Sunday, November 13, 2011

Yoga, Secret to Healthy Beautiful Legs

> Healthy and strong feet are not only important to support the entire human body, for women, a healthy and beautiful feet are standard to measure body's senses. The following yoga exercises are one of the secrets to help all women care effectively for their feet.

Yoga Breathing Exercises and Yoga Postures for legs

- First, cluster second leg and knee kneeling on the floor with two hands against the front. Then gradually raise the people up so that the hand is touching the floor, and right arm. Also, your legs so the feet, knees and hips forming a straight line. To retain this position for several minutes.

- While holding the legs and body in this posture, make breathing movements and remember to always keep both legs straight in posture. This action helps a lot for the wrist bones, is good for people suffering from high blood pressure or headaches. However, the newly born female child should not file this action.

- Second, two knees kneeling on the floor and sat on the second leg that is perpendicular to the back leg and thigh. The nose is straight and the foot instep close contact with soil.

- Breathe deeply and slowly reclining with a back elbow down against two hands, palms face down on the ground so it make a turn for each hand. To create a feeling of comfort while performing this movement, a mattress should list below hips while leaning backwards.

Note: when collective action is always to keep the neck straight, back straight. Keep this in action between 30 seconds to one minute in this first episode, the group was then able to extend the time for about 5 minutes. Exercise is good for your thigh. In closing movements, from anti-second hand from the floor, then raise the heel butt out.

- Third, Kneel on the floor, keeping the knees close two legs, two feet longer can a about 40cm apart, palm up on his back legs, buttocks can be placed on the floor. Furthermore, no other parts of the body are allowed to set foot. Hands placed on knees or thighs.

- While sitting in this posture, keeping your back, neck and head straight from the top down. This is a collective action can be taken after meals and there are no good effects on bone, especially in people suffering from trauma-related arthritis in the foot.

-Fourth, Sit on the floor with two feet bunched together at the front. 2 handle on the ankles and slowly raise each leg to close the party. End motion, pushing back the initial sitting position and breathe deeply through the nose.

-Fifth, Stand with two leg extension, leg straight; slowly bring the entire upper body bent over from top to bottom.

- Continue to file a similar motion in the knee but with slightly sagging posture. Then, the side of the body will naturally move slightly under the body.

Repeat this movement 4-5 times a delay would have positive effects on the entire body.

-Sixth, before you file this action, you need to scroll hug a pillow or a very soft blanket under your back. 2 and put your feet up against the wall like banana tree.

Note: when collective action is the distance between the wall and foot elevation. If your body too hard, please set the modest height ago, two hands are two sides to keep the head, back and hips straight.

Keep this movement within 5 -15 minutes. Then slowly tilt to one side, lower the hips and breathing lightly.

- Seventh, Boot is a simple action but very effective. Can stand and turn the foot of each turn, or sit in a chair; a hand grabs your ankles, holding a hand and leg are rotated.

- Eighth, Sit on a chair two feet and relax using the toes to pick up every ball on the floor. It is the collective ingenuity to help train legs, and an effective means to treat arthritis numbness.

- Nineth, Closed two legs and standing upright. Keep legs straight and slowly bend forward until the hands touch the nose down the leg. This exercise helps keep the straight leg design and leg muscles tighten.