Thursday, November 10, 2011

Psoriasis Tips and Factors to Avoid

> Psoriasis affects primarily the skin.
Psoriasis skin disease is a disorder that affects the skin, the deeper layers of the skin, hair, head hair and often the nails.
A healthy lifestyle is crucial.
As a rule, you must each injury or skin irritation seeks to avoid.
It is very important that you do not feel guilty and not ashamed of your psoriasis.

What causal factors to avoid?
It is difficult to predict when a psoriasis flare will occur and how severe that will be. However, several triggers that may exacerbate symptoms and exacerbations, namely:
• Smoking
• Stress
• Excessive alcohol consumption
• Infections
• Injuries, skin injuries, including heat-stroke
• Overweight
• Some medications including beta blockers etc.

Avoiding these causal factors can not always prevent exacerbations, but the healthier you live; the better you'll be able to control your psoriasis.

Wear light, breathable clothing to not be overcome by the heat or not to irritate your skin by friction. Synthetic clothing hinders the removal of perspiration, cotton and natural fibers are preferred cotton, linen or silk. The clothing must not be tight, especially at the waist. With the right clothes will make you feel more at ease and will not irritate your skin. Always choose comfortable clothing that you feel good.

Natural Skin care
Psoriasis requires not only a drug treatment; you need very good care of your skin.
What products you're using, is of particular importance. Please include property of their fat content to the natural protective layer of your skin as much as possible to spare. Feel free to enjoy the winter more skin moisturizing creams and ointments to use. Place them in a sufficiently thick layer to the still moist skin.

Dab your body after shower or bath gently dry instead of rubbing vigorously dry.
Wash your hair best with a gentle shampoo the scalp from drying out too much. If you are severely affected by dandruff can also be an anti-dandruff shampoo.

Shower and Bath
Hot water > 35 ° C dries out the skin and damages the protective acid, which can cause psoriasis flare. Therefore you should not leave your skin exposed to hot water during showers and especially in the bath.

Clean your skin with skin cleansing lotion or soap on oily scent with a neutral pH.

Psoriasis and your care
People with psoriasis may each profession. It is sufficient simply to take some precautions. The skin intact, good hygiene is required. External factors such as heat, sunlight, lack of hygiene and chemicals can affect psoriasis.

The clothes should be soft to the skin, air passages and are as comfortable as possible.

In daily life stress is almost unavoidable, with consequences for the welfare of all. In people with psoriasis is still harmful stress. Because stress can promote the psoriasis flares are you looking for more targets -oriented methods and measures to relax.

Physical and recreational activities can help you. They are perfect for the daily stress behind you to leave.

Psoriasis and diet
Psoriasis Patients do not need special diets. The link between diet and the emergence or worsening of psoriasis was never formally demonstrated. They know that regular alcohol consumption aggravates psoriasis. The same goes for smoking.

The tendency to scratch must be suppressed. Scratching can exacerbate the inflammation is. Little tricks can help you to not scratch. A wet handkerchief or better yet a handkerchief soaked in salt water on your skin helps you dehydrate your skin.

Psoriasis and the sun
Sun exposure may improve psoriasis problem. Incineration worsens the condition, however, so you always have to use a sunscreen.