitis is the step immediately prior to cirrhosis, favoring the continued development of alcohol consumption, especially in women.
Alcoholic liver cirrhosis by alcohol

Cirrhosis is a disease characterized by an alteration in liver architecture and the presence of regenerative nodules surrounded by fibrous tissue. In this type of cirrhosis was reported the same clinical manifestations as those produced by any other cause. But they are more obvious pictures of malnutrition, vitamin deficiency, disorders and delusional tables.

While it is not easy for a person suffering from the disease of alcoholism alcohol leave, there are numerous psychological treatments and self-help groups have enabled many of these people regain their welfare.

For a person with fibrosis problem a healthy diet still provides their initial vitamin quantity. Fibrosis victims need vitamin supplementation because the liver does not take up enough, yet neglecting the dietary sources of vitamins E, C and D will make the body deficient. In favor of vitamin E, add vegetable oils, eggs and wheat germ to the diet. Consume oranges for vitamin C, & milk, liver and fish for vitamin D.

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