Monday, November 14, 2011

Diabetes Symptoms

> Diabetes is a chronic disease. Once developed, there is no treatment for this disease. However, if detected early it can expect a higher probability of curing this serious disease. In order to detect traces of this disease in the body needs attention to the potential symptoms.

When you suffering from diabetes you experience any of these symptoms that occur in your body:
A) Potential symptoms of diabetes in the human body:
a) Fatigue.
b) Itching skin. The skin in the groin or vaginal area especially itches.
c) Excessive or insatiable thirst, excessive appetite.
d) Nausea, vomiting.
e) Unusual weight loss; unusual weight.
f) The increase in urination. One had a desire to visit the bathroom every hour.
g) Blurred vision.
h) Slow healing cuts or sores.

B) Potential symptoms of diabetes in detail:
a) frequent trips to the bathroom: If you went to visit the bathroom frequently, these days, or tend to urinate throughout the day, without any specific reason you need to be alarmed about this condition you.
b) Tingling or numbness in feet, legs or hands: The symptom is referred to as neuropathy. Occurs when the body nervous system is damaged due to high blood glucose.
c) Losing weight: This symptom is more common with type 1 diabetes. This happens because the body makes insulin due to a viral attack on pancreas cells or because of an autoimmune response that tends to attack the insulin-producing cells. Most people in these conditions tend to lose weight without drying it. Keep tabs on your weight.
d) Weakness and fatigue: One tends to experience a lot of weakness and fatigue, even without having to make much effort. The lack of insulin in the body results in this condition.
e) Insatiable thirst: You feel as if you are not getting enough water, even after drinking much of it through the day.

C) Rush to the provider of health care under the following condition:
1. Abdominal pain
2. Breathing deeper and faster than normal
3. Breath smell like nail polish remover.
4. Weakness; fainting
5. Rapid heartbeat, tremors
6. Excessible sweating

Manage your medication correctly. Diabetes has become much more common today than ever. Although this disease is hereditary, its growing prevalence of this disease is partly due to poor nutrition. Under the emergency, drink or eat a carbohydrate snack quickly to avoid further complications.

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